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world God said my dear son I see the

longing that fills your heart the dreams

and desires that stir your soul I know

the vision I have placed within you the

promise of something greater hovering

beyond your reach even now I am working

in your favor the gears are in motion

backstage preparing an abundance of

blessings to pour over your life the

change you have prayed for is aligning

do you not perceive it in the spirit the

atmosphere is charged with advancement

and destiny pay attention and you will

notice my footsteps in the events around

you yes a powerful outpouring is

imminent even now I awaken gifts within

you that have remained dormant for too

long gifts to inspire your community to

awaken hope in the downtrodden and to

set captives free from the clutches of

Oppression for I Has Not Seen Nor Ear

heard nor have entered into the heart of

man the things which God has prepared

for those who love him come withdraw

with me for a while to the secret place

and let us Fellowship

be still and know that I am God for I

desire truth in your inner parts wisdom

in your core not for vain Glory but for

selfless service not for the Praises of

men but for Eternal reward Broad and

unrestrained is the path of selfish

ambition and many Rush down it empty

promises of prestige but it is the

narrow gate and the difficult path that

leads to Abundant Life a life

surrendered for others reborn to lead

Hearts back to me will you then choose

the surrender that leads to exaltation

the path of humility instead of Pride if

you desire greatness in my kingdom in

the comments before your brethren write

give me your greatness Lord wash their

feet with compassion heal their wounds

with kindness carry their burdens with

love set the captives free Raise Your

Voice for the oppressed and if per

chance you stumble under the weight of

judgment repent and quickly return to

the fold where abundant grace and

tenderness await and the Open Arms of

redemption did I not teach that a

thousand may fall at your side and

, at your right hand but it shall

not come near you then why fear failure

when I am always by your side have

confidence for your mistakes do not

define you for my strength is made

perfect in weakness see every failure as

an opportunity to shine even more

brightly my

forgiveness let weakness lead you to a

deeper trust allowing insufficiency to

magnify my

sufficiency then accept my outstretched

hand ready to lift you up as Eagles from

glory to glory be anxious for nothing in

taking steps of faith believing in my

promises over fears that provoke lies

take control of your mind bringing every

wandering thought captive to my truth

entrust to me the imagined outcomes in

my capable hands exchanging uncertainty

for Faith and confidence my plans are

irrevocable and cannot be destroyed not

even by Furious storms or contrary plans

of men what I have determined I will

accomplish what I have spoken will be

fulfilled none of my promises will be in

vain but will accomplish all for which

they were sent so lift your eyes beyond

the present circumstances subject to

change look to me the same yesterday

today and forever cultivate intimacy

with Me Above All communing in my

presence night and day for without me

you can do nothing of value but in the

center of my will there is abundant

provision ineffable Joy purpose and

productivity that will remain stay close

to the Heart of Jesus take refuge under

my wing be known as one who seeks my

desires instead of selfish gain whose

purified heart flows from Whole and

undivided devotion then watch as I stir

the once turbulent Waters with promise

reversing baren to overflow and adorning

you with Beauty for my glory surely I

will cause streams to flow through

desert places while signs and wonders

testify to my faithfulness if you trust

in my faithfulness in the comments right

God is faithful no longer will you be

called forsaken but delighted desired a

city no longer deserted I will turn your

mourning into Joy ano anoint you with

the oil of gladness instead of mourning

no longer will defamation or contempt be

heard among you for I will restore

judges as in the beginning and

counselors as of old instead of Shame

you will have double joy that lasts

forever for I detest

Injustice Faithfully I will reward you

with peace and prosperity so come then

as my beloved as my beloved and joyfully

partake of these promises a banquet

table set only for you nourishment so

all may find healing in its shade then

lift your head beloved Son beloved

daughter remove the mourning of sorrow

and clothe yourself with the Glorious

Splendor worthy of royalty drink deeply

from the wells of salvation for the

humble are exalted for now you walk in

my redeeming light and the Darkness of

sin flees the long night has passed

awake awake clothe yourself with

strength now as I raise kings and queens

throughout this Kingdom it is with great

joy that I address you my beloved Son In

This Moment of communion and love let me

Express How Deeply you are loved by me

your heavenly father from the moment you

came into existence I have been

accompanying every step of yours weaving

the thread of Destiny in your life

shaping you with care and purpose

throughout your journey I have witnessed

your strength your courage and your

perseverance even in the toughest

moments you were never alone I was there

holding your invisible hand guiding your

steps and surrounding you with my

unconditional love every challenge you

faced every obstacle you overcame only

strengthened your character and

increased your faith in me I want you to

know that every tear you shed every sigh

you uttered I saw them and I know them

there is no pain you carry that I cannot

alleviate no burden that is too heavy

for me to carry by your side when you

feel tired and discouraged remember that

I am here to renew your strength and

restore your hope it is easy to get lost

in the tumult of life in the demands of

day-to-day life and in the pressures of

the world around you but even in the

midst of chaos know that you can find

peace in Me Just Close Your Eyes take a

deep breath and connect with my presence

within you I am the calm in the midst of

the storm the lighthouse that guides

your way in the darkness when you feel

lost turn to me in prayer leave your

worries fears and anxieties at my feet

for I am here to carry them for you

there is no problem you face that we

cannot solve together trust me and trust

the plan I have for your life even when

things seem uncertain remember that I am

in control of all

things sometimes it may seem like the

world is against you that circumstances

are beyond your control but know that

nothing is beyond my reach and nothing

can separate you from my love I will

surround you with my protective Shield

guard your steps and guide you with

wisdom and discernment trust me for I am

working all things for your good I want

you to remember who you are in me you

are my beloved Son my precious daughter

created in my image and likeness you

have a unique purpose and Destiny and I

am here to empower you to reach them do

not let the voices of the world Define

you let my voice be the only one you

here and follow as you continue your

journey know that I am always by your

side cheering you on celebrating your

victories and comforting you in your

defeats never doubt my love for you for

it is eternal and

unshakable even in the darkest moments

my light shines upon you illuminating

your path and showing you the way

forward with love God I hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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