God Says: This Is Your Last Lifeline; Don’t Ignore | God Message Today |


child I start a powerful change in You

harmony peace and blessings will

surround you in your family I will get

you out of the storm with the victory in

my hand I love you and I want you to

feel it right now where you

are this beautiful and deep feeling is

filling your heart making you happy and

taking away your sadness feel the weight

off your shoulders lift your step will

feel lighter and you’ll have more

strength to keep going don’t give up now

that you’re almost done you can’t fail

now under my wings I will protect you

and my hand will watch over you even

when the storms are bad and the winds


rough also I know what it’s like to be

heard I know what it’s like when people

you trusted leave you when enemies

pierce your soul with hate and rip your

back with cruel

whips I know what it’s like like to love

someone until they die and give them

your heart even if they don’t deserve it

there’s no way I don’t understand how


feel know this you are important to me

and I will not judge you when your tears

are running like a spring and your heart

is heavy with sadness and

worry you need to know that I’m the only

one who can help you when danger is

close get rid of all thoughts of death

and defeat now when danger comes there

is no longer any Darkness and you can

walk with confidence today I’ve brought

you new Joy strengthened your faith

taught you to trust and given you a new

vision and longing based on my word

don’t waste your time trying to persuade

people who are trying to bring you down

they won’t see things your

way they’ll make fun of you again but

you don’t need them to help you get

where you’re going you’re going to win

and they’re going to lose they’ve

already made their

choice if loneliness is getting to you

and you feel like you need help remember

that you have me but have faith and wait

because I’ll send the right person soon

I care about you love you protect you

and value you you’ll have the victory in

a few more days I’m never late and I

always show up on time when you need me

to even when things are going well the

weight is heavy and you’ve been thinking

about what could happen so much that

it’s breaking you down

inside that’s why I want you to give me

all that weight you’re

carrying I feel terrible that you have

to worry about the future all the time

that is not the life I want for you you

also can’t look away or let your worries

and thoughts take your attention away I

promise to do the miracle you ask for to

open doors for you and to be with you

all the

time I don’t lie I made the nights and

the days belong to me I can tell that

you have trouble sleeping sleeping

sometimes because your mind keeps going

back to things I already have in my

hands when anxiety comes on fight it

when it screams in your head talk to it

and tell it out loud that you have no

fear because you have chosen to trust

your best friend your God and

Lord fear will leave you and your soul

will be free of a lot of fear you can

finally enjoy my peace live your life

fully and be

happy when you are having a hard time I

promise that my calm voice will remind

you that my hand is on your shoulder and

that I will give you the strength to

fight back against all attacks tell me

you follow my orders and believe me if

I’ve worked hard enough to get you to

keep my word remember what I said and

believe in me you have worked so hard

not to give up now but you have to keep

going when things get hard on your

journey today I want to give you Faith

courage and strength so that you can

learn to wait for me even when it seems

like you’re losing your strength from

having to wait too long do not

worry tell your heart that there is

nothing to be afraid of because your

loving father is in charge of your life

your dreams and your

future there are winds and storms in the

world that want you to forget how much I

helped you but I tell them to stop right

now I’ll never let you down and I won’t


late I’m here ready to take your hand

and save

you who loves you more than I do your

trials have been hard I can see how hard

you’ve been working and how desperate

you are keep in mind that you have been

very brave all your life think about the

times when things seemed hopeless but

you still found a way to get through

them in the days after you gave me

control of your life you haven’t lost a

single battle remember to trust and let

your heart rest I know it can be hard to

just rest and not lose faith especially

when things look like they are going

badly and problems try to take over your


life but during those times my child

don’t listen to the enemy don’t believe

the threats of fear and

insecurity keep going and believe what I

say I loved you very much and I had

great plans for your life even before

you were

born because you are defenseless I will

never leave a child I have been taking

extra care of your life in a special way

every second I’m taking care of

everything I’m always here instead of

letting sadness take over fill your

heart with joy and keep walking with

faith because you will win and what I

have planned for you is better than you

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