God Says: This Is Your Last Warning, Don’t Skip | Jesus Affirmations | God Message Today

my beloved child let me shed some light

on your inner Strife your heart is empty

and it will get even bigger if you keep

ignoring my love that’s why you’re sad

and why you wake up in the middle of the

night with tears running down your

cheeks you want to be loved but you’re

looking in the wrong

places know this I love you more than

anyone else in the world I will give you

peace love and rest if you come to me

you won’t have to stay in this hard time

forever I will get there just in time to

set you free I know that your spirit is

tired and that these problems sometimes

make you question your faith but stay

strong and determined soon I will urge

you to keep going in the right direction

the way that will lead to my blessings I

know that waiting is hard and that it

can feel like forever at times giving

you many reasons to give up hope but I

beg you to keep going what you’re going

through today is what makes you stronger

on the inside and no one can take away

the blessings that are coming your way

the gifts I give you today yes you have

told me you love me there is someone

else in your life who wants these words

too spread them out I love you from the

bottom of my heart hello everyone I’m

glad you paid attention to these words

they give you peace listen to them again

letter by letter you will feel my

presence next to you touching your heart

and calming your soul from the bottom of

your heart my love know that I claim the

top spot you should give it to me

willingly and treat me with the respect

I deserve in your life know that I am

the only one who can be your God lord

and King have you let someone else sit

on my rightful Throne dear that that may

be one reason for your recent trouble

those feelings that won’t go away and

can’t be explained if you want to grow

you need to be humble enough to learn

from problems when they come up if you

let me into your heart I will show you A

New Path filled with my glory this path

will make the impossible possible change

people soften hard hearts and flow with

your provision debts go away sadness

leaves and joy spreads out in a warm

embrace love and mercy from me will

always be with you even when you can’t

feel me as a part of your life I see

every tear that falls from your eyes and

every smile that lights up your face in

your darkest hours I am your Guiding

Light when you are weak I am your

Fortress when you are confused I am your

steady path believe in me you and I need

to talk which is why I tell you every

time you wake up to keep your mind from

wandering to other things or getting too

worried every day okay the first thing

you should do is show gratitude for your

family your life the fact that you still

have time and your soul that needs to be

healed I love you very much and I have

always been kind to you I haven’t

scolded you based on your mistakes and I

haven’t left you because of past

mistakes you must not kill it is against

the law to lie in court you must not lie

you must not spread lies you must not

put someone down or think about betrayal

all the time we could look into a lot of

different aspects and none of them are

more important than the others each sin

has terrible effects for example

adultery and fornication can break your

body in real life but slander and lies

pride and discrimination can also cause

trouble and split families apart if

these words hit you deep down and you

feel like my holy spirit is talking to

you today you need to seek me even more

every day receive my word and pay

attention to it do it right away I am

always close by to seek me means to come

to me with faith trusting that I will

answer and patiently waiting for the

blessings I will give you at the right

time visit me today and look for someone

you can trust and share your heart with

your chains will break and your pain and

guilt will follow you from now on

nothing will get in the way of the

blessings and good and peaceful future I

have planned for you today you told me

you love me again someone in your life

also wants these words give them to them

I love you from the bottom of my heart

good morning and thanks for listening to

these words they help you feel better

listen to them again letter by letter

you will feel my presence next to you

touching your heart and calming your

soul you are never alone and nothing bad

will happen to you as long as you stay

with me hold your breath close your eyes

and don’t cry anymore every time you

waver you say a lot your tears show what

you need but my voice heals and comforts

you making things easier for you my

mantle dries your tears and lays you out

in peace it’s not time for you to leave

yet please wait a little longer it is my

hope that when you leave this place your

soul will be strong and ready to face

the world it should be able to walk with

confidence through dark valleys and dry


my eternal love will wrap around you and

protect you day and night accept it and

believe in it you can feel my Holy

Spirit surrounding you with love and

protecting you from harm believe in it

my spirit will make you passionate fill

your mind with Divine peace make you

laugh give you New Visions and give you

dreams that will tell you many things

that are going to happen soon

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