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my beloved child one day at a time I

give off enough light anytime you try to

look into the future you will only see

Darkness only in the present does my

face shine upon you because this is

where you can find my unwavering love

there is no love stronger than the love

between a mother and her child she might

forget about the baby she’s holding but

I will never forget you you I have

carved your name into the palms of my

hands because I love you so much that I

can’t imagine forgetting about you I

want you to feel my love which is more

than just knowing about it from the

depths of your being the holy spirit is

here to help you ask him to fill you up

so that you can be suffused with my

fullness and experience the fullest

measure of God’s presence become a

vessel that is completely full of

me this way you can really enjoy my love

to the fullest don’t try to get other

people’s praise more than my own people

worry too much about other people’s

opinions their social or professional

performance their looks and their image

which is one of the effects of the Fall

advertisements for cosmetics and trendy

clothes often feed this unhealthy

fixation on how we look I don’t want how

other people see you to control your

life I have lovingly kept you from being

being able to read other people’s minds

because what other people think of you

is really none of your business thoughts

are often not reliable because people’s

sins weaknesses and insecurities change

them they might Praise You in public but

they might not agree with everything you

say I am the only one who sees you for

who you really are even though you

aren’t perfect I see you dressed in my

perfect righteousness instead of trying

to get praise from other people try to

picture me looking looking at you my

loving approval of you shines off of my

face every day has its own problems to

solve one thing this truth means is that

you should expect to have problems every

day I’m here to help you deal with these

problems calmly and with

confidence things that surprise you

don’t surprise me because I know

everything I am the beginning and the

end also I am completely available to

you and ready to help you through these

hard times

having enough trials every day can help

you live in the present your mind is

busy looking for ways to solve problems

if you don’t give your mind enough time

to think about today you might start to

worry about the future you are learning

how to keep your attention on me in the

present problems don’t have to stop you

from enjoying my company in fact they

bring you closer to me you feel better

about your ability to handle things when

you work through your problems with me

and being with me makes you happier Love

Waits For You the Apostle Paul says that

patience is the most important thing

that makes someone a Christian patience

means staying calm in the face of

problems even if you have to wait a long

time deal with difficult people or face


situations people in our culture tend to

think more about love than about

patients so Paul’s focus on patience

goes against that there is one big

exception to this pattern thou par

parents who love their children very

much parents who love their kids and put

their needs ahead of their own are

patient because taking care of babies

and young kids is hard work as the

fourth fruit of the spirit patience I

want my followers to love each other

with a lot of patience so my spirit can

give you the tools you need to do well

in this difficult task always remember

that I love you completely and

completely please ask the Holy Spirit to

help you show others my my abundant

patient love share this video with your

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