God Says: This Is Your Last Lifeline If You Ignore | God Message Today |

my beloved child I am your strength when

things go wrong and I will be your safe

place put all your trust in me so I will

help you and protect you from bad people

don’t worry my beloved you will soon get

through your problems you will get what

you deserve for sticking with it I know

that you are going through hard times

right now the problems you are having

take a toll on your heart and cause you

constant pain and stress I know that the

problems you’re having have become too

much for you casting a shadow over your

days and making you feel uncertain do

know this though my loved one You Are

Not Alone In This Storm as I stand next

to you I hold you close and love you I

know that the load you’re carrying is

too much for you and I know that the

tears you shed in the middle of the

night are a sign of your pain and

weariness but I promise you dear soul

that these hard times will end

and that the darkness that seems to

surround you will go away before a new

dawn because the promise I made to you

will always stand don’t forget that I

promise to be with you as you walk

through the valley of Shadows and death

I will never leave you I will always be

with you loving you no matter what here

to guide and protect you do not be

afraid my loved one because I am here

with you through every storm and trial

like a rock that will not move and even

when things go wrong you can trust me

that’s why I want you to know that my

promise to you is real and will last

forever yes I will never leave you I

will be by your side through every step

you take every struggle and Challenge

and every tear you shed I will always be

there with strong hands to hold you up

so beloved soul don’t let worry take

over your life hold on to Hope because

the strength you need to get through any

problem problem comes from me I know the

battle can be tough and tiring and the

paths you take may be hard to find your

way through but remember that I am your

lord and savior the one who watches over

your soul I’m your dad and I always

watch out for your safety and health do

not give up my beloved keep working hard

with courage and determination take in

all of my teachings and look to my holy

book for guidance do not doubt the power

of Prayer

when you connect with me in prayer you

will have the strength to fight off any

attack the enemy May launch at you don’t

forget that you have the strength and

bravery to face the problems and

challenges of life because of this I

want you to keep your head up and stay

strong in your faith keep your cool when

the enemy tries to trick you trust me

because I never let down those who stay

rooted in my love don’t forget that your

faith in me can move mountains and make

impossible things possible through faith

my beloved you will get the blessings

and plenty that come from sticking with

it so beloved soul don’t doubt my power

trust me and keep my promises because

just like the wind caresses the fields I

will come upon you like a breeze filling

your spirit with love and hope keep your

eyes on me and walk with confidence

after the darkest night a new day always

comes dear soul don’t let these problems

stop you from moving forward don’t give

up when things get hard remember that

you are stronger than you think and that

my power will shield you from the

enemy’s arrows and the problems you face

get up now my love and be brave as you

face the problems keep going with

determination and don’t forget that my

power and Grace will help you through

even the worst times always have faith

in me and never doubt that I will keep

my promises I I am your father the one

who made the universe and I will lead

you to a life full of Plenty and

happiness beloved why do you doubt I

will lift you up like the eagles I have

shown you many times how powerful I am

so don’t doubt me I’ve told you many

times that doubt keeps you from

connecting with me and my blessings

can’t get to you if you Stray From the

Path the enemy will try to make you trip

and get lost that’s why I tell you not

to doubt keep praying and following my

ways that’s the only way to win Isaiah

has a powerful verse for you in my

opinion people who wait on the Lord on

the other hand will get stronger they

will fly like eagles run and not get

tired and walk and not faint I will

renew everything inside you I will give

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