God Says: Those Who Skip Will Be Punished | God Message Today For You

my beloved child You Must Believe Me and

accept the reality that a better future

for all who love me is possible soon you

will see many dreams come true that you

thought you could never

achieve I your Almighty and Supernatural

God am always with you I will take care

of you protect you and support you today

and for

eternity your future will not not

resemble your past I will take care of

that I do not want you to go through

those things that hurt you and continue

to cause you pain it is time to heal

those wounds that still bleed in your

heart leave the past behind and keep

only the lessons you have learned so as

not to return to it have confidence in

me from this day forward I will lift you

up onto a better path I will always be

present you can talk to me and tell me

whatever you want you can vent and cry

on my shoulder when you have no more

strength I do not want you to confide

your secrets in deceitful people who

claim to love you but will later betray

you and share your business with the

world I ask you my dear child to read my

word to learn more about me to seek my

presence and to rise and live out the

purpose for which I chose you my

presence will always be by your side

comforting you my

beloved a new life is ready to embrace

you a life filled with boundless Joy

those tears of sadness that once clouded

your eyes will become but Distant

Memories when tears do visit you again

know that there’ll be tears of

witnessing my unwavering commitment to

you your cheeks will glisten not with

sorrow but with radiant tears of

happiness do you believe in me here in

the Embrace of my arms make an effort

are you sure no harm shall befall you

now for those who dare to try shall face

me I love you pause for a moment before

continuing on your

path listen to me for I love you deeply

and it fills me with immense joy to see

the goodness you bring into this world

your dedication to your family and our

relationship does not go unnoticed I

know I can rely on you you will use the

gifts I bestow upon you with

Grace you are not a pessimist you do not

defy me or stray when I guide your way

many in this world seek happiness and

success without realizing the importance

of introducing their families their

children their little ones to me to

guide them on the righteous path but you

are not like them my word resonates

within your home you’ve done an

exceptional job and you’ve given me the

reverence I deserve so always have faith

that your home is guarded by the angels

of heaven focus on what truly matters in

your family Harmony and love eternally

present in your work and all your

endeavors act with diligence and honesty

let no vile words Escape your lips for

they wound the soul and strike without

Mercy you are filled with forgiveness

and my presence shall awaken you each

day aligning your emotions with Grace

just as the sun rises on schedule your

feeling shall flow into their rightful

places each in

harmony your days will be filled with

Vigor Tranquility enthusiasm joy and

peace this is more than a miracle it is

the reward that emanates from my throne

for those who genuinely seek me I am not

hidden nor am I difficult to find any

have their Vision

clouded they claim to seek me but find

not yet when the veils shrouding their

eyes fall to the ground they realize I

have been before them all along here I

am now feel my

smile I take Delight in your life you

have brought me happiness I have no

grievances against you no longer dwell

upon your mistakes or imperfections do

not be disheartened if your accusers

return Envy consumes them you stand

strong filled with strength in life many

blessings and tasks await opportunities

to serve and Aid shall abound for you

and your family becoming a source of joy

and blessing for the Nations never cease

to trust me say it aloud except for my

blessing dear child in these moments of

sadness lift your gaze to the heavens

you need not hide your tears for I know

the pain that resides in your heart I

cradle you in my hands fear not for I am

here to uplift you to cleanse your sins

and transform your

life I am here to provide you with the

Solace and affection you need shed your

tears feeling my sincere embrace you

know when I love you I desire to Forever

remove your pain I understand that your

journey has been

arduous I hear your unspoken words along

with your tears which have fallen into

my hands

I know what you are feeling what you are

enduring you have been undervalued and

you feel

worthless listen carefully to what I say

my words are brimming with love in my

eyes you possess infinite value and the

greatest sacrifice in the universe was

made out of love for you with my blood I

washed away your guilt and remorse so

you no longer need to

suffer those who disdain you commit a

grave error please forgive them and now

Surrender Your anger sadness and

frustration to me all those feelings

tormenting your heart it’s time to

forgive yourself my

child I have already forgiven you let

peace flood your heart place those

burdens upon my shoulders I erase your

mistakes you no longer need to carry

them I love you my child and I want you

to live a life of great victories I say

this with love rise today with a

different attitude I grant you the

awareness to recognize how blessed you

are the more you open your eyes the more

blessings you will see and the more

grateful you will become your praise is

the melody sung in the Celestial

Kingdom your worship is the key to

unlocking the doors of blessing

abundance health and true Prosperity

take my hand you know when I Love You

Feel My Embrace and accept my love I

want you to be well to feel better to

open your heart to my words and receive

the affection I offer you I love you

deeply and I will continue to

demonstrate it daily even on days when

you feel tired and devoid of desire to

fight when worry clouds your thoughts I

come to you first when you open your

eyes I know that I’m still with you and

will never forsake you do not doubt do

not think that your past mistakes have

driven you away from me do not imagine

things that are not true my love for you

is greater and more powerful than any

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