GOD SAYS TODAY ???? | DO NOT SKIP ME, my child | God’s advice today

God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video because it is a message from God’s

heart to bless your life today before we

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manifestation offer in the world God

said my dear child receive the words

from my heart full of love and

compassion for you in these moments when

you face the shadows of illness know

that my presence is constant and my love

for you is eternal I understand that the

tears that fall when your body

experiences pain and the uncertainty of

Health shakes your faith I want you to

feel the certainty that even in darkness

my light shines intensely I am not

indifferent to your pains and your

healing is my promise give me your

concerns for I am capable of Performing

Miracles Beyond human understanding

healing is often a journey that requires

patience and Trust amidst suffering

understand that my grace is sufficient

for you do not judge your faith by the

immediate absence of pain but by the

steadfastness with which you trust in me

even in the dark Valley when the words

of doctors seem insufficient remember

that I am the god who performs Miracles

let me act not only in your body but

also in your mind and spirit complete

healing is a gift I desire to Grant you

and my hand is extended over you at this

moment illness is not a sign of my wrath

but a reminder of the imperfection of

this world I promise to be with you at

every step of the journey even in

difficulties if your faith is shaken ask

for my help and I will strengthen your

spirit do not let illness distance you

from me for I am the unshakable god

listen to the advice of the wise seek

the guidance of the knowledgeable but

remember that I am the ultimate answer

believe in the power of prayer in the

intercession of those who love you and

in the transformative power of my

presence even when healing seems distant

I continue to work behind the scenes in

moments of Doubt Proclaim in the

comments that your life belongs to God

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of my word and love accept my peace that

surpasses human understanding entrust

your anxieties and fears ears into my

hands for I am the god who cares for you

in all

circumstances do not let illness Define

your identity for above all you are my

beloved child my beloved daughter faith

is the key that opens the doors to

Healing do not cling to despair but

embrace the hope that emanates from me

believe in my promise of healing and

restoration even in the darkest days

know that tomorrow may bring the dawn of

a new season

replace doubt with self-confidence

negativity with positivity affirm to

yourself that you are worthy capable of

all the good things life has to offer

write in the comments with the Lord I am

deserving in facing illness you are a

warrior of light each battle fought is a

testimony of your courage and faith if

you ever feel weak remember that my

strength is perfected in your weakness

you are not just a patient you are a

Victor in my grace facing illness

remember that I am with you and nothing

can separate you from my love you are

precious in my eyes and your life has a

Divine Purpose trust in me for I Am The

God Who heals restores and loves you

unconditionally amen my beloved child my

beloved daughter I want to talk to you

about the Essence of Hope hope is not

just a word but a fun fundamental pillar

of my plan for your life it is not a

vague wish but a certainty anchored in

my fidelity and unconditional love from

the beginning I planted the seed of Hope

in you this hope propels you with each

New Dawn even when darkness seems to

persist it is not an optimistic

expectation but an unwavering trust in

my constant presence it is the anchor

that keeps your soul firm amidst the

tumultuous waves of Life hope hope does

not rely on the volatile changes of the

world but on the immutability of my

character and the plans I laid out for

you before the foundation of the world

it is not naive it is robust resilient

choosing to believe that despite

struggles I can bring Redemption and

renewal it does not shy away from

suffering but faces it hand inand with

me confident that the dawn will follow

the darkest night even when it seems

distant remember that hope resides in me

you are not limited by circumstances for

I am the god who makes the impossible

happen instead of staring at impassible

mountains lift your eyes high from where

your help comes God is with you and his

love is a firm anchor guiding you

through every Twist and Turn demonstrate

your faith in the comments God is with

me hope is not just a vague belief it is

fueled by my Eternal Word

in my word you will find promises that

transcend time and space testifying to

my commitment to you even when hope

seems far away choose to trust in the

hope I offer it is not an escape from

the world but a transformative influence

on it it does not isolate you from the

realities of life but empowers you to

face them with courage and

determination hope is not passive it is

dynamic propelling you to act with faith

faith and love in uncertainty symbolize

and materialize Victory write in the

comments I am a winner I am increasingly

proud of you because I know you seek to

be in my presence hope is not an end in

itself it points to the Eternal

destination as you Traverse The Valleys

of Life do not lose sight of the

celestial City that awaits hope is not

just for this world it is a light that

shines Beyond into eternity

at this moment renew your hope in me

allowing it to penetrate every fiber of

your being let me be the constant source

of your hope the one who will never

disappoint you my beloved Son my beloved

daughter know that my love for you is

eternal and I will always be by your

side May hope be the song that echoes in

your heart do not let difficulties

discourage you for I am with you every

step of the way choose hope Trust and

Proclaim I am a winner remember that I

love you deeply and I will always be

with you also know that the joy I feel

when you dedicate a few minutes of your

day to be in my presence is

Indescribable with love God hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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