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God is saying to you today

my child in the hustle and bustle of

your lives it’s easy to forget the

divine presence that guides you

but today my child I am here to remind

you of a powerful truth

don’t underestimate the power of the

Divine Force


you will face hardships and pain but you

will never face a trial or Temptation

that you can’t overcome

I am with you even when you feel distant

type amen if you believe


sometimes it’s easy to feel alone or


but remember this it’s okay to feel

these emotions but it’s not okay to

believe that you are truly alone

You are not alone because I am with you

and things will get better

you are not powerless you are a

remarkable creation of mine with a

unique purpose that only you can fulfill

no matter what you go through remember

that I am bigger than whatever wants to

attack you I am with you

you do have a purpose I see the work you

are putting in I see your passion I see

the effort you are making keep working

hard my child

type yes to affirm your belief

remember God plans to prosper you and

not to harm you he plans to give you

hope and a future

be abundantly blessed today in Jesus

name amen

if this message blessed your heart type

Amen in the comments section below and

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