God Says Today: I’M THE GIVER | God message Today

hear me my beloved child and let the

promise of my unwavering love and

guidance still your heart trust in me

for I assure you of Abundant Blessings

and the flourishing of your endeavors

receive these words not as mere Echoes

In The Wind but as a Divine whisper to

your soul a balm for your spirit and a

beacon to light your

path understand that I your God the

creator of all am also your heavenly

father your unyielding

Guardian my love for you knows no bounds

and my commitment to your well-being is

eternal in this moment of your life I

beckon you to lay down the burdens that

weigh heavily upon your

shoulders do not tread this journey

alone for navigating life’s challenges

without my Aid will only lead to


frustration and a weakened

Spirit therefore I implore you to

surrender all to to me hiding nothing

for I am already acquainted with the

deepest recesses of your heart and the

most Earnest of your desires place your

complete trust in me I am your steadfast

provider the Vigilant Guardian who

watches over you even in your least


moments let me steer your life bestow

upon you wisdom and entrust you with

resources to manage for it is my utmost

desire to see you thrive in every aspect

of your existence

when you place your trust in me doors of

blessings shall open before you and the

windows of heaven will unveil showering

you with spiritual riches that fill your

soul with Indescribable joy and peace

believe in me and I shall bless the work

of your hands your endeavors and your

aspirations with each step you take even

in the face of

challenges my blessing will be your

constant companion trust in my ways

and you will see how I amplify your

efforts and lead you to prosperity in

all that you undertake it is my deepest

desire to see you thrive and your life

shine brilliantly growing ever more

radiant until it reaches its full Glory

I understand that life on Earth can be

fraught with hardships and uncertainties

and you may encounter trials that test

your faith however be assured that in

facing these trials I will never abandon

you rely on my plans for you for I am

always with you working in your favor

and in the favor of all who love me do

not fret about the future or be

overwhelmed by present struggles for

with me your path is secure I have

destined you for victory not

defeat trust in me and I will direct

your steps remember true prosperity and

success are not confined to material

wealth do not fixate on Earthly

Treasures but prioritize seeking my

kingdom and righteousness

hold my teachings dear embracing them

wholeheartedly I assure you that all

else you need will be provided your

heartfelt prayers and the desires of

your heart will be fulfilled bringing to

life the dreams you have nurtured having

been blessed by me it is your calling to

be a vessel of blessing for others share

the grace you have received and be

generous always therefore my beloved

Child come and find Solace In My Embrace

I will strengthen Enlighten and embolden

you fear not to entrust your all to me

have faith in my guidance and know that

difficult times will not overpower you

do not lose heart in the face of Trials

or tribulations for they serve to

fortify your faith and remind you of

your Reliance on me when you face

battles or challenges call upon me and I

will respond I will grant you wisdom and

the means to surmount any obstacle I

will open door doors that appeared shut

and lead you to opportunities that will

enrich your life in unexpected ways once

again I say to you surrender everything

to me place your finances your

dreams and your desires in my hands and

you will witness how I bless your work

and every Endeavor remember that I am

the true owner of all things and my

provision Shall Serve to bless and

prosper you in every facet of your life

I shall ensure that all goes well for


there will be Harmony in your family

relationships you will enjoy health and

emotional well-being and you will both

love and be loved for I shall be with

you at all times reminding you that my

love for you is complete and encompasses

every aspect of your existence trust in

me and allow me to be your guide beloved

child I shall Lead You Down Paths of

righteousness and into lands of

abundance I will never abandon you for

you are are my most precious

treasure the apple of my eye I will

always be by your side so fear not the

future for I have marvelous plans in

store for you walk with me in faith and

obedience and you shall witness how I

transform your life and fill it with


blessings I am your God your father and

your provider place your trust in me and

you shall prosper on your

journey May these words my child

touch your heart and strengthen your

faith may you perceive my love

manifesting through the blessings that

shall come into your life never doubt me

or my words believe in them and treasure

them in your heart

always maintain an attitude of gratitude

for what you have and for what is Yet to

Come gratitude will open your eyes to

the abundance that already exists in

your life and enable you to receive more

of my blessings continue onward my child

believing in my promises and working

diligently and wisely Above All Else

never allow circumstances to divert you

from my path nor let the distractions of

the world sway you utilize your gifts

and talents to flourish in your work and

business demonstrate integrity and

generosity in all your endeavors and

only then will you witness how I

multiply the work of your hands blessing

and prospering you in every facet of

your life soon your struggles and trials

shall draw to a close do not yield for I

shall reward your Valor beloved child

lend a keen ear to my words for today I

speak to you urging you not to surrender

nor to despair be Resolute and

steadfast do not allow fear to encroach

upon your heart nor doubt to obscure


mind even when the night is shrouded in

darkness and uncertainty looms

large I shall remain steadfastly by your

side walking with you even amidst your

trial and

tribulations I shall not forsake you for

I am here to uphold and shield you as

you Journey Through This World therefore

raise your gaze to the heavens and call

upon me for I shall come to your Aid I

shall not leave you I shall never

abandon you regardless of the trials you

currently endure know that I shall

always stand with you remember no matter

how dark the night may be there will

always be a Dawn and within each Dawn an

opportunity for there is no storm that

does not ultimately yield to calm all in

this life is

transient but my word and those who

place their trust in me endure

eternally just as the heavens and the

Earth shall pass away so too shall all

things pass and in due course these

trials and struggles in your life shall

conclude have faith for what I tell you

today is the truth I shall not AB

abandon you nor release you from my

grasp for I am with you infolding you in

my love and illuminating your path with

the most radiant light child always give

your utmost at every moment persist in

pursuing your dreams and strive for your

goals and projects Forge ahead

unwaveringly pay no heed to the words of

others do not allow malevolent comments

or malicious gossip to affect you listen

to my voice attend to my words for in me

you shall find grace and favor to

achieve all that you set out to do place

your trust in me to attain your goals I

shall bestow upon you the peace you

require a peace that transcends all

human understanding capable of bringing

tranquility and freedom to your soul

child I shall always be with you

watching over you and I shall richly

reward your effort and

dedication all that you have sown with

pass passion and devotion you shall soon

reap then you will gather the fruits you

have eagerly awaited and your life shall

be full happy and


remember never yield in the face of

adversity remain steadfast with courage

and integrity for in this life no burden

shall be too great for you to bear I

shall provide you with the strength to

overcome every Temptation and evil deed

be strong and courageous for regardless

of how harsh or Dreadful your

circumstances may be I shall always be

with you do not forget that the stronger

your trials the greater your

blessings for what is today a severe

trial shall soon become one of the

grandest victories of your life continue

forward my child with steady and

confident steps battle with faith and

unwavering resolve always remember in

every step you take in every obstacle

you encounter you are never

alone My Embrace surrounds you at all

times providing the strength and courage

you need to keep moving forward even

when the journey seems tough and the

burdens feel too heavy believe in your

ability to surmount any hurdle maintain

the light of Hope in your heart despite

the storms and trials for there is a

reward for persistence and a prize

awaits those who endure to the end

recognize that you possess more strength

than you realize in this strength you

will find the power to turn challenges

into opportunities tears into laughter

and fear into bravery do not surrender

do not turn back for your determination

and faith will carry you to places

Beyond Your Wildest

Dreams place your trust in me and in the

innate potential I have instilled in you

to navigate life’s

challenges within you lies not just


talents and gifts but also so profound

strength that will illuminate your way

even in the darkest times therefore my

child proceed with bravery and stand

firm in resolution for I am ever

presentent supporting each step of your

journey have faith that through your

life I will perform great and wondrous

acts and your every effort tear and

prayer will find its fulfillment in My


Love let my love wrap around you now

guiding your towards the fruitful and

prosperous future I have planned for you

remember you are my precious gem and I

am always with you guiding your dreams

Ambitions and desires with infinite

love your story is still unfolding and

in each chapter uh you’ll find lessons

love and personal growth hold fast to

Hope knowing that even this challenging

phase will pass when you reflect on your

journey you will see the extent of your

growth and the distances you’ve traveled

fueled by your strength and

persistence move ahead my child I lead

the way like a formidable

Force infusing you with love strength

and hope my love for you is unending and

I will always cherish you no matter the

distance you may not feel my presence

but know that I am with you watching

over each step you take on this


journey I have seen the difficulties you

face and the tears you

shed understand that it was never my

desire for you to endure such hardships

for my love for you knows no bounds This

Love Remains constantly available ready

to envelop you with open arms in times

when you feel lost in the darkness

remember that I am here for you I will

always be by your side guiding and

guarding you

never leaving you to face the world

alone reach out and let me take your

hand guiding you towards the light in a

path filled with peace and hope in this

place you will discover Joy abundance

and happiness trust in me my child for

the life I have planned for you is

filled with remarkable purposes giving

you a meaningful existence and a future

rich with victories and blessings no

matter how distant you may feel from me

now you are never out of my reach my

grace and forgiveness are always

available to you remember my love can

overcome any obstacle and conquer any

challenge just trust in me and I will be

there to answer your prayers even in

times of pain and sorrow I am listening

to you and my heart is filled with

compassion for you there is nothing you

can do that will separate you from my

love no mistake too great no sin too


my love overcomes all faults and

weaknesses it surpasses all

understanding and reaches beyond the

heavens let me embrace you in your

moments of need and show you the grace

and forgiveness I offer understand that

my love knows no bounds no matter how

many times you stumble I shall always be

there to lift you up no matter how often

you air I shall always be there to

correct your steps and Lead You Down The

Righteous path my love is unwavering and


forever present in your life granting

you the strength and courage to overcome


adversity my child close your eyes and

allow me to embrace you let the warmth

of my presence be like soothing

energy let my love envelop you and


Solace cradling you in my arms and

offering you

encouragement come Surrender Your Heart

To Me beloved child fear not for I shall

Grant you Freedom peace and

Tranquility trust in me for I shall be

your refuge in strength allow me to

embrace you and reveal true love to you

a love capable of healing any wound and

restoring your

soul always remember that you are my

greatest treasure and my love for you

shall never waver no matter how

challenging the circumstances you face I

shall always be there to support you my


on this day let me embrace you and bear

all your burdens you need not bear the

weight alone for I am here to assist you

today I shall take charge of all that

you lack even to the fullness of your

soul remember that I shall always be

with you providing you with the strength

you need to confront any

adversity simply trust in me even when

you feel no one understands or when you

think you are alone in in your

battles I shall always be here listening

to every Whisper of your heart loving

you and aiding you in every way in this

moment my child I want you to feel the

warmth of my love surrounding and

comforting you comprehend that my love

for you shall never wne it shall be here

for you in every moment of your life

ready to embrace and console you


necessary beloved child

raise your hands now and bask in my love

a love that never falters or

fades it is my pure Sublime and

unconditional love for you accept it now

receive my Embrace in which you shall

find the strength to carry on the hope

to face challenges and the certainty

that you shall never ever be alone I

love you my child with an eternal love

I shall Endeavor to accomplish something

of great significance in your life for

you have been chosen to Triumph and be

blessed listen attentively to my voice

for today I speak to reassure you urging

you not to despair nor to fear the


challenges do not permit anxiety to

invade your heart nor allow fear to

obscure your

path I am at your side I walk alongside

you even in the midst of your struggles


trials I shall not abandon you I am here

to sustain and shield you as you

navigate this world do not allow

adversity to overpower you nor let the

criticisms and murmur of others weigh


down in the midst of all your trials and

battles I am with you I have witnessed

your faith even in the face of the

adversaries assaults I have observed

your unwavering and Resolute

stance serving as a genuine Testament to

my love and power regain your strength

now my child and rise with

determination do not forget that at the

end of the dark Valley of Shadows lies

the vast Garden of my

promises in that place you will find joy

peace and Abundant

Blessings it is in that place where you

will see how blessings flow for you and

for Generations Yet to Come always

remember that I fulfill my

promises and I shall fulfill them in you

therefore for my

child I implore you to exert yourself

and be courageous maintain your patience

and place complete trust in me for I am

working in your

favor my grace and mercy shall never

forsake you and my love for you is

boundless yet to fully receive my

blessings you must free yourself from

all doubt and rid your mind of impure

and improper thoughts that distance you

from me discard them and uproot them

from your heart then you shall enjoy all

the unique and special blessings that

are the fruits of righteousness and

integrity do not surrender in the face


difficulties for you have been

predestined to

overcome from the outset I designed you

with a Divine Purpose so that you may

live a blessed

prosperous and Victorious Life do not

fear the

struggles tests or tribulations that may

come for I shall be by your side

encouraging and strengthening you in

every challenge remember that each

difficulty you encounter is but another

opportunity to rise and become stronger

as you strive and remain Brave I shall

complete the work I have begun in you I

shall pour out upon your life joy and

Abundant Blessings leading you to a life

filled with peace and

prosperity do not forget that my

presence protects you and my grace never

diminishes nothing and no one can snatch

away the blessings I have prepared for

you in your fure future

Generations therefore my child on this

special day I beseech you once more not

to give up do not Surrender Your Will to

Vain and dishonest things resist and

maintain your strength and courage for

in the midst of the storm I shall work

miracles in your

life I will work wonders through you

showcasing my boundless love and power

always acting in your favor so you can

lead a life filled with joy and


my child have faith in my assurances and

hold tightly to my promises rest assured

I will be with you until all that I have

pledged to you is

fulfilled when doubts Cloud your mind

seek solace in me in moments of grief

let my eternal love be your comfort my

arms of Love Are perpetually extended to

you offering support I have envisioned

extraordinary and Splendid plans for you

trust in me and witness the the light

piercing through Darkness Reviving hope

within your heart abide in my grace walk

boldly and rise with resolve for I am

with you at every juncture of your

journey believe that I will bring about

wondrous and magnificent deeds in your

life know that your efforts

tears and prayers will be rewarded in

the vastness of my love in turbulent

times cling firmly to your faith in me

do not allow life’s challenges to deter

your victory in unity with me face every

hurdle conquer every difficulty and let

nothing stand in your way remember I am

your guide your truth and your

life as you Traverse life’s Peaks and

troughs I will be right beside you

steering you toward the destiny I have

destined for you since time’s beginning

you are my cherished child graced and

favored within you lies the power to

create change in the world your

testimony of my love and truth can

transform hearts and Spark hope never

undervalue your influence on others for

through you my love flows into the world

so my dear child proceed with bravery

and faith in me let my love surround you

and lead you to the flourishing Destiny

I have crafted for you always remember

you are my treasured

possession I am by your side guiding

your dreams aspirations uh and yearnings

with immeasurable love


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