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God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video because it is a message from God’s

heart to bless your life today before we

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manifestation offer in the world God

said my dear son I will richly bless you

so that each day of this month is full

of energy and free from the clutches of

fear stand firm leaving behind behind

any signs of discouragement with each

new morning let your soul be nourished

by the words I Proclaim embrace my

promises firmly allowing a bright smile

to light your path as you confidently

await the wealth of blessings to come in

the path of the Cross Your victory was

sealed by my resurrection your enemies

were ashamed and overcome you were freed

from the Dominion of death I have gifted

you with my spirit to guide your

emotions and empower you to cast aside

all sadness you are not destined to walk

a path of failure to feel inferior or to

see others as Superior to you my desire

is for you not to live anticipating

constant stumbling where your dreams

wither your spirit is weary and your

goals lie buried in a tomb of Despair my

dear child I am the essence of your

existence your faith is already strong

enough to rise above every challenge

invite in you to embrace a life full of

Happiness yes you may face trials and

tribulations but my spirit within you is

powerful enough to break down every

barrier and shatter every shackle if you

choose to fully trust in me a horizon of

blessings awaits you if you choose to

trust me fully however if you settle for

mere fragments from those envious of

your potential if you allow yourself to

be dominated by those who belittle and

hurt you if you persist in accepting

their lies then you will be trapped in a

realm of sadness and despair this is not

the existence or the future I Envision

for you listen to my voice until the end

these words must be passed on embrace

the power of my promises for they are

vibrant and full of life immerse

yourself in your Bible and let its

truths illuminate your understanding

driving away all Darkness purifying

every every corner of your being and

casting a radiant light on your path

ahead infused with strength and love my

plans for you are full of kindness not

harm or distress I long for your

well-being in all areas echoing the

prosperity of your spirit be brave

affirm your love for me now saying it

with true conviction and receive the

blessing that is unfolding and will soon

be visible my child trust in me your

victory is on the way and nothing can

thwart my purpose let go of your worries

knowing that you are loved and protected

by the architect of the universe feel

the Embrace of my love accept the Vigor

Serenity and insight I grant you today

the trials that oppress you will soon

vanish leaving no trace of Misfortune

disappointments mockery humiliations

disputes or conflicts always cling to my

guidance ignoring The Whispers of

negativity within you rejecting feelings

of Despair sadness discouragement or

defeatism your tears will cease and your

smile will bloom once more for I declare

it so rise high and all will see in you

the evidence of my love and benevolence

I call upon you to have the courage to

stand up and show the world my reality

the truth of my word and the vastness of

my grace which is is so powerful that it

can change any heart your sadness will

be replaced by Joy I will heal your

emotional wounds and fill you with the

necessary peace to continue firmly

approach me daily do not be deceived by

the idea that you can Stray From My

Embrace even if you wander to the most

remote Corners my spirit will gently

seek you out guiding you softly back

home so enjoy my blessing in this moment

and Let The Healing in power touch you I

long to fill you with immense joy

instilling in you new reasons to

appreciate life my strength resides

within you your words are potent seeds

that nurtured by your faith and trust

will blossom into mighty trees Laden

with the wonderful fruits of my infinite

blessings over time your path in this

world is illuminated by the glow I have

bestowed upon you since your birth face

your daily tasks with vigor if your

energy wains I am by your side ready to

sustain you in your time of need do not

hesitate to request good things from me

for I have repeatedly promised to bless

you though the journey is challenging

and the unfolding events may seem

intimidating with the power of my word

and the comfort of my love I will cradle

you in my arms soothing your soul the

Sorrows of yesterday the betrayals and

the abandonments you felt alone and miss

misunderstood by those you trusted in

your loneliest moments I Am with You

intimately aware of your struggle ready

to turn your trials into triumphs I see

your sadness and feel it deeply but I

have come with a message your cries and

Sorrows have ascended to the Heavens to

my sacred Throne the place where your

destiny is shaped where all evil finds

healing where your problems are

addressed and where I provide solace in

your trials now is the time for the

Gates of Heaven to swing wide bestowing

immense blessings upon you allowing you

to experience My Serenity even in

quietness regardless of the struggles

you face or the people who may leave the

most crucial truth is my presence with

you offering comfort and support to your

spirit release your uncertainties

embrace my affection and March forward

with unwavering determination your pace

matters less than your persistence in

faith the goal is not to hurry but to

persevere and Triumph I am by your side

watching over you protecting your loved

ones and enriching your understanding

maintain your hopeful and joyful

expectation savoring the splendid day I

have prepared for you remember I am your

almighty God I will not fail you I have

promised to flood you with blessings why

waver in faith when challenges AR rise

my love for you is constant my blessings


inexhaustible why should anxiety or fear

displace your peace disregard the

world’s falsehoods embrace the reality

of my presence with you before you

depart let us make a pact leave your

burdens with me I will touch and calm

your heart with love God hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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