God says to you today I WARNED YOU THAT YOUR DAY WILL COME God’s advice today

God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so do not ignore this video

because it is a message from God’s heart

to bless your life today before we

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manifestation offer in the world God

said my dear son today I come to you

with words of encouragement and hope

fervently wishing that you Embrace

courageously the Magnificent plans I

have meticulously woven into the fabric

of your life may your faith be

unwavering transcending any limitations

that human thoughts or logic may try to

impose preventing your dreams and

expectations from reaching their full

potential always remember that the

Wonders I have meticulously prepared for

those who earnestly seek me surpass the

boundaries of human understanding and

Heavenly riches exceed the limits of

your current

imagination I understand that at times

the Visions I have en vision for you may

seem distant or perhaps Beyond immediate

reach nevertheless I urge you to

approach with unwavering confidence for

the blessings I have already

orchestrated for you are ready to unfold

seek not only common health but an

abundance of it cry out for miracles

that resonate with the remarkable Deeds

of saints from times past intercede not

only for personal Prosperity but for a

Prosperity that ripples sustaining

benevolent Works across the entire Earth

keep in mind that by vocalizing your

desires and aligning them with my Divine

will you will witness powerful

advancements like transformative winds

overcoming obstacles that may seem

insurmountable to human eyes the

revelations I have reserved for you go

far beyond the comprehension of your

current understanding nevertheless I

urge you to align your heart with my

revealed will collaborate with me walk

handin hand with the intricate plans I

have meticulously laid out for you and

together we will navigate the Realms of

the seemingly impossible my beloved Son

do not shy away from asking and do not

hesitate in your pursuit of the desires

that bubble within you for I am prepared

to bestow blessings of a magnitude that

surpasses the limits of your

imagination in times of facing

challenges and trials it is crucial to

remember that they serve as indicators

that Monumental achievements are about

to manifest these moments of adversity

act as confirmations of the precious

Destiny I have exclusively designated

for you in moments of apparent deafening

silence understand that I am observing

and orchestrating every intricate detail

of your life trust in the certainty that

even when my voice seems silent I am

actively preparing something Grand and

meaningful for your benefit do not let

fear envelop you surely no plan

conceived against you will prosper in

the long run the adversary schemes are

mere attempts before the extraordinary

blessings I have reserved for you his

Endeavors are just noise seeking to

intimidate you with a distorted illusion

of power when I declare your destiny and

true identity it happens with a clear

and Powerful resonance I urge you not to

be influenced or deceived by the chaotic

elements that may surround you instead

Focus intensely on the Divine Vision I

have planted deep within your heart this

Vision will undoubtedly come to fruition

my blessings flow abundantly when sought

with a sincere heart and Readiness to

receive them continue to knock

persistently and Celestial Treasures

will unfold before you in Splendid

Revelation approach your requests boldly

think on a grand scale and Dare To Dream

without limitations knowing that my

response will exceed your most expansive

imagination it is crucial to remember

that what you generously offer to others

will return to you in even greater

abundance be lavish in your generosity

love fully and witness the rewards

multiplying under the watchful gaze of

my Divine Providence the timing of these

blessings is solely mine and they will

manifest in their appointed season do

not let the seed of Doubt take root

instead anchor your confidence firmly in

my unwavering nature and

faithfulness without a doubt I will

fulfill every promise I have uttered

never let Doubt cast Shadows on my

commitment to supply your needs nor

question my unlimited ability to meet

them the real question lies in your

Readiness to receive all that I am eager

to bestow upon you strive to see the

world through the lens of my perspective

by allowing my guidance and discipline

to shape you willingly I will transform

you into a vessel of Radiance fully

equipped to handle the copious blessings

from heaven with joy and unwavering

Integrity I am always seeking willing

Souls those who have surrendered and are

ready to be conduits of miraculous

Provisions miracles of abundance await

to manifest under my Divine command all

that is needed are empty vessels ready

to be filled through obedience and

unshakable Faith when your intentions

align purely with my desires there are

no limits to the blessings my beloved

Son in you I confidently place the

responsibility of allowing me to guide

the steps of your journey with the

promise of hope prosperity and a radiant

future the plans I have meticulously

laid out for you are like rivers of

bless blings flowing incessantly

nourishing every moment of your

existence with each step you take

recognize my constant Presence by your

side a benevolent guide enveloping you

with Grace and affection as only a

loving father can do May The Narrative

of your life be a radiant testimony to

my constant faithfulness and the

inexhaustible love that flows

incessantly from my Divine Essence to

your soul move forward boldly for the

one Wonders that await you surpass the

confines of your current

imagination at the crossroads and

intersections of your journey anchor

your trust in me with unwavering

constancy like a secure anchor in the

calm Waters firmly believe in your

ability to overcome challenges for at

every turn you will find my outstretched

hand ready to guide you towards the

Fulfillment of your Divine Destiny May

the radiance of your faith be a luminous

light Illuminating even the darkest

corners of uncertainty and revealing the

hidden Beauty in the twists of your


destiny therefore my esteemed son

continue your journey with unwavering

certainty that my divine presence

accompanies you inspiring and propelling

you to Heights and Realms previously


unimaginable May the trajectory of your

journey be an eloquent testimony to The

Continuous manifestation of my divine

presence in your life life shaping each

facet with love Grace and the unwavering

promise of a future that transcends the

conventional limits of human

understanding with love God I hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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