God Says, This video Has Been Sent To Fulfil Your Wish.!!!????God’s message

angels are saying don’t even think about

giving up you are going to make it no

matter what it looks like right now I

know you’re worried about your finances

your health and your family for I know

the plans I have for you plans to

prosper you and not to harm you plans to

give you hope and the future remember I

always work in your favor I will bless

you today with peace healing and victory

if you don’t quit I am going to bring

something beautiful out of this ugly

situation get ready for your blessing

June will be a month filled with

blessings massive success Financial

growth New Opportunities love and

happiness said get ready to receive

everything you’ve been waiting and

praying for this will be a blessed month

for you and your family don’t try to

skip this video if you want Financial

blessings God has a miracle with your

name on it God has a bre breakthrough

for your situation if you could only see

what is happening behind the scenes you

would dance and shout and give God all

the glory in advance the Lord is

supernaturally moving in your life God

says I will bless you with abundance but

as you receive his financial blessings

you must also remember to give back you

can raise your standard of living but

you must also raise your standard of

giving share my blessings with others I

love you like this video If you believe

for things God wants you to know this

today you’re about to enter a powerful

new chapter your prayers will be

answered and your blessings will

multiply so overthinking will kill your

peace pray trust and leave it in God’s

hands there’s about to be a shift in

your life get ready for your blessings

you’ve been through enough and a break

through is on the way you are going to

make it it may look dark right now but

God is going to bring you out heavenly

father bless the month ahead I am

stepping into this new month with faith

trusting that no matter how hard last

month was your mercies are new each day

although everything may not go as

planned remind me that the joy of the

Lord is my strength my peace and My Hope

even when I don’t understand in jesus’

name amen drop Amen in jesus’ name let

us not become weary in doing good for at

the proper time we will reap a harvest

of blessings if we do not give up you’re

so close to your breakthrough that’s why

the enemy is throwing everything he can

at you as long as you don’t give up you

will reap a harvest of blessings you are

manifesting so many blessings an

incredible new chapter of life is ahead

of you you have nothing to chase nothing

to fear and nothing to worry about

everything is working out to your

highest benefit Miracles are happening

for you subscribe to our channel to help

us reach the Divine subscribers

affirm I am stepping into my full power

and manifesting my destiny I have full

faith in God Source the universe to

deliver me exactly where I’m supposed to

be in order to fulfill my life’s purpose

I am making a profound positive impact

on the planet I’m attracting my soul

family and the Deep connection with my

soulmate so many wonderful things are

taking place in my life I am aligned and

Trust the direction I am being guided in

tomorrow morning your bank will be

filled with a million dollars I don’t

know you but God said you’re coming out

of debts into abundance type yes to

claim it my child it’s time for you to

smile again never forget you’re not

alone in this let me help you my angels

are with you already relax and just

trust me I have amazing plans for you in

fact that’s why you need to get excited

again because the plans I have for you

are greater than you could ever ask or

think the best is yet to come look up

your help is in me not in men I am doing

a new thing in your life it shall spring

forth for all to see I am removing the

wrong people from your life and

positioning you for something better and

bigger they thought they hurt you but I

am the one who removed them stop crying

over the loss and disappointment you

need to refocus your energy on the new

things and birthing in your life Life

Believe In what I’m doing everything

will end in your favor type God is with

me God is going to do something amazing

in your life this week I don’t know what

you’ve been praying about or what has

had your pillows soaked with tears but I

am here today to tell you that God has

heard your prayers I declare you will

see your health turn around for the good

you will surprise the doctors and you’ll

get the job your job is to act and speak

like it’s going to happen walk by faith

not by sight as children of God we are

called to love one another as he has

loved us let kindness compassion and

Grace be the Hallmark of your

interactions with others show the love

of Christ to those around you reaching

out with a helping hand a listen lening

ear and a heart that reflects the love

of God in doing so you become a living

testimony of his love in the world you

intended to harm me but God intended it

all for good he brought me to this

position so I could save the lives of

many people Genesis God is saying

to you today in turning your pain into

Power your fears into focus and your

difficulties into determination what the

enemy intended for evil I will use for

good put your trust in me I have a great

plan for your life new doors are opening

that will lead you into the best chapter

of your life made difficult decisions

this year to become a yet better version

of yourself did the inner work that you

were previously avoiding when you choose

to face the difficult inner work head on

on Source responds with Miracles double

down on this momentum focus on becoming

better and never compare yourself to

others the road ahead of you is a gift

pray with me heavenly father I bow my

head in heart in reverence whether

praying aloud or quietly you know my

heart I praise you because you are a

holy God and yet you let me come into

your holy presence as your child you my

God are the creator of all things you

want for nothing yet you desire to call

me friend I am so thankful and praise

and worship you for your kindness and

mercy father I know that sin cannot

stand in your presence so you have given

me a way to become forgiven I want to be

in right standing with you God so I ask

you to forgive me for any sins that I

may have committed knowingly or

unknowingly if I said thought or did

anything that was not right in your eyes

please forgive me now in jesus’ name and

help me to do better God I want to thank

you for changing my name regardless of

my past or the labels that this world

has placed on me I thank you for calling

me a forgiven child of God and Christian

as a Christian I’m not perfect but

forgiven sometimes my focus wanders

astray but you lovingly call me back

because I am yours father I know that

sometimes I try and fail but you pick me

up and set me on the right track please

help me to live a life that is worthy of

being called a Christian I surrender to

your will and your way and all I do and

say thank you that your spirit lives in

me and teaches me to hear your voice so

that I can follow you I ask that you

continue to walk with me thank you for

all of my

blessings I give all that I have back to

you so that you can use it for your

glory fill me with your love and teach

me to love others as you have loved me

in your precious and holy name I pray

amen like and share this video If you

believe in God subscribe for more more

blessings say thank you to the God for

all things he does for you thanks for

watching amen

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