God Says Today: I Always Guide You | God message Today

come closer dear one with a soul Ablaze in trust today is woven with the threads

of your blessings a Celestial tapestry awaiting your touch picture me as I

gently brush away the veils of sadness that cling to your spirit those burdens that have dimmed your inner Radiance for

too long feel the warmth of my hand both gentle and unyielding as it rests upon

your brow Envision my love as an Endless River pure and over flowing pouring

directly into the reservoir of your heart I ache for you to taste the sweet relief that comes from surrendering your

fears and Sorrows into my outstretched Palms let me strengthen the core of your being in the quiet sanctum of your

soul listen for my Whispers soft Echoes of Eternal devotion know this my beloved my love

for you spans eternity unwavering as the cosmos vast and boundless my deepest

longing is to reach out to you to navigate with you through the tempests of life that threaten to extinguish your

inner flame I am here a steadfast presence ready to illuminate the path

ahead my Divine blueprint is etched with patience and Grace guiding you towards

wholeness Liberation and a life suffused with joy and spiritual

awakening take my hand and together we shall wander the Tranquil Meadows of

Peace within your soul let the seeds of Joy take root and flourish banishing the

shadows of doubt that once loomed large know this my child you have never been

abandoned by The Loving Embrace of your heavenly father who cherishes you beyond

measure I have come to reignite the spark of your destiny trust in me for

you are not a drift or bewildered you are merely resting in the sacred Cocoon of introspection awaiting the dawn of

Newfound strength and Clarity my precious child I do not wish

to see your future cluttered with fleeting fantasies or unfulfilled Endeavors I will not stand idly by as

others attempt to steal your time and energy enticing you away from your own dreams to chase theirs such is not the

path of my spiritual Kingdom within your soul I have planted dreams within you

and with my unwavering support you will strive for them and see them realized

you will conquer Giants and dispel the Shadows Of Darkness but this journey requires you to dwell in my presence

soaking in the wisdom that will be your compass and your strength there is no rush on this journey it is not about

momentary whims or superficial desires you have matured grown in

character and resilience transcending the limitations of your former self through my teachings I will lead you

unveiling your path and guiding your step watch for the signs I send for I will

visit you with the first light of each morning imparting to you the precious gift of divine wisdom hold fast to these

words there will be days of joy and days of Sorrow moments of numbness and Times

of ecstatic celebration yet in this elevated spiritual realm turn to the

scriptures nourish yourself with my teachings and in times of decision or

adversity return to my loving embrace my Holy Spirit Will infold you offering

comfort and direction as you navigate life’s obstacles hearken unto my counsel for I

decree steer clear of entangling yourself in burdensome debts that chain you to the world’s grasp pause reflect

and reconsider do not succumb to the snares laid by The unwise Who pray on the

unsuspecting your wisdom Prudence courage and and discernment serve as

your Shield against deception reject commitments that run counter to my Divine will avoid evil and

shield your loved ones from The Misery rought by poor decisions remember should you stumble or

stray into sin my arms remain open my forgiveness boundless I shall absolve

your contrite heart and guide you back onto the righteous path out of boundless love I warn you of the dangers lurking

in this tumultuous world the adversary is cunning poised to exploit any lapse

in your focus or faith leading you astray into unseen pitfalls my words spring forth from a

well of profound love aimed at safeguarding your soul mind heart

spirited and body this message serves as a road map to Blessings seek me within

my scriptures wherein my Divine will and plan for salvation are laid

bare as each new morning dawn step step boldly through the supernatural threshold into my presence proclaiming

these words of faith God is good and I embrace His blessings with gratitude

today my child subscribe to the channel my beloved child I shower upon you my

boundless love reflect with me on your feelings when you contemplate my love for you your thoughts knowing that I am

attuned to the deepest desires of your heart and fully aware of your circumstances how does it feel to be so

cherished protected and loved my desire is for you to stand firm in my love

regardless of whether you feel my presence or hear my voice your emotions do not determine the depth of our

connection trust in my written word for it is a steadfast promise that nothing

not even the most daunting of challenges can sever you from my love even amidst

the fiercest opposition you will never be alone or without hope let go of any

doubts about my boundless love for you rest assured for you are well acquainted

with my unwavering pledge cling to it with unwavering Faith

even in moments of Temptation or weakness in times when your plans crumble when betrayal Shadows your path

or when disappointment strikes remember that my protective presence surrounds you there is no need to seek Solace

elsewhere Proclaim it boldly let the heaven themselves bear witness to the faith and conviction of your spirit a

spirit that fervently Believes In Me your faith in me transcends fleeting emotions you are not ens snared by

transient feelings your faith stands firm unwavering and steadfast in

adherence to my holy word place your trust in it declare with conviction I

Believe In You Lord Jesus and know that unseen to you Legions of angels stand

guard around you at this very moment fighting on your behalf until you overcome your trials and find

deliverance from your tribulations it is decreed it is affirmed I personally vow

this and I shall fulfill it Joy fills your heart igniting courage and granting

the peace you yearn for while you may experience a stirring beyond words I

urge you my child to hold on to a steadfast Assurance of my presence beside you even when it seems unfelt my

love for you is unending I am your Eternal Guardian day and night I Am with

You greeting your soul each morning accompanying you throughout your day I

am here I love you on the day you reach out to me anticipate my response know

that I have heard your cries on those nights of Tears today I am eager to impart to you a profound truth one that

will dispel your sorrow banish loneliness defeat Despair and heal every lingering

wound in your heart your faith is evident but I desire that you accompany your prayers with heartfelt

tears laying be your soul in my presence holding nothing back reveal the entirety

of your experiences the good the bad the unsightly the injustices of the past the

deep-seated bitterness that lurks within causing anguish robbing your peace

and plunging you into despair cling not to these burdens hoard

not the emotions that invade the darkness of the Dawn and torment your spirit bring forth that chest of

memories which has only served to punish yourself and distance you further from my love I will renew all things even

transforming your past victories and joys granting you greater triumphs and an everlasting joy that cannot be taken

away henceforth focus on revitalizing your dreams there is no need to dwell on

the past or seek out those who have moved on why return to the land of rejection leave behind the anguish

inflicted upon you you have endured enough disappointments and all of that is now behind you your journey is leading you

towards Bliss and should anyone mock your faith remember you have a heavenly

father who stands ready to defend you if someone seeks to harm you they must seek

repentance lest they fall into a profound Abyss approach each day with the faith

that resides within you and if you feel nothing do not be troubled come and Converse with me I

will listen to your words approach me in your emptiness if sadness returns and past

tormentors resurface to Cloud your emotions come to me just as you are into

my presence I will heal and set you free breaking the chains that bind you my

Divine breath will scatter the oppressive clouds that obstruct your life seek me out in the early night at

noon whenever you need me approach with this Divine love and I

will unfold you within it this message is for my Warriors heed it until the end

if you feel called and know yourself to be among them as I have affirmed many times do not disregard my words excuses

about age health or finances have no place here for all my Warriors who are

ready to trust in my word I will clear your paths and open doors in Supernatural

ways you are my chosen child and prepared for Triumph in moments of

uncertainty hold fast to the hope that my promises offer believe wholeheartedly

and I will fulfill my will in your life wondrous things await you envision

yourself infused with strength unwavering in faith and courageous confront any challenge be it Financial

Health rated or familial without fear I have the power to part the sea of

troubles before you forging paths to Solutions provided you heed my word and

persevere March forward with determination and you shall cross chasms

walk upon Waters and remain Unsinkable no Tempest will derail your

destiny my warrior my beloved child the keys to your joy and blessings lie in my

hands with each step you take through life let yourself grow stronger in the face of Trials may your

faith stand unwavering anchored in the knowledge that even when my presence feels distant and my voice silent I am ever near ready

to rescue you at the appointed moment your adversaries will recoil in awe of your steadfast Spirit unable to shake

your courage despite their threats and stat in you defeat will find no refuge today

I grant you a sacred sword symbolizing the power of my word let your adherence

to my teachings and your faith illuminate your path with my Divine strength bolstering you as you confront

your fears my Brave One you are deeply cherished in my heart now hand in hand

with your loved ones your children your family step boldly through the doorway

of your blessings with unwavering Faith and Hope as you absorb my words Ponder

them deeply within your soul allowing my message to imprint itself upon you the

challenging days will fade making room for a future suffused with light the

trials will pass and in this assurance find Solace your heavenly father is Ever by

your side as you Traverse the darkest valleys do not be overcome by fear for I

Am with You guiding empowering and safeguarding your dreams and

aspirations in a world marked by suffering place your trust in me for I

have conquered anguish and hold the keys to a life brimming with profound Joy your

success Victory after Victory aligns with my divine plan your future is

destined to be adorned with accomplishments and blessings let not the Spectre of defeat

Fe Cloud your vision remember the words spoken to you for as you flourish in

happiness and blessing jealous adversaries May emerge as is the way of

the world I exalt Those whom I cherish and often their joy and unwavering Faith

draw the attention of adversaries fear not for no harm shall

befall you as you walk in my path I seek not Perfection for I understand your

humanity and its frailties what I desire is your heart your unwavering gaze fixed

upon my holy word I long for your steadfast devotion seek me and love me

in both prosperity and adversity this journey is endless continue to walk and pray even through

tears whether in the rain or storms March onward for I will calm the

tempests and silence the turbulent Seas I will speak peace into your conflicts and provide for your needs in times of

scarcity yet I yearn to witness your unyielding devotion your Relentless

Pursuit Of Me placing me above all else in your life see how your faith transforms into a sword dispelling evil

conquering weaknesses and granting you spiritual and Supernatural strength to overcome Temptations fears G and life’s

obstacles every time you leave your home pause to Bow your head entrusting your

plans and Endeavors to me praying for your family uttering words of faith and

Tranquility Rejoice for I am your Shepherd and under my care you shall

lack nothing you are my beloved children and also my cherished little

lambs I will lead you to verdant pastures and guide you beside Tranquil Waters in your dwelling tears and

confusion will cease the conflicts that once brought you deep sorrow will dissipate I will remove those who steal

your love and disturb your peace eradicating sin and Malice lurking in

the shadows undermining your faith and joy I shall dispel sorrow from your

existence and poverty shall find no place at your table the heavens will

open showering you with Abundant Blessings while opportunities and

employment will Bloom nurturing growth and wisdom within you I will bestow

favor upon you in the eyes of others positioning you for promotion and honor

your adversaries will be confounded as they witness your prosperity and the overflowing blessings in your life they

will witness the hand of your God upon you shielding you from harm and guiding you into

abundance as you continue to walk in obedience and faithfulness your children will Ascend to Eminence becoming beacons

of light and righteousness in a world shrouded in sin and despair they will carry the torch of Truth spreading love

compassion and Justice across Nations your family will stand as a testament to

my grace and power a Living testament to the transformative work I perform in the

lives of those who place their trust in me do not be disheartened by the trials and tribulations you encounter along the

journey remember that I’m with you always even until the end of time I will

never abandon you nor leave you forsaken in moments of weakness to turn

to me and draw strength from my presence I will revive your spirit and Empower

you to press on regardless of the obstacles that obstruct your path know

that your prayers do not fall on deaf ears I am attentive to the needs of my children and I will respond in my

perfect timing and according to my Divine will place your trust in me with all your heart and do not rely on your own

understanding in all your ways acknowledge me and I will guide your steps continue to diligently seek my

face for those who earnestly seek me will find me I reward those who diligently seek me

and I will pour out abundant blessings upon you be steadfast in prayer unwavering in faith and Resolute in your

commitment to follow wherever I lead take courage my beloved for I have

overcome the world in me you will find a peace that transcends understanding ing

joy unutterable and a hope that anchors the soul trust in my promises for they are

steadfast and true in Christ Jesus let your heart overflow with gratitude for all I have done and all I am yet to do

in your life go forth my child with boldness and confidence knowing that I

am with you always walk in the radiance of my love and let your life shine brightly for all

to see for you are a chosen generation a royal priesthood a holy nation my own

special people called out of Darkness into my Marvelous Light embrace the

destiny I have ordained for you and let your life be a Living testament to my goodness and Grace for I am the Lord

your God who holds you in the palm of my hand and I will never let you go my

dearest child in the quiet Whispers of Dawn and the gentle Embrace of Twilight light I have cherished you my deepest

longing resides in your flourishing and prosperity in every Endeavor you Embark upon from the moment of your Creation in

the secret recesses every beat of my heart every breath of the universe has

harmonized with your existence I witnessed your tender Beginnings nurturing you as you bloomed

into the Magnificent creation that you are a reflection of my boundless love and

grace I’ve journeyed alongside you as as a silent Guardian witnessing the joys

that sparkle in your eyes and the Sorrows that have weighed upon your spirit in your weakest moments I cradled

you in my arms in times of Despair my voice whispered Solace into your heart I

rejoiced in the heavens at your triumphs and held you close in your trials from your very first breath my desires for

you have stretched beyond the Realms of imagination yearnings for you to soar

embrace life in its entirety and discover profound joy in every facet of

existence my aspirations for you dear child transcend all

boundaries today I impart these words to you as a testament to my unwavering

pursuit of your highest good my child like this video it is my fervent hope

that you become a radiant Beacon to those around you emanating the warmth of compassion the gentleness of kindness

and the boundless depths of love may your journey be adorned with opportunities to learn to cherish and to

mature through this Voyage may you unearth your truest self summoning the

strength to conquer challenges and the wisdom to navigate life storms these aspirations I hold for you

so that your life may illuminate the path for others leading them towards kindness and nurturing love within their

hearts in your Pursuit I know you will encounter trials and

tribulations moments when the burdens seem heavy and the storms Relentless yet

uh I assure you every effort exerted every tear

shed serves a purpose each hardship will sculpt and fortify you molding you into a being of

Greater strength resilience and wisdom trust in me dear child hold fast to

these words do not recoil From the Path set before you be courageous fear not the shadow of

failure for within it lies the seed of growth the courage to rise again and the

determination to forge ahead with greater insight and resolve know that as you Traverse this

world I am ever by your side through every joy and sorrow doubt and Clarity I

am there infolding you in my unending love and unwavering support therefore my beloved Son my

beloved daughter rest assured in the steadfastness of my presence even as

storms rage and winds howl I am with you instilling courage in your heart and

imparting peace amidst the chaos Forge onward my beloved child towards the

destiny I have woven for you to that sacred place where your deepest dreams and aspirations shall find

fruition let not the Thorns along your path deter you proceed with a determination as Resolute as the

steadfast Oak with a passion as fiery as the Dawn remember K the mountains you

face will stand as monuments to your bravery and serve as beacons to those who falter in faith today I grant you

the strength vitality and authority to conquer every trial obstacle or

impediment I bestow upon you the discernment to navigate your journey with Clarity and the wisdom to make

choices that are just and true May each barrier become a crucible for growth and

Enlightenment may your spirit Ascend Beyond every Summit in every trial

discovering an opportunity to soar to new heights in retrospect may you view the challenges

you’ve conquered as milestones in your personal Evolution today I Infuse you

with the courage to advance reminding you of the plethora of talents gifts and

abilities nestled within your being I have equipped you with all necessary tools so that through unwavering Faith

you can manifest your deepest desires if you feel your resolve waning

let these words serve as a bomb for your spirit you are my cherished son my beloved daughter adorned with boundless

potential and a heart overflowing with love your path is unique and within you

resides the resilience to overcome obstacles emerging even more resilient

do not relent for amidst life’s trials my grace awaits you a Wellspring of

boundless favor do not pause Forge ahead with the understanding that your purpose

is profound and singular Your Existence an invaluable treasure and I am forever

here to uplift you recall that in every gentle breeze in every Sunbeam that

caresses your skin and with each rhythmic beat of your heart I am intimately near ready to guide

nurture and shower blessings upon every facet of your existence it is my Ardent desire to fill

your days with joy Serenity and Abundant Blessings my

beloved child today I speak to you directly my words resonating with love

and longing may my voice transcend time reaching deep into your soul I beseech

you do not Overlook my message heed my voice and embrace the essence of Faith

and Hope it imparts this message carries the power to heal to bestow

peace and to revive your weary Soul know that I have always been by

your side walking alongside you through moments of elation and sorrow victories

and trials I have witnessed every step you’ve taken cognizant of the burdens

you carry each day I have never been indifferent to the intricacies of your life

my child type – in the comment box despite the adversities you

encounter my deepest desire has always been for your utmost well-being even in

moments when you turned away from me understand that my intentions for you remain eternally benevolent and

Flawless thus I now seek your consent to delve deeper into your life do not resist my

presence but rather permit me to enter the innermost sanctu U Aries of your heart my aim is to transfigure you into

a soul brimming with contentment joy and Abundant Blessings allow me to be your

Sanctuary a place of Solace amidst life’s tumultuous currents regardless of the duration of

your absence or the instances of doubt that clouded your perception of my existence know that my love for you has

never faltered I stand here waiting patiently softly tapping at the door of

your heart I beseech you to unlatch it and welcome me into your life you are

aware that my utmost desire is to be your steadfast companion guiding you through the darkest valleys and serving

as your Wellspring of joy and happiness I yearn to pour forth endless streams of Love Serenity and

fulfillment my heart longs to mend the wounds of your soul and soothe the ache in your spirit but it is imperative that

you open your heart to me cease chasing the fleeting pleasures of this world

cease overlooking my presence and delay no longer in Drawing Near to me grant me

the opportunity to dwell within your heart so that you may taste the fullness of my love and grace In My Embrace your life will be

transfigured your deepest hurts healed and you will find Solace amidst life’s

tempests my beloved child you need not bear the burden of your worries

alone draw nearer to me and moments of overwhelm and entrust your burdens to my

care when confronted with difficult decisions seek my counsel I am perpetually present to

hearken to your cries from the break of dawn to the hush of Nightfall and even in the Stillness of The Darkest Hour

regardless of the magnitude of your missteps I am ever ready to heed your prayers my forgiveness boundless and

readily available to you remember you are cherished and deeply loved do not

allow guilt or remorse to estrange you or erect barriers between us never forget my Mercy Knows No Limits and my

grace stands ever open to embrace you in my love you will discover peace

Solace and Redemption therefore to my child my precious son I implore you to

pause and reflect deeply in this moment do not fear opening your heart to me what lies ahead is for your growth not

your home arm I comprehend life’s complexities and the daunting challenges you face but always remember I stand

steadfastly by your side I will never let you falter or release your hand in times of trial I’ll lead you towards

Joy celebration and abundance simply grant me a chance in

your life let me be intertwined with every facet of your existence my child

do not turn away do not dismiss my words my daughter refrain from seeking

fulfillment in transient Pleasures for they will only yield more sorrow

now open your heart to me and let my grace permeate filling you with peace

and joy in me you’ll find a love that surpasses all understanding never to

forsake you please will open your heart now Oar

let me in let me be your constant companion your refuge and your strength in times

of weakness do not hesitate and do not let fear bind you to past

mistakes it matters not how far you’ve wandered or how often you’ve stumbled I’m here extending my hand of Love

waiting for you to join me on this journey of Faith Love and Hope take my

hand beloved child walk with me at my daughter it will be the most rewarding

decision you you make you’ll bask in the Abundant Blessings of my love and grace come close my child my beloved daughter

do not lose heart everything will be well turn your gaze not to the Past

listen to my voice tenderly speaking to your heart telling you of my profound love henceforth I shall dwell within you

to love you forgive you and lead you to Prosperity know that from your very

Inception I have bestowed upon you unique talents a distinctive character

and a heart brimming with generosity these gifts are meant for you to offer your best and illuminate the

world with your light in moments of uncertainty when you find yourself a

drift in struggling to trust in my plans for you remember that the challenges you

face no matter how formidable are within your capacity to

overcome I assure you I will never forsake you I am ever by your side ready

to offer guidance whenever you seek my counsel my child my daughter it is my

constant Endeavor to seek what is best for you to enrich your life and ensure the growth of your journey therefore

today I unveil a special blessing I have prepared for you a blessing that resonates with the deepest desires of

your heart it is a testament to my enduring love for you but first you must

place your trust in me have faith in my plans for I am tirelessly working for

your benefit ready to provide you with all that you need do not succumb to

fear doubt or worry for they will only lead you astray From the Path I have

ordained for you keep your heart and mind open to my guidance as I am about

to shower blessings upon your endeavors this marks only the beginning of your success in your business work or

venture be patient and trust that everything will unfold in Divine timing embrace my teachings heed my

directives and listen to my voice resonating within your heart set aside

time each day for prayer for immersing yourself in my word and for seeking my

presence in your life ask for wisdom guidance and discernment and I will

bestow them upon you abundantly I Empower you to walk with integrity and righteousness

[Music] above all open your heart to my promises let my presence dispel your fears and

uncertainties allow me to fill your soul with joy and contentment trust in me

align with my will act with faith and gratitude and you will embark on the

Blessed path to receive the abundance I have destined for you my cherished child the blessing i

impart upon you is a precious gift intended to Aid you in fulfilling your life’s purpose

as it comes into your possession do not hoard it selfishly but share it

generously with those in need be generous in your giving to those less fortunate imparting it with a spirit of

kindness and nobility so that you may radiate as a beacon of my love and blessings in this

world prepare yourself for soon you will witness the fruits of your labor the

manifestation of the seeds you have sown the fruition of your unwavering perseverance

this will Mark a time when your worries fade away the commencement of a period brimming with success and continuous

achievements your burdens will be lifted trust in my word for all that I

speak to you today will come to fruition I urge you not to dwell on anxieties or be consumed by thoughts of

the future even Faith as small as a mustard seed has the power to move mountains and with such Faith all that

you aspire to can be attained ained rest assured that every word I have spoken to you will be fulfilled

your blessing is on the verge of manifestation ready to pour over you like the first rains of the

Season continue to hold on to your faith you will witness the fruits of your labor both in your own life and in the

lives of those around you Grace and blessings will overflow filling you with

joy and contentment live each day as it unfolds and do not lose hope for your

significant blessing is Drawing Near embrace it with faith remain steadfast

and courageous remember my beloved The Best Is Yet To

Come keep your heart open and receptive trust that everything will unfold in

Divine timing I bless you with my love and peace rest assured that I will always be with you guiding and

supporting you every step of the way I will watch over you I will forever be

your unwavering Pillar of Strength simply place your trust in me wholeheartedly and entrust all your

concerns into my hands in me lack and scarcity will not

trouble you for I will fulfill your dreams and desires I will improve your

financial situation and strengthen the bonds within your family believe in my words to you today

for I am not one to make hollow Promises of happiness I am your father who has loved

you since the beginning of time I invite you to open your heart wide to my love to embrace the grace and favor I

pour out upon your journey this is the moment to trust wholeheartedly with your mind heart and

soul let go of those emotions that bring you pain and Lead You astray release the

anxieties that hinder your life and stir internal turmoil despite the hurt you’ve endured know that in me your suffering

Finds Its end my love for you runs deep even when it may seem

unfathomable you are a treasure bought with the precious currency of my blood understand that my desire is to

lead you toward the destiny I have intricately planned for you a journey adorned with favor and blessings where

all shall be well await with confidence my response to your prayers for the

gates of my heavenly kingdom are ever open to you approach me boldly with unwavering confidence and Trust for I do

not forsake those who place their faith in me when the enemy seeks to undermine your faith and confidence stand firm pay

no heed to its deceitful Whispers or entertain its false accusations do not succumb to fear or

dismay instead be Resolute and courageous for I will lavish you with abundance and

mercy know that my grace and power are Forever by your side I walk with you turning your trials

into triumphs your Sorrows into Joy and your tears into Smiles I adore you my

child I will continually watch over you my daughter remember even in this moment

you are in my thoughts entrust everything to me I will ensure your journey is marked by well-being

prosperity and boundless Joy you have called out to me in prayer and I have

heard your plea therefore B today I will visit yourwell in and alter your

destiny I am acquainted with your struggles and your need for my intervention prepare yourself for I am

coming to you as your Mighty God the doer of Wonders today t i impart upon

you the strength and resilience required to conquer the trials that beset you fear not I comprehend your plight but

now is the time to acknowledge your dependence on me I perceive that you and your family are traversing a vast desert

where Solitude Withers hope and the rugged path Sears I understand the challenge of

pressing onward and maintaining belief that amidst this trial my hand is there to support you remember the key to

unlocking Miracles has always been and will always be your faith therefore I

declare to you today what you are enduring is a process of refinement just as gold is purified and gleams brightly

through fire so shall you emerge radiant and purified of lingering negativity

now is the time to release anger vanity fear da and a lack of faith do not dwell

on the past for nothing there can compare to the joy and blessings I am prepared to bestow upon you my child do

not be troubled by the challenges that lie ahead nor yield to impatience in this time of trial You are

not alone for I Am with You shielding you from those who seek to harm and

hinder you I urge you not to fret over material losses or mourn them instead

focus on what truly matters love me fervently seek me with unwavering

determination remember I am your God your provider with a treasury of

Miracles awaiting you my mighty hand is extended to you eager to provide you

with what you truly need allow me to fill you with genuine blessings and swing wide the gates of

opportunity let me AB abundantly shower you with my favor know that I can turn

negative situations to your advantage therefore do not lose heart for behind

every problem and obstacle I am preparing a wealth of blessings and prosperity for you prepare yourself to

receive and prudently manage what I bestow upon you my child seek me

earnestly cherish my words and persist in prayer the Miracles I have in store

for you are Limitless focus on what matters most persevere and stand firm in this journey

of faith and if you do I promise to enrich you showering you with blessings

and miraculous wonders more precious than gold I love you amen my child

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