God Says Today: Trust in My Promise | God message Today |

my beloved child within the quiet Whispers of your heart know that the miracle you yearn for is Within Reach

closer than the very Breath You Take Let My Words Be the Anchor for your faith a steadfast beacon in turbulent

times I invite you now in this sacred moment to pour out the yearnings of your

heart write down your deepest desires and share the burdens that weigh upon your soul I am here ready and waiting to

listen to respond to your call to unveil your struggles your deepest pains to me Let

each of your needs be spoken with a faith that does not waver with a hope that never dims as you lend your ear to

my guidance you will find not just answers but a path to peace for the troubles that stir within your soul heed

my call do not turn away from my utterances for each phrase I utter

tenderly caresses your spirit and eases your heart you will be wrapped in my constant presence throughout your

day In My Embrace of love I will guide you down the right

path I am here to help still your thoughts and banish your uncertainties I wish not for you to act rashly in times

of distress my desire is for you to be Serene and assured feeling my voice resonate in

your heart especially in those moments when silence breathes fear but you fear

not for your heavenly father is here to grasp your hand to support you in all

things to lead you through the darkness and to raise you up and embolden you when you feel you can

Journey no further the truth is you’re capable I bestow upon you the Vigor to

persist in your endeavors I yearn for you to live and to fulfill the Magnificent Destiny I have

crafted for you at times your thoughts may be clouded by negativity convincing

yourself that the promises made to you are unattainable but know that my response will come before the night ends

sleep May elude you as fear Whispers that everything will be lost that you are unloved and alone yet know these

fears are but falsehoods planted by your adversaries you are not defined by their words nor will you become what they

claim others do not control your fate they hold no power to damage your life

remember no one understands you as I do so let me Infuse you with hope and encouragement

cast aside those negative thoughts and listen to my voice attentively my love for you surpasses all in this universe

it is my intention for you to realize the dreams I have instilled in you my Holy Spirit dwells within your heart

making all things possible through me your past errors and missteps are not

barriers to the blessings and abundance I have in store for you choose this day to seek me

continually to absorb my words and to draw Vitality from them today young I am

here to revive your dreams to rekindle your beautiful aspirations those forgotten or believed

to be lost you will experience my Supernatural power showering upon you opening your

spiritual eyes to the Marvels that my might can achieve recall that I bore a cross enduring lashes of immense pain

yet I persevered with you in my heart no strike or insult could halt my steps I

endured this for you bearing the burden of your sins so that today you can advance towards your blessings free from

excuses you are capable of achieving greatness but you must focus on my words

turn away from the counsil of false friends who envy your gifts and begrudge your success trust in me for in my

presence and guidance you will find the path to your true calling hold tightly

to this unwavering Truth No Force course can lead you astray from your destined path embrace the depth of my Divine love

and you will find that no discouragement or despair can touch you you will always carry with you the memory of my

sacrifice for you you have heard my words repeatedly echoing with promise

call to me and I will answer you revealing great and hidden things you have not known this is what I cherish in

you your faith in my words your willingness to bring your most urgent prayers to my feet your challenges may

have seemed insurmountable nearly impossible yet your heart and eyes have

witnessed my response to your call therefore I assure you again I will meet

your present needs with even greater and more marvelous blessings you will witness this soon and even

now you can feel the peace and serenity I pour into your soul continue to

believe to labor to pray ceaselessly and to persevere

my perfect timing will bring you the rest you seek the day is Drawing Near when I will place a beautiful Miracle

into your hands I love you pause for a moment to absorb the tenderness of my

words the love and the strength that eminate from me you have called out to

me amidst your thoughts bearing a great need in your heart I’m here to show the magnitude of my love for you in this

very moment I want you to feel comforted let the tears that touch your heart flow

from freely do not carry the burden of guilt placed on You by others anchor your faith in my

words find your peace in my promises never let your confidence waver in the

knowledge that I am always with you even in moments of solitude or when life’s trials assail and wound you pain serves

as a reminder that you are alive and with every pain comes healing with every trial comes Triumph I’m here to heal you

to console you to uplift you repeatedly I tell you not to fear embedding my

words in your mind so that my voice May Echo grandly each morning as you wake hear me I’m right beside you expressing

with profound affection my love for you in your daily life you will encounter

unforeseen challenges yet you will be fortified my strength dwells within you

my grace is sufficient and my promises steadfastly assure you that I will never abandon you

after the storms in your life calm peace will come filling you with

joy and vigor you will stand tall living life fully empowered by the strength I

give you I hold you dear and the days of hardship are nearing their end when

blessings flow into your life remember they are sent from my love I have

watched over you amidst chaos and as you journeyed through your deserts I have been your sustenance on this day as you

read these words commit to rejuvenating your faith countless attacks doubts

trials and disdain may have worn down your fervor return to the path of trust renew

your mind with my powerful word I yearn for your faith to be vibrant and strong so that as abundance fills your life you

remember me your God and Lord persist in prayer for there is much yet unseen by

your natural eyes a battle wages in the spiritual realm and I will bless you but

there are significant challenges to overcome your Triumph Is Anchored in your faith

persistence steadfastness and perseverance in prayer

seek me in the daytime pray in the night and commit to

intercession your times are shifting and my gaze scans the Earth seeking brave

souls like you miracles will manifest in and through you as you become a conduit of bread clothing

Solace healing and blessings for many as you bless others you too will receive

Abundant Blessings in this season of Miracles stand strong and determined lay

down your burdens seek my presence rejuvenate your faith I love you and

today I come to infuse you with bravery banishing your fears and fortifying your

heart you will not endure a feudal Journey a reward awaits Beyond this current struggle I aim to transform how

you see yourself you are immensely valuable to me irrespective of your past

triumphs or failures my love for you deepens each day and all you have endured readies you for the purpose I

have for you and your family do not dwell on the perceived flaws in those you love this too shall pass

and they will grow in wisdom stature and spiritual maturity the people you see today will

not remain the same in a few months I will transform them stay steadfast in

prayer for this process shall conclude and your family will once again find

happiness Harmony and peace in your home however I

implore you to bring your concerns prayers and anxieties to me first

do not let anger steal the long- awaited happiness from you refrain from uttering words that may wound others do not

compare them to anyone else it is true that rules and Commandments must be followed in your

home but do not raise your voice never insult anyone before imposing discipline on

your family first calm yourself take a few minutes ask me to hold your hand and

breathe Divine encouragement into your spirit I shall guide you in advising your loved ones with love I shall be

with you from morning until night even as you sleep I shall sit by

your side and speak to you through my word so that you may dream of the grand plans I have for you you shall rise with

happiness and great strength you will navigate calmly and tranquilly through all the processes you undergo I shall

not allow you to face anything too great to Bear if at this moment you feel you can bear no more believe me

I tell you that you can press on for victory is already yours stand tall and

March without tears or complaints for just a few steps more and you shall reap

the rewards of your persistence the prize for your loyalty the fruit of your

efforts I’m granting you such strength that you will tread upon serpents and scorpions deceiving demons and all the

forces of evil and nothing and no one shall harm you this is how I wish to see you brimming

with confidence unwavering Spirit and the certainty that all the beautiful things you await shall soon come to pass

this is your faith the spark of confidence you offer me when you open your eyes each morning I am greatly

pleased by this and through this medium I shall reveal Many Wonders that I

intend to bring into your life I love you and even as I remain

silent for a moment I contemplate the beautiful future that lies ahead of you do not Harbor fear of

the processes do not cower in the face of Trials do not flee from conflicts for

in my hallowed name and clasping my hand confront your tribulations with unwavering

resolve assure me that you shall not let your own emotions overpower you nor

shall any ailment shackle you I heal you watch over you provide

for you and sustain you I grant you what you require multiplying the fruits of

your labor I bestow faith and steadfastness upon your thoughts yet most

significantly today I instill in your soul an unshakable conviction that my love for you is immense even in your

failures and missteps I shall continue to love you for all eternity in

everything I shall assist you this is your daily existence

a path replete with exquisite surprises abundant opportunities and processes

that lead to Greater triumphs your countenance radiates with faith and Assurance your smile illuminates all who

gaze upon you the way you treat people particularly your family Bears witness

to my power and my love revealing to the world the Marvels I can perform in those who entrust their hearts to me

today I declare to you that all the processes you encounter serve a purpose hence fear not let not your soul

tremble persist along this path with unwavering determination for I shall always be by your side bestowing upon

you love peace patience and strength I shall

breathe happiness and Tranquility into your life I love you and my mighty hand

is touching your heart receive this message and cherish it with love let your countenance wear a

smile for your soul knows and feels that I your God and omnipotent father am

guiding you by the hand no matter where you may be I am resolved to make you

even more courageous than you already are eradicating from your mind all those fears and apprehensions that sometimes

paralyze and fill you with timidity in the celestial realm a supernatural battle rages for your life and your

family therefore I am fortifying you and shall mold you into a resol Resolute and determined person those around you will

discern that I have granted you Authority you shall not Retreat When Storms threaten you nor shall you flee

from your adversaries nor will you turn back when you pray believe when you cry

out have confidence when you come before my presence with profound need bow in

reverence and extend your hands to receive your response I am here and I am attentive to

your voice your prayers reach my ears and stir my heart Trust In My Love For It surrounds

you like a fortress shielding you from harm with me by your side you are

equipped to face any challenge overcome any obstacle and emerge

Victorious as you navigate the complexities of Life remember that I am your constant companion guiding you with

wisdom and Grace Lean on Me in times of Doubt for I I am your rock and your

Refuge Let My Words Be a source of comfort and strength anchoring you in the certainty of my unfailing love in

the depths of your soul you carry the spark of divinity a reflection of my own

Divine Essence nurture this sacred flame for it illuminates your path and empowers you

to fulfill your purpose Trust In the Journey unfolding before you for I am orchestrating every

step with divine Precision know that you are never alone for I Am With You Always

walking beside you lifting you up when you stumble and rejoicing with you in

moments of Triumph my love knows no bounds and my Mercy endures

forever embrace the fullness of my grace and let it transform your life from

within as you embark on this new day go forth with confidence and courage

knowing that I am I am with you every step of the way trust in my promises for

they are steadfast and true surrender yourself to my Divine will and watch as

Miracles unfold in your life and the lives of those around you I am your loving father everpresent and ever

merciful rejoice in the knowledge of my love and let it fill you with peace and joy for in me you will find all that you

seek and In My Embrace you will find rest for your soul Soul go now my

beloved child and walk in the light of my love trust in me and I will guide you

safely home amen of course here’s a complete rewrite

of the message listen my beloved for I am the unchanging God of promises my

words never falter and my pledges are always fulfilled the blessings you’ve yearned

for with patience are on the verge of becoming a reality ity as i gaze upon you unwavering in your faith offering

gratitude amidst the world’s laments I assure you that the long- awaited blessing is swiftly approaching take my

word for it you will soon hold it in your hands bidding farewell to all anxiety and distress you have placed

your trust in my word and from the very moment I heard your heartfelt cries I

have set in motion the response your soul so deeply desires many grow disheartened and

expecting an immediate answer to their prayers yet my ways are not always Swift

for I take Delight in bringing about changes in your life I mold your character with wisdom arranging every

detail to ensure that the awaited blessing doesn’t become a burden at

times you request what you need but rest assured I Am The God Who

bestows abundantly more than what is asked I consider your future and the well-being of your family family

Desiring that your blessings usher in not sadness or tension but only peace and unbounded joy our covenant is etched

in your heart and mind your sins are forgiven and remembered no more seek solace in my presence for at my alter

you shall find Healing boundless strength and the Fulfillment of your

faith as you patiently await the realization of my promises banish bitter

complaints from your heart cast out from your mind and do not heed the tongues

that mock your faith if you ever grow weary and anxiety returns simply call

upon me and I will grant you the perseverance to endure I will bestow upon you the gift

of patience ensuring your emotions remain undisturbed you shall receive Prudence

to control your tongue so that no foolish words emerge from your lips to offend my heart I bestow great blessings

upon your life with love and tenderness much like a father or mother nurturing their precious

child I only ask that you be grateful and never dare to demand anything with pride and

arrogance there are many in this world who disrespect me but I possess patience and await them with love they may raise

their voices and play with fire but it is a Dreadful thing to fall into the hands of a living God I know you feel

frustrated because things don’t always go as planned nevertheless this shall always be the

way you pray I respond you strive conflicts and adversaries arise suddenly

to challenge you there are obstacles and it may seem like my response is

delayed however I will open your spiritual eyes revealing that the

situation is not as you perceive it your blessing is right before you waiting but

you must Advance without looking back discarding any feelings and thoughts that paralyze you if you desire to be

blessed you must be tested I want to see courage in your heart and observe your reaction when your

expectations are unmet what will you say will you continue to wait with joy in

your heart without complaining or will bitterness fill you

wasting your time and effort as it does to others I want you to be strong to

love me with all your heart and all your strength even if I do not respond immediately and you must wait I want to

see that steel-like Spirit I’ve instilled in you a character more valuable than a diamond I desire your

loyalty you will not betray me nor will you sell your convictions for a few coins you will not engage in dishonest

Deeds or lie to escape trouble for True victories in this world are won this way

and your long- awaited blessing shall become a reality wait with faith do not let doubts freeze your patience do not heed

the foolish opinions of the unbelievers in mockers with love I implore you to

remember these words and hold them dearly in your heart I am faithful and I

also ask for your loyalty in return come here every morning and fill yourself with these words that strengthen your

faith and engulf you in peace do not fear I love you your blessing is on the

verge of arrival repeat these words with your voice and your hand beloved God I

await you with all my heart I am your heavenly father your friend your lord

your Shepherd today Herald’s a day of Miracles where your words Infuse me with

faith beside you always is your Holy Spirit guiding each step you take open

your heart to the promises ingrained in your mind ready to resurface in times of

urgent need the gateway to your grace stands open welcoming me without

rejection I approach with courage coming coming forth in assurance finding

healing within I mend the lingering scars in my soul the secret Pains of my

past lose their grip over me this day I am absolved of my faults free from their

memory I let go of guilt it has no claim on me now I am

cleansed I am forgiven I surrender to you all that pains me the Shadows

tainting my emotions the negative seeds sown long ago that still trouble me I

release the memories and thoughts long held within and witness your power transforming my heart you break the

chains of fear crush the grip of anxiety and plant your holy Word Within Me Your

Grace floods my being gifting me the miracle of Liberation enveloped in your

mercy clothed in your goodness I am surrounded by blessings today the shackles binding my spirit

shatter my character is renewed anger quelled and fury

dissipated my words will no longer be of anger or insult but instead my lips

shall utter praises and words of holy power bringing Liberation and healing I

am never alone you have spoken to me persistently and now I understand that

Faith must guide my steps despite obstacles I move forward and you shall reward my faith today is a day to

believe in miracles a day where nothing is impossible I for those who trust and yield to your will every Challenge and

trial even temporary defeats and victories are opportunities to experience your profound love I am in

your hand guarded by Angels day and night your Holy Spirit ensures peace and

Harmony in my home my family is precious to you no force can remove me from your

care you are my protector my comforter my encourager nourishing me with

Heavenly words you provide provide the Eternal bread ensuring I never hunger

For Love or yearn for affection you offer the Water of Life quenching my

thirst for joy and companionship I do not overly depend on fallible humans your Holy Spirit

fulfills my desires inspiring me to live and Chase my dreams I trust in your power obey your

commands and surrender to your will I embrace each day with gratitude knowing

you are already performing wonders in my life upon waking I express my thanks declaring

this is the day of Miracles you are loving and hold me

securely I believe trust and chase after my dreams for you

will make things far better and easier than I could ever imagine amen May these words of Faith

strengthen and uplift you my beloved as you Journey forth in in the light of

God’s love trust in his promises for they are steadfast and true

guiding you through every trial and Triumph amen my beloved child amidst the vast

expanse of the universe Where Stars Are Born and galaxies spin in Majestic silence I stand as your unyielding light

and salvation I am your lord your God the

shepherd who guides you the Healer who mends your wounds in the face of the unknown Whom Shall you fear behold I Am

The Fortress of your existence the Bull workk against the Tremors of Life neither the stern decrees of

Earthly judges nor the grave pronouncements of Physicians eclipse the wisdom and Revelation I bestow upon you

I am the Eternal Arbiter the supreme authority it is my voice that commands the tide of Fate as the architect of

Heaven and Earth I have the power to lift you from the shadows of Despair

enveloping you in an Embrace of love that fortifies your heart do not be swayed by the

scoffers those who mock the faith and devotion you hold in me they dwell in a

realm of misunderstanding unaware of the Miracles that I in my boundless love bestow upon

you embrace your relationship with me for it is I who love you

unconditionally provide for your needs forgive your missteps and uphold your spirit witness how I

have come to bless you with resilience and vigor empowering you to rise above challenges and stride forward with

renewed purpose let not doubt Cloud your mind when faced with trials these are not your undoing but

rather conduits for my glory to shine through in your life for you to emerge stronger and more Resolute fear not the

Spector of Calamity for it shall not touch you stand tall with your spirit

undeterred your gaze unwavering even in moments of Frailty know that I am there to bolster

you against Despair and defeat I am your steadfast anchor in turbulent Seas

capable of raising you above any storm of failure or setback your journey is far from over there is much to achieve

many paths To Tread Envision the day when countless grateful Hearts will acknowledge your

perseverance and I in my infinite grace will Crown you with the glory of my love

a testament to your unwavering faith and devotion in this sacred Bond you will

find the strength to conquer all Guided by my eternal light to those who entrust their souls

to me who journey through life with unwavering faith in my words embracing the truth of a supernatural existence I

promise a magnificent reward in this realm I will shower you with blessings

envelop you in my life light and reveal to you the wondrous Miracles that will touch your family and home my Mercy will

be your comfort and in your Abode my peace will reign supreme if you heed my

call and open your heart to me I will surround you with my presence endowing

your life with profound wisdom the riches I offer are not fleeting they are the ultimate gifts Eternal

blessings Harmony in your home and robust Health that defies all adversity

those who place their trust in me will find no reason for shame you as one of

my chosen are destined for greatness a future filled with hope and prosperity

even when the world Quakes and its foundations tremble your faith in me will keep you

unshakable you are held dear in my heart no harm will befall you nor will any

plague come near your dwelling angels will be dispatched to your side guarding

you like a divine Shield remember I am a god of both Justice and mercy extending

my forgiveness without reservation no matter the distance you have wandered or the depth of your

transgressions my arms are always open for your return ready to embrace you with love and pardon from the break of

day to its close all creation sings of my glory and Splendor I call upon you to walk in my

ways to seek Justice to act kindly and to approach others with a heart full of

love and respect each day I Am with You guiding and protecting you through

life’s journey no matter the challenges you face in my

presence you will find peace wisdom and the joy and strength needed to overcome

any obstacle no dream is too Grand no aspiration too distant the road to your

Triumph may be steep but trust in my divine plan which will rekindle your passions and equip

you with the fortitude and bravery to persist until the moment of Glorious reward for your faithfulness and

devotion you are cherished deeply by me my love for you is boundless and I will

never forsake you I am Jesus your closest Confidant Always by your side

ready to offer Solace guidance and eternal companionship I yearn to fill your life

with peace and joy fear not for today my blessings pour upon you

abundantly I am here to heal your body mind and soul to erase the Pains of your

past and brighten your future my words are a balm to your spirit revealing the supernatural blueprint I have for you

despite the Tempest that may rage around you I wish for you a day of unparalleled blessings contentment and fulfillment a

day unlike any you’ve experienced before my words are designed to heal to breathe

life into your being to soothe and uplift you they are my Divine caress to

your ears a tender Embrace that dispels any shadow of sadness confusion or ailment my love

envelops you bringing Tranquility

Serenity and a heart brimming with hope and excitement I desire brighter days

for you and so I urge you to hold fast to Faith even in the face of the

seemingly impossible trust in my words for they are the gentle touch that

can transform your days infusing them with joy Clarity and wellness In My

Embrace find the peace and happiness you seek for with me all things are within

reach trust in me and watch as your life unfolds in miraculous ways remain

anchored in my love for my words are a Wellspring of rejuvenation for your heart do not be

gripped by fear your adversaries are already overcome their power diminished the

murky Waters of anxiety need not be your Dwelling Place those around you will soon witness the extraordinary Grace

that envelops you convincing them of my undeniable reality this realization presents an

opportunity for transformation reshaping not only their present but their eternal

Destiny I am everpresent to offer you peace through my assurances healing

every Affliction be it of the body or the mind I promise to deliver and liberate

you from spiritual battles and the deep-seated pain that robs you of life’s Joy embrace the freedom I bring from the

crippling fears that have hindered your journey I am here to shatter the chains of Despair that block your path forward

unshakable in my presence in your life I am a constant companion

never to abandon you my love for you is immeasurable and I stand with open arms

ready to extend grace and patience eager to lift you up should you ever choose to wander far know that you can never stray

beyond my reach my acceptance of you is unwavering today I lay before you the

sign you have longed for a promise to unveil my deepest genuine emotions to

your soul you are uniquely crafted and soon you will come to realize your

exceptional place in my divine plan take heart for you are cherished beyond

measure and I eagerly await our reunion wherein I shall reveal the fullness of

my love for you may my peace be upon you always my beloved child I the Lord vow

to bestow upon you all The Virtuous gifts you seek through prayer approach me with a heart full of faith and

witness how I transform not just your life but also your family your daily

bread and every step you take I promise to dissolve the ailments

that afflict your body soothing your mind from the torment of past

Sorrows your burdens shall dissipate your death shall be released

and you will be enveloped in an abundant blanket of blessings for your trust rests in me like a tree you shall stand

robust and verdant offering shade and comfort to to those in need fear not the harshness of life’s

heat for you will be a beacon of Solace and a Wellspring of Hope to many your

fruits of faith and love will never cease they will flourish and bless all who encounter your

presence my favor and peace will be your Everlasting inheritance with me your endeavors will

reach fulfillment and you and your family will be shielded from Life storms surrounded

by my Angelic Guardians your heart will brim with joy and peace

a testament to the Eternal happiness I bestow upon those who walk with me in moments of fear or distress remember I

am always by your side strengthening and upholding you with my Victorious hand

let your actions be pure for they are offerings to me your sincere efforts will not go

unnoticed they shall be rewarded with a glorious inheritance trust not solely in your

wisdom but place your unwavering faith in me acknowledge my presence in all aspects of your life and watch as I

guide your path towards righteousness and truth I am the resurrection and the life should you stumble and fall fear

not for those who believe in me shall rise again never to be ens snared by

death’s grip maintain humility cherish your meekness be patient and refrain

from anger towards those who provoke you you respond not with harsh words or actions for I have endowed you with a

courageous heart and wisdom yet should fear ever darken your doorstep seek my

face with earnestness I will be your steadfast protector guiding your steps

and guarding your home and Journeys always keeping the Forefront of your heart and mind that I your God am ever

present I guide you gently by the hand speaking to you with a voice of Tranquility do not Harbor fear

for I am perpetually with you ready to provide assistance my love for you is

boundless never feel isolated or neglected there are those who may seek to remind you of past errors aiming to

shroud you in Shame by dredging up your sins ignore such voices refuse to let

bitterness and despair grip your life even if others turn away I remain

steadfastly by your side I will never abandon you regardless of the world’s judgment

in my sight you are eternally cherished a beautiful sir gentle and

honest Soul disregard the idle chatter of those who find pleasure in maligning others

instead seek my face long for my words and find solace in the shelter of

My Embrace take comfort Under The Canopy of my love everything around you the vast

oceans the expansive Skies the Majestic mountains was crafted with immense care and affection the influence of the

wicked is fleeting but your time is eternal I offer everyone the profound

freedom to choose life and Truth your heart reached out to me in gratitude and in

response I vow to bless you abundantly our bond is eternal hold firm

in your faith and dispel any fears pay no mind to those who squander their time accusing you of past mistakes

I have already forgiven those transgressions cast into the depths of the sea right now I am lifting the burdens

that have weighed heavily on your mind the hidden Sorrows of your heart I am

transforming your spirit endowing you with even greater bravery arise with Newfound energy and

approach life with fervent Zeal the most profound blessings are bestowed upon those who sincerely

believe in me who keep my word near their Humble Hearts and resist the corruption of

power the heavens Rejoice over your decision to welcome me into your life to

heed my teachings and to follow my commands because of your faith I am

committed to restoring what has been lost to you walk with Assurance for your

fate is safely cradled in my hands all your foes have been vanquished approach

me in prayer full of faith and I will lovingly Grant the desire s deeply rooted in your heart depend on me and

cast aside your fears here I am ready to embrace you and provide peace amidst these

trials this is a test of your faith and know that I am with you through it all

when you called out to me in desperation I listened attentively my ear is always

inclined to your voice and I am patient waiting for the perfect moment to let my

Holy Spirit speak to your heart I am fully aware of your actions and your journey even when your mind and

senses suggest that all hope is lost and you find yourself in darkness my boundless love will not permit your

downfall your defeat will not come to fruition do not be disheartened by mere

appearances beyond the hurdles that seem to block your way great blessings and divine gifts await I am imparting wisdom

to you opening paths that once seemed closed Paving the way for you to move

forward From This Moment forward rest assured that no one shall intimidate

disgrace or belittle you I your heavenly father the almighty

creator of all stand beside you do not fear people reflect on the numerous

instances when envious individuals conspired against you spreading lies and eagerly anticipating your downfall yet

their plans were in vain here you are still standing strong today I instill in

your heart a rejuvenated zest for life and a joy that no one can take away I

cradle you in my hands your love for me has captured my heart and attention you

have steadfastly kept your faith and followed my teachings for your family and yourself I shower you with my favor

trust in me wholeheartedly and with Simplicity your destiny is under my care

and I will protect you from those who seek to harm you shame shall not touch you it is decreed that the light of my

Holy Spirit Will illuminate your path those who persecute you unjustly will

find themselves distanced from my forgiveness their deceitful ways leading to their downfall you however will

Thrive like a lush tree planted by nourishing streams you and your family bearing plentiful fruit others will look

upon you and take inspiration across Generations I will bestow upon you my abundant goodness enveloping you with my

presence seek me each morning do not let worldly distractions Veer you away from

the source of your blessings our bond is cemented by my grace your loyalty and your faith

through the power of my resurrection and your Brave choice to believe even in the

Unseen I will make my presence known to you in extraordinary ways this profound presence you feel

today will never leave you you hold within you the power that created the universe and I affirm again I am with

you stand firm against all adversities and the onslaughts of your foes refuse to let others diminish your

worth reject violence Safeguard your children and be

cautious of those who speak sweetly but intend to disrupt your family I have positioned Angels around you to protect

you from harm however it is crucial for you to play your part show me your faith

and take my words to Heart your enemy lurks hoping for you to forget my

promises and become distracted leading to your downfall start each day with a few moments dedicated to me come with

gratitude recognizing that all blessings flow from my love I have repeatedly

asked for your heart now give it to me unreservedly I forgive your

flaws cleanse your sins and refresh your conscience my word is engraved in your

soul bolstering your faith and granting you immense strength your life should now be rooted

in obedience and prayer you will achieve great Dreams by entrusting me with your heart but if you neglect this sacred

love you risk reverting to your old ways my love for you is deep and patient even

if you don’t fully grasp it yet soon you’ll see with Clarity how much I cherish you my

beloved what will I do for you I will accomplish Feats you deem

impossible affirming that I have spoken to you today and have a divine plan for you and your family if you feel the urge

to cry then cry I will use those tears to relieve you of burdens that weigh you

down be still and listen to two words that Encompass your life your future and

your blessings I love you everything aligns when you converse with me I will

not ignore your calls for every prayer you utter I have a response for every pain you

endure I have a Divine cure whether you see me or doubt my presence or attribute

your troubles to my absence and perceived indifference give me just a bit more faith take that step and strive to

dismiss those fleeting thoughts choose to believe in the word you hear it is

the foundation of your faith my promises are not fleeting or forgotten they are fulfilled in those who trust me

wholeheartedly I understand your challenges sometimes things don’t go as planned you hear words of divine love in

the morning yet something goes wrong during the day and the blessing you expected eludes you people might turn

their backs on you and you might lose things dear to you your day may end feeling tired sad and let down on such

days you might think I don’t hear you but I do I heard you when your thoughts

cried out my God where are you I saw the tears you shed

in silence because you don’t want others to see your pain and you can’t show your fear but I tell you now release those

emotions let them out shout weep let those pent up tears flow freely like a

mighty River they will wash away all your suffering Rising like Springs reaching

up to me here I receive them sanctifying your precious tears one day I will show

you how they’ve transformed into diamonds jewels and Majestic Treasures that you

have accumulated over time there is a remedy for your suffering an answer to

your pain and a reward for your bravery I have reserved a special

blessing for your resilience and determination Embrace these words they

will be your anchor when doubt seeks to invade your thoughts I’m inscribing every word you hear in the depths of

your heart you will dream of them so vivid so genuine so tangible that you

will rise in the early hours overwhelmed with an urge to pray fervently making a heartfelt

commitment each morning you will find faith in the promises heard in the words you read in my sentences that resonate

with the truth of my eternal love for you I have been am and will always be by

your side regardless of circumstances regardless of the chaos that surrounds you even if the world

crumbles and the earth quakes even amidst distressing news attacks from

unbelievers or rejection from your own family know this unwavering truth my

love for you surpasses all as long as you cling to these words your Triumph is

certain but if you let Sinister doubts invade your mind you’ll be swept away by The Winds of

disbelief today I assure you that you’re not journeying alone I am here to listen

and respond always yet there are moments like these

when I need you to take the first step show me your active Faith let not your

heart be disheartened by negativity or misguided advice from those mired in their own wrongdoings ahead lies a future filled

with blessings a reward for all your struggles I promise a Crown of Life and

success for you and your family what I ask of you my child is

your heart and that your eyes remain fixed on my path do not Veer to the

right or left do not look back never let the words of others settle in your mind

anchoring you in a quagmire of Despair and isolation if you feel trapped today

thinking you can’t endure any longer know that I am here for you I bring a miracle for your profound

discouragement offering healing as you listen to me cast your burdens upon me confess your

sins share your pains and believe in my promises I assure you that if you choose

to believe in me Surrender Your Heart turn from your faults and follow me in faith and

devotion today I will lift those heavy burdens from your shoulders setting you

free this promise is for you now and forever the matter that only you and I know is in my hands

soon all will be resolved tell me you believe be at peace learn to rest in my

promises I heard your desperate Cry of uncertainty and that’s why I am here

telling you to surrender everything to me and Trust doors will open storms will pass

Victory will be yours and blessings will flow do not fear for I am here to Aid

you do not do not lose heart for I love you move forward with courage for I am

with you giving you the strength and wisdom to overcome this trial I will

shelter you under my wing where no enemy can reach you when you are weary I will

uplift and comfort you with my love if you need to confide in someone bear a

burden or keep a secret that you can no longer hold turn to

me I will not judge or condemn you for what you Reveal Your confessions are safe with me I sacrificed myself for you

my desire is to forgive and set you free I don’t want you to continue living in worry stress and fear I have spoken to

you time and again to find peace and confidence allowing worries to dominate

your mind can harm your health and your family if you let troubling news weaken your faith and trust you open the door

to defeat and despair know that I Harbor no anger towards you nor do I intend any punishment in the

face of the numerous challenges you confront my love for you dictates that I will transform all adversity

therefore fear not come and speak with me I am eager to disclose my plans to

you to guide you and to bestow upon you the wisdom to make the right

decisions this period in your life is pivotal you cannot afford to squander your days without serious contemplation

of your future avoid the company of those who belittle your faith leave their handling to me I will reach their

hearts and know precisely how to act your focus should be on the future it is

my will for you to become a person of success respect blessing and fulfillment

I encourage you to plant seeds of love and harvest abundant joy and prosperity I’ve endowed you with the

gifts of loving forgiving aiding in others and embracing my word in

extraordinary ways show your family my love through your actions your hands are capable of

impacting numerous lives and hearts I am amplifying your faith to levels you have never experienced if necessary I will

personally remind you daily to keep your focus on me as I eradicate your stresses

heal your emotions and utterly transform your heart you will see firsthand how I

Aid and support you in all your tasks I Journey with you in love I am your shield and protector be brave ignore the

pessimists who view everything negatively those with Barren dreams and limited perspectives lacking faith and

enthusiasm disregard their words for their aim is to discourage you and fill your heart with

negativity have the courage to be your true self strive diligently never yielding for you are

constantly loved supported blessed and

embraced I’m encircling you with Legions of warrior Angels stand tall and smile

for you are incredibly precious to me dedicate Time Each Day to my word be

mindful of your steps and words keep your secrets and vulnerabilities to yourself I will bring trustworthy people

into your life individuals who will believe in help and support you I

possess the power to relieve your burdens I will take care of them this I promise you continue to entrust your

heart to me trust in my plans for you for they are plans for good and not for

harm plans to give you hope in a future do not be anxious about tomorrow for I

Am with You guiding you every step of the way walk in faith knowing that I am

your Shepherd and you shall not want in The Quiet Moments of the night as you

lay your head down to rest remember that I am watching over you for you protecting you with my Everlasting

Love let your dreams be filled with visions of my promises fulfilled and wake each morning with renewed strength

and purpose for I am the Alpha and the Omega the beginning and the end I am the

one who was who is and who is to come trust in me my beloved child and

together we will walk the path of righteousness hand in hand now and

forever more amen

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