God Says Today 🙏🙏 | Jesus; I Am Begging Your 1 Minutes Today

God is saying to you today

my dear child I am here with you and I

have heard your prayer for mental

Clarity and focus I understand how

important it is for you to have a clear

mind and be able to focus on the tasks

at hand

I want you to know that I am always here

to guide you and help you I want you to

take a deep breath and relax close your

eyes and imagine a peaceful place where

you feel safe and happy

visualize yourself surrounded by my love

and protection know that you are never

alone and that I am always with you

watching over you and guiding you

as you open your eyes I want you to

remember that your mind is a powerful

tool you have the ability to control

your thoughts and emotions

whenever you feel overwhelmed or

distracted take a moment to pause and

refocus your mind

take deep breaths and try to clear your

mind of any distractions

remember that it is important to take

care of your body as well

to healthy foods exercise regularly and

get enough rest

your physical health is connected to

your mental health and taking care of

both will help you stay focused and


lastly know that I am always here for


whenever you feel lost or unsure come to

me in prayer

I will listen to your worries and guide

you towards the path of clarity and


trust in my love and let it guide you

towards a peaceful mind I love you

always my child

man if you believe God says be strong

and courageous I am your God I created

the world in six days and rested on the

seventh Trust

I have the power to strengthen you and

to help you conquer all your problems

don’t you know that you yourselves are

God’s Temple and that God’s spirit

dwells in your midst Corinthians .

be careful however that the exercise of

your rights does not to come a stumbling

block to the weak Corinthian

God says type yes if you praise my name

remember to Lean on Me in times of need

to hand trust that I will provide you

with the mental Clarity and focus that

you seek

have faith in my power and know that I

am always here for you ready to guide

you towards a peaceful and focused mind

so my dear child take a deep breath and

Trust in my love

I am always with you watching over you

and guiding you towards a clear and

focused mind you are not alone and to

Getty we can overcome any obstacle that

comes your way I love you always God

type yes Jesus Is Our Lord

God is saying I am not angry at you I

know that you may have made mistakes and

wrong choices in your life

but please know that I love you

unconditionally I am here for you always

to guide and support you

let go of your guilt and shamed and know

that I am with you every step of the way

trust in my love and mercy and have

faith that everything will work out in

the end type amen if you believe in God

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