God Says: THIS IS SERIOUS “YOU WILL BE SHOCKED”| God Message | God Message Today |

God is saying to you today

dear beloved child


today I want to share with you the

profound and uplifting messages that

have been whispered To Us by the Divine

these words are here to inspire and

motivate you on your spiritual journey

in the tapestry of your life these

messages are threads of Hope woven by

the divine

embrace them for they are the Whispers

of love and encouragement meant just for


keep your faith Burning Brightly dear

soul and let it light your path

type amen if you believe in Jesus our

Holy Father

the next two days hold the promise of

jaw-dropping blessings open doors heal

bodies new contracts and favor Beyond

Your Wildest Dreams

you are on the verge of celebrating

something very special

your joy will overflow and your

happiness will be huge

prepare yourself expect it because it’s


type yes if you believe

the angels are sending a message about

your finances your actions prayers

visualizations and manifestation open

your arms wide to receive this gift

for you are reading this message not by

chance but by Divine appointment

it is your validation that things are

finally falling into place

get ready for unexpected breakthroughs

good news

blessings are on their way

even if you can’t see it yet everything

in your life is aligning perfectly

trust the universe trust yourself and

find peace in your being

patience is your ally and all is well

type to affirm your expansion your

new way of thinking and your alignment

with the universe’s grand plan

this week marks a turning point in your


God and His angels are working

tirelessly on your behalf

you’re about to witness advancement and

growth in all aspects of your existence

don’t quit don’t give up for your

breakthrough is just around the corner

God assures you that you need not worry

about the next steps just trust in him

and work diligently

he will guide you and place the right

people on your path

type which signifies this Divine


this week brings forth the blessings of

your ancestors their guidance

serendipities and synchronicities that

will elevate your journey

love healing and abundance await

type to affirm your belief in this

Cosmic support

today the universe tells you to get

excited once more

it has extraordinary surprises in store

for you

let go of stress and Trust in the divine


it’s time for the universe to amaze you

the Angels remind you not to dwell on


your past actions were the best you knew

at the time

the past cannot be changed but your

actions today shape your future

Embrace inner peace and love as your

guiding lights

type amen if you believe in God’s loving


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