God Says Today: Engage With Me Dear Child |

my cherished child behold the

indisputable Testament of the love you

seek this moment is a calling a Divine

invitation as I reach out to you with a

message that will resonate deep within

your soul hear these words a testament

of My unceasing Affection delivered in a

manner beyond the ordinary touching the

supernatural grant me but a few precious

moments and allow your heart to embrace

the message that unfolds before you each

day my voice seeks you offering words

that tire not that bring light to Your


Hours in the midst of

turmoil find Refuge In My Embrace where

peace surpasses

understanding learn from me for my heart

is gentle and lowly and in this truth

find Solace for your weary soul my words

are clear a beacon in the night yet it

remains your sacred choice to heed their

call Step Closer engage with me daily

unburdened by

excuses and witness the burgeoning of my

strength and presence within

you yes I know the secrets of your

heart the unspoken thoughts that stir

within despite your imperfections and

errors it is your love and faithfulness

that Captivate and amaze me my love is a

cloak for your

transgressions My Sacrifice a cleansing

River for your iniquities

embrace the power of my resurrection the

key to a profound and Supernatural

change in your life hesitate no longer

the path to transformation is before you

in my

presence acknowledge your

shortcomings seek

forgiveness and trust in my promise to

forget your sins never to unearth them

as relics of the past to haunt you I

speak the

truth and what I’m telling you is sealed

with my own blood your forgiveness is

definitive and eternal you are no longer

chained by guilt nor are you bound to

the abyss of your sins you are free

recognize it accept it live it believe

it do not dwell on your past sins and do

not punish yourself the consequences of

your mistakes are also in my

hands I desire only your innocent and

simple Faith you have nothing to pretend

I am not asking for perfection I only

seek your commitment to nourish yourself

with my words come to listen to these

messages and share the blessings of my

promises with your family and friends I

wish to bless you abundantly but I also

command you not to be swayed by the

opinions of others live the life I have

given you do not chain yourself to the

expectations of

others if you please me with your faith

and loyalty you do not need to seek

approval from

others live an honest life in

righteousness and humility treat

everyone with kindness and Justice and

do not let others words affect

you your heart is pure in my sight my

Holy Spirit shall deal with the envious

who criticize you how many times must I

tell you no one dictates your destiny no

human possesses the power to curse you

or send punishment your way leave those

who follow their misled Paths of

ignorance and imagination while they

waste their time believing in sorcery

and spells focus on my word kneel in

prayer and I shall send my heavenly

armies to confront your spiritual

enemies nothing and no one can harm you

if you remain in my word and my love do

not show fear in the face of challenges

that come your way do not let your

enemies see you disheartened and weeping

for they will seize the opportunity to

undermine your situation they will

gather like wolves to devour your

purpose and shatter your heart this

Supernatural proof of love that you have

requested I’m granting it to you now now

as your eyes read these words prepare

your ears for you shall receive love and

experience tenderness like never before

I will lift the weight from your chest

and bring relief to your spirit can you

already feel it keep listening to this

message I have spoken to you about the

blessings I have prepared for you sit in

silence and Grant me some time hear this

message word by word for the strength

you are receiving is so immense that

right where you are you will feel your

burdens lifted your body will be healed

of all ailments your mind liberated from

anxiety and your character transformed

your anger and frustration will

dissipate and from this day forward the

tone of your voice shall carry the

sweetness bestowed upon you by my Holy

Spirit now with all your heart affirm

that you receive and believe this word I

have lovingly sent to you you surprise

me I instructed you to be strong

yet you have striven and chosen to fight

with all your might you have done even

more than I asked of you you are an

Exemplar of loyalty and

Fidelity I am delighted to see that all

the seeds I have sown within you have

sprouted grown and borne such beautiful

fruits this is why brighter and newer

times are approaching you are reaching

beyond your aspirations and

dreams you shall not cease until you

conquer the land where blessings and

happiness abound I understand understand

that sometimes your perspective shifts

feelings of envy and rejection can creep

in especially from those who claim to

care for you instead of acknowledging

your strengths they relentlessly attempt

to bring you down revisiting past

memories with the intent to wound and

break your spirit today as you hear

these words make a conscious choice just

as you have shown faith and resilience


adversity Embrace a mindset of victory

refuse to let anyone undermine your

efforts to do good don’t give them the

power to manipulate your feelings rely

solely on my word and let my promises be

your guide remember you are mine and I

will wrap you in my love standing

against any adversary that tries to

infiltrate your thoughts challenge your

faith or seow seeds of Doubt dismiss

those troubling thoughts that arise

amidst problems when conflicts

Mount decisions

overwhelm and your spirit feels

heavy seek refuge in my presence here

you will find comfort and hope the

magnitude of your issues cannot lessen

my protective love know that these

trials are not of my doing I assure you

that you will rise from this place aided

by my powerful hand I never intended for

your suffering to exceed your strength

from these challenges

I will liberate you lifting your

burdens I do not wish for you to dwell

in solitude and grief your future so

bright incites Envy in your foes who

seek to rob you of your

blessings in this battle the choice is

yours your faith is a sword cutting


barriers if you yield to negative

thoughts and emotions from your

adversaries you will stumble however you

will Triumph if you let my Holy Spirit

reign in your life life and

heart I have played my part salvation is

yours a legacy of Victory and blessings

awaits but you must continue with


resolve I come to remind you as you

stand on the brink of a spiritual realm

where Miracles become your daily reality

do not Retreat the progress you’ve made

is significant do not let the tears and

sacrifices you’ve endured be in vain it

doesn’t matter if your efforts go

unrecognized by your family focus on

your goal your faith and resolve are

stronger than steal press on and be bold

many have forsaken their path and ruined

their fate but you are destined for a

different future my presence surrounds

you my spirit Reigns in your home

blessings innumerable Prosperity

immeasurable await you you shall stand

as a testimony to my grace dwell in the

sanctuary of my love fear not the

whispering voices that seek to hinder

your progress strive for nothing but

Excellence for your purpose is exalted

and divine you are a living testimony of

my glory an instrument of my love and

your life radiates the Brilliance of my

promises as you continue your journey

you will encounter hardships the storms

of life will assail you but take heart

for you are my beloved your name is

inscribed on the palms of my hands and I

will never forsake you when you feel

weary let my strength carry you when

darkness surrounds you let my light

guide you let the world Marvel at the

transformation in your life a testament

to my Redemptive power do not be swayed

by the opinions of others your worth is

not determined by human validation your

identity is rooted in my love and you

are fearfully and wonderfully made as

you navigate the challenges ahead

remember the power of Prayer commune

with me in the Quiet Moments of your

heart and I will answer seek wisdom in

my word for it is a lamp to your feet

and a light to your path trust in my

guidance and I will direct your steps I

see the desires of your heart the dreams

that have taken root within you do not

be discouraged by delays or detours I am

orchestrating the details of your life

aligning them with my perfect plan your

time will come and when it does the

Fulfillment will surpass your

expectations my love for you knows no

bounds it is a love that conquers fear

dispels doubt and brings healing to the


wounds receive this love embrace it and

let it transform you from the inside out

You Are Not Alone on this journey I am

with you every step of the way as you

navigate the complexities of Life

remember that I am your anchor in the

storm when the Winds of adversity blow

cling to the hope that I provide I am

the Alpha and the Omega the beginning

and the end in me you find purpose in me

you find strength and in me you find

Everlasting Love do not be discouraged

by the challenges that come your

way they are but Stepping Stones on the

path to your destiny I have equipped you

with resilience and

fortitude you are more than a conqueror

through me and nothing can separate you

from my love embrace the journey with

courage and Faith your story is still

unfolding and the chapters yet to be

written hold Promises of Joy growth and

fulfillment trust in my timing for it is

perfect your life is a masterpiece in

the making and I am the master

artist take a moment to ref reflect on

the beauty of your existence you are

fearfully and wonderfully made crafted

in my

image your uniqueness is

intentional and your purpose is

significant do not diminish your worth

based on the standards of the world you

are valued beyond measure in my eyes as

you face the uncertainties of the future

remember that I hold the key to all your

tomorrows trust in my sovereign plan for

it is filled with goodness and Hope even

in the midst of challenges I am working

all things together for your good your

life is a tapestry woven with threads of

Grace and each thread tells a story of

my love and faithfulness in moments of

Doubt lift your eyes to the heavens and

be reminded of my unfailing love I am

the creator of the

universe and yet I know the number of

hairs on your head you are intricately

known and deeply loved place your trust

in me for I am your refuge and strength

an everpresent help in times of trouble

when the world seems chaotic find solace

in my presence I am the prince of peace

and my peace surpasses all understanding

in me you can find rest for your soul

cast your anxieties upon me and let my

peace guard your heart and

mind as you journey through life do not

be anxious about tomorrow tomorrow I

hold time in my hands and I am already

present in your future trust in my

wisdom for it far surpasses human

understanding I see the bigger picture

and I am orchestrating events for your

good in moments of weakness lean on my

strength I am your

Fortress a refuge in times of

trouble your battles are not yours alone

I am fighting on your behalf stand firm

in faith and you will see the

Deliverance I bring I am the god of

Miracles and nothing is too difficult


me as you navigate the complexities of

relationships remember the importance of

love and forgiveness in My Kingdom love

is the highest calling forgive as you

have been

forgiven and let love be the driving

force in your interactions with others

in this you reflect the essence of my

character do not be quick to judge or

Harbor resentment instead extend Grace

and compassion to those around you in

doing so you emulate my love which knows

no bounds by loving others you become a

beacon of light in a world that often

struggles in

darkness as you face the challenges of

daily life hold fast to the principles

of integrity and

righteousness let your actions be guided

by truth and let your words be seasoned

with Grace in doing so you reflect the

character of the one who is the

embodiment of Truth and

Grace remember that true greatness is

found in humility and service the world

may exalt those who seek power and

prominence but in my kingdom the

greatest are those who serve others

selflessly follow the example I set

before you and let your life be marked

by a humble and servant-hearted

attitude in moments of uncertainty turn

to me for

guidance I am the way the

truth and the life seek my wisdom and I

will direct your steps trust in my plan

for it is

perfect your journey may have twists and

turns but I am with you every step of

the way as you encounter the diversity

of human

experiences remember that each person is

a unique creation fearfully and


made embrace the difference that make

each individual

special in

diversity you catch a glimpse of my

creativity and infinite wisdom extend

kindness and compassion to those who may

be different from you in doing so you

mirror my love which Knows No Boundaries

let your interactions be marked by grace

and understanding through unity and

diversity you contribute to the beauty

of my design for Humanity in times of

Joy Express gratitude and and share your

blessings with others let your heart

overflow with Thanksgiving for the

goodness I have bestowed upon you in

times of Sorrow find comfort in the

assurance that I am the god of all

comfort ready to embrace you with arms


compassion your journey through life is

a tapestry woven with threads of joy and

sorrow triumphs and

challenges in every

season I am present rejoice in the

moments of

Celebration and lean on me in times of

hardship I am your anchor your

refuge and your constant source of

strength in moments of solitude seek my

presence I am always near ready to

commune with you let our conversations

be a source of guidance comfort and

inspiration as you spend time in prayer

and reflection you will discover the

depth of our

connection in the quiet moments of your

heart you will hear The Whispers of my

love guiding you with gentle nudges and


insights cultivate a habit of seeking me

in the Stillness for it is in these

moments that your spirit aligns with the

rhythm of my eternal presence your

journey is a pilgrimage of Faith a

sacred sojourn where each step is a

Dance with Destiny embrace the unknown

with trust for I am the orchestrator of

your path even when the road seems UNC

certain I am the unchanging

constant leading you with a purpose and

a plan as you face the complexities of

decision-making let wisdom be your

companion seek me in

prayer and let the light of my word

illuminate your

choices trust that I Am The Giver of

discernment and I will guide you along

the paths of

righteousness your decisions are not

made in isolation I am intricately

involved in the details of your life

in moments of Celebration give thanks

with a grateful

heart acknowledge that every good and

perfect gift comes from above let Joy be

a Melody that resonates in your soul and

share the Overflow of your blessings

with those around you in the act of

gratitude you open the floodgates for

even greater

abundance When Trials come and the

shadows of adversity Loom large remember

that you are not

alone I am your ever present help in

times of trouble cling to the Anchor of

Hope for the storm may rage but I am the

calm in the midst of chaos your faith a

shield that extinguishes the fiery

arrows of

Doubt forgiveness a a bomb for wounded

heart is a Cornerstone of my teachings

extend Grace to those who may have

wronged you just as I have forgiven you

in the act of forgiveness you release

the chains that bind your spirit and

experience the freedom of my Redemptive

love love as you encounter moments of

Despair hold on to the promises woven

into the fabric of my

word I am the god of all comfort and my

promises are steadfast let the Assurance

of my love be an anchor for your soul

grounding you in the unshakable truth of

my enduring faithfulness your

relationships are sacred threads in the

tapestry of your life nourish them with

love understanding and patience

be quick to

listen slow to speak and abounding in

compassion in the EB and flow of human

connections let the light of my love

shine brightly through you as you

navigate the currents of

change be resilient and

adaptable my plans for you are filled

with hope and I am working all things

together for your good embrace the

opportunities for growth and trust that

the seeds you plant today will bear

fruit in in due

season remember that your worth is not

determined by worldly standards you are

fearfully and wonderfully made a

masterpiece of my

creation let your identity be rooted in

the truth that you are my beloved child

cherished beyond measure the opinions of

others fade in comparison to the

affirmation of my unconditional love in

moments of weariness Rest In My Embrace

I am the sustainer of weary souls and my

yoke is easy my burden light do not be

anxious about the challenges that lie

ahead for I am with you draw strength

from the Wellspring of my grace and find

Renewed Energy to continue the

journey as you reflect on these words

let them resonate in the chambers of

your heart you are a vessel of Divine

Purpose intricately designed for a


Journey let the Symphony of my love

guide your steps and may your life be a

harmonious Melody echoing the beauty of

my eternal Grace in The Sacred dance of

existence may you find joy in every step

solace in every pause and purpose in


turn trust in the rhythm of my perfect

timing and know that each moment is a

Divine note composing the Masterpiece of


life continue to seek me in the ordinary

moments and you will discover the

extraordinary Grace woven into the

fabric of your

everyday your life is a testimony to my

goodness a Living testament to the

transformative power of my love embrace


journey dear one for you are held in the

Embrace of an everlasting love that

knows no

bounds I trust that this message has

served as a source of inspiration for

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