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don’t skip this video because God has a

message for you today so watch this

video till the

end God is saying to you today my dear

child My Love Is Your Guiding Light

piercing through the deepest Darkness

where you

stand I wish for you to experience it

fully the profound joy that floods your

heart dispelling every trace of

grief sense the burdens falling away

from you giving way to a fresh Vigor

that lifts you up surrender is not in

your nature you are poised on the edge


Victory though tempests May howl Giles

May batter and Tides May surge you

remain unassailable beneath my

protective Embrace secure within my

hold type yes heavenly father if you

believe I acknowledge the hurt you

endure the sting of betrayal by those

once held close now foes who wound you

with animosity and cold

indifference I grasp the magnitude of

love the courage to remain openhearted

in the face of

rejection I am fully aware of your

struggles recognize this you are

significate as tears Cascade and

heaviness cloaks your spirit I cast no

judgment on your frail

moments understand that my Aid is

unparalleled as Peril approaches dismiss

any Notions of surrender or

demise the Shadows have receded and you

may stride forward with steadfast

Assurance today I have revitalized your

happiness fortified your belief and

inscribed assurances of fidelity upon

your heart I I have bestowed upon you A

Renewed purpose ignited by my

promise spare no effort and persuading


naysayers their Spirits may be

impervious to your convictions and they

may scorn you a new yet their validation

is not requisite for your journey you

are in route to Triumph while they trit

a path to the

downfall their fate is sealed and

moments of Solitude remember my presence

is a constant have faith and patience

for I will guide the right individuals

to cross your path you hold Great Value

in my

eyes I hold you dear provide for you and

my love for you is

profound typ yes God if you

believe soon Victory will be within your

grasp my timing is impeccable aligning

perfectly with your

needs the heaviness of anticipation and

a Relentless contemplation of what lies

ahead can unsettle the

spirit thus I urge you to let go of the

burdens that weigh upon you a life

shrouded in the dread of uncertainty is

not what I have envisioned for you lift

your eyes and free yourself from the

grip of worry and

trepidation Miracles are within my realm

of promises to you as of the opening of

paths once

closed my presence is a constant

alongside you and my assurances are

steadfast the cycle of day and night

falls within my

command I am watchful even as

restlessness keeps you awake holding

your worries within my

grasp type yes Father to

affirm confront your anxieties with

boldness Proclaim claiming the absence

of fear in your heart for your trust

lies with your closest Confidant your

deity your

Sovereign observe as your trepidations

dissolve never to converge again while

your spirit Revels in the freeing

Radiance of my

Tranquility Embrace life’s entirety

seeking joy in each fleeting

second amidst the fry my memmers of

encouragement shall be your solace a

reminder of my supportive touch upon


shoulder with every challenge I will

fortify you uring your stance remains

unyielding affirm your faith in me and

heed my guidance for you have been

persuaded by my

Truth The Journey has been long but now

is not the time for faltering it is the

time to

persevere today I speak to instill in

you a spirit of belief bravery and

Resolute fortitude teaching you patience

even as weariness May touch your

soul maintain Serenity and reassure your

heart that fear has no place within it

your life aspirations and fate are

cradled in the hands of a caring

protector though The gales of life may

seek to erase the memory of my past

assistance I have the power to steal

them now embrace the infinite love I

offer and let it Infuse your being with

tranquility and a Divine fortitude that

mens every

Affliction remain tranquil for the

serenity you seek resides with

me approach me with your desires and I

will guide you to fulfillment growth and

the fullness of Life type yes God if you

believe andhale deeply and allow the

essence of my divine presence to envelop

you as you Savor this experience time

will hasten urging you to embrace even

more of the affection and blessings I am

eager to bestow upon you this

magnificent love is yours I implore you

to cherish it

always do not toil for the approval of

those who profess love yet inflict pain


disappointment asue the pursuit of favor

from those yet to grasp the true essence

of Love be assured of my enduring love

for you a love that is steadfast and

eternal my commitment to you is unending

and my designs for you are

infallible embracing my love transforms

all it Heralds a rebirth filled with joy

steadfast love and freedom from let

Downs my love is not merely benev

it is also Splendid compassionate and

above all it is bestowed upon

you accept it

wholeheartedly My Sacrifice was

deliberate and my Resurrection on the

third day was to impower you to ascend

and embrace the abundance of life you

may not grasp the full extent now but my

capabilities surpass your desires and

comprehension I will reach into to the

depths of your heart revealing its true

contents a firm belief will take root

within you guiding you to make


choices embrace my words Dare To

Dream your faith will be bolstered and I

will equip you with the necessary

resources to welcome and manage the


blessings despair has no place in your

heart I am ever present respond in to

your needs even before you voice them

for your pleas never go

unheard believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type

and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you Heavenly Father for

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