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said my dear child from the moment I

breathed life into your being I knew you

completely every detail of your

existence was planned with love and

purpose through the redeeming work of my

beloved Son Jesus Christ

I have adopted you as my own child and

heir to all Heavenly

blessings however your journey on Earth

is not without

challenges the enemy cunning as he is

constantly seeks to divert you from the

path of fulfillment and realization I

have prepared for you since before the

foundation of the world my word is the

lamp that illuminates your steps and the

shield that protects you in spiritual

battles in Ephesians

it is revealed that your struggle

is not against flesh and blood but

against the spiritual forces of evil in

this time I am calling you to a

spiritual battle to reclaim everything

the enemy has tried to steal or destroy

in your life in recent years I am

Awakening A Spiritual fervor in your

heart so that you may wage this battle

in the Heavenly Realms through prayer

worship and proclamation of my word it

is time to redeem the lost time and

claim your inheritance as my beloved

child to receive the blessings I have

prepared for you you must position

yourself in faith and trust I invite you

to come to me with a broken and contrite

heart laying your concerns and burdens

upon me as my son Jesus said in Matthew

– come to me all who are weary and

burdened and I will give you rest take

my yoke upon you and learn from me for I

am gentle and humble in heart and you

will find rest for your souls for my

yoke is easy and my burden is light

therefore my beloved child allow me to

renew your strength and restore your

soul by casting your anxieties upon me

you will find true rest and inner peace

trust in my faithfulness and the

promises I have made to you I am always

by your side guiding you in Triumph and

granting you victory over every Power of

the enemy receive my grace and my

abundant provision for all I have is

yours stand firm in faith for the

blessings I have prepared for you are

immeasurable and beyond anything you can

imagine always remember that I love you

with an everlasting love and I am

working all things together for your

good abide in me and I will lead you in

Triumph in every area of your life amen

in a world often marked by uncertainty

and adversities God’s message to his

children is an endless source of hope he

reveals himself as a loving father whose

care transcends any difficulty we may

face his word is a beacon of light that

guides our steps in darkness a promise

of comfort amidst life storms looking to

the holy scriptures we find a multitude

of passages echoing this Divine love and

concern such as John

where Jesus assures us that

despite the tribulations of the world we

can have peace in him the spiritual

journey is often a solitary walk marked

by moments of discouragement and despair

yet it it is in these Darkest Hours that

God’s presence becomes most tangible he

is our safe Refuge the unshakeable Rock

upon which we can rely as we turn to him

in prayer and worship we find renewed

strength to face life’s

challenges as written in Isaiah

those who wait on the Lord renew

their strength rising up like Eagles

running and not growing weary walking

and not fainting furthermore God calls

us to an intimate and personal

relationship with him he longs to shape

and Empower us to fulfill the purpose

for which we were created in His

Infinite Wisdom he leads us on the path

of transformation strengthening our

faith and developing our character like

a loving father he instructs corrects

and guides us always with love and mercy

his desire is for us to grow in intimacy

with him knowing him more deeply and

experiencing his presence tangibly in

our lives ultimately God sends us to

fulfill his work in this world he equips

us with unique gifts and talents not

only for our own benefit but also to

bless others and expand his kingdom we

are called to be light and salt on the

earth reflecting his love and grace in

all that we do

he encourages us to live with courage

and confidence knowing that he is with

us every step of the way as we surrender

to his will and submit to his Direction

he leads us in Triumph and empowers us

to make a lasting difference in the

world around us God’s message to his

children is an expression of love care

and purpose he invites us to trust him

in the midst of Life storms to pursue an

intimate relationship with him and to

live boldly and Faithfully in his call

for our lives when we surrender to him

and follow his ways we find peace joy

and true fulfillment may we always

remember God’s unconditional love for us

and live in response to this

transformative truth in addition to

providing for our material needs God

also deeply cares about our spiritual

and emotional Journey Journey he invites

us to deeper intimacy where we can find

renewal strength and direction just as

he calls his children to the Mountaintop

of intimacy he invites us to shed the

weights and sins that hinder us from

experiencing his fullness by fixing our

eyes on Jesus our Ultimate Prize we

allow his fire to ignite a new passion

within our innermost being in his

presence we find find identity

validation and fulfillment that cannot

be found in any other source as we

submit to the transformative work of the

Holy Spirit In Our Lives we are renewed

and transformed into greater likeness of

Christ God invites us to stop seeking

satisfaction and meaning in fleeting

things and to fully surrender to him as

we surrender and obey his voice

radically he will lead us into the

abundant and fullness he desires for us

as his beloved children his Joy is to

give us his kingdom and all the good

things he has reserved for us therefore

as we draw near to him with faith and

obedience we can trust that he will

supply each of our needs and guide us

toward the Abundant Life he planned for

us from the beginning God like a lion

that goes before us to Devour the enemy

leads us with his mighty presence and

protection he teaches us to fix our eyes

on the Unseen things the Eternal

promises he offers us rather than

dwelling on the storms surrounding us

finding joy in the midst of Trials may

seem paradoxical but it is through them

that we develop perseverance and

spiritual maturity by refusing to

succumb to discouragement and a victim

mentality we strengthen our courage

trusting in the victory God God has

already won for us he has broken the

power of sin and death and that same

Victory lives in US empowering us to

face life’s deserts just as the

Israelites were Guided by the angel of

the Lord through the Wilderness we too

are surrounded by Divine Care by fearing

the Lord and trusting in his goodness we

experience his protection and

deliverance God is our refuge and

strength a Shield that protects us from

all evil he grants favor and honor to

those who seek him with a sincere heart

his promise to supply all our needs

fills us with hope and confidence when

we cry out to him sincerely he answers

abundantly demonstrating his

faithfulness as a loving father the

plans God has for us are good full of

Hope and a promising future he invites

us to move forward with determination

fully trusting in his strength and

direction as we surrender to his will

New Opportunities and Horizons unfold

before us God wants us to discover our

meaning and purpose in him finding our

value and resting in his grace when we

lean on his strength he empowers us to

live for his glory advancing with

courage and Faith therefore at every

step of our journey we we can trust that

God goes before us guiding us with his

grace mercy and power he leads us toward

the Fulfillment of his perfect plans for

our lives by anchoring our souls in

God’s promises and opening ourselves to

his guidance we experience an increase

in the anointing gifts and resources he

grants us we are destined for greater

influence and impact for his glory as we

move forward with determination fully

trusting in his care and Direction with

love God I hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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