God Says: THIS IS A TEST OF YOUR FAITH | God Message | God Message Today

God is saying to you today

my child

it’s essential to be willing to let go

of your worries and trust me


when I am in charge there is truly

nothing for you to worry about

worry you see can only steal your peace

and hinder you from savoring the life

you are meant to enjoy

I want you to rest to live in peace and

relish each and every moment

knowing that I am tirelessly working to

resolve all your problems

type yes to affirm your belief

my beloved child I want you to

understand just how deeply I cherish you

with affection and a watchful eye your

worries my dear can sometimes become

strongholds that threaten to erode your


but remember this worrying is a stubborn

habit yet it can be broken

with my help and strength all things are

possible even conquering worry

type amen if you believe in Divine


my child when you refuse to worry and

place your complete trust in me you

release me to work on your behalf

I will move Heaven and Earth to bathe


always remember my child that I love you


you are my cherished child and I am your

loving father

my child every aspect of your life is

under my control

but worrying indicates that you believe

some things are beyond my reach

when you worry your thoughts continually

orbit your problems

seeking answers that only I can provide

pray for my assistance and most

importantly choose to fix your Gaze on

me rather than your problems my dear


my child you are emerging from the grasp

of debt step by step

your health will mend and vitality will

flow through you once more

that job you’ve been yearning for is

just around the corner and you will

excel in it

those tests that have kept you awake at

night causing tears and pain will soon

be conquered

type yes God if you believe

beloved child I want you to know that

better days are on the horizon for you

I see your struggles your worries and

your doubts

but I assure you brighter times are


my child I have marvelous plans for you

a grand design that will unfold

trust that I am guiding your every step

even when the path seems unclear

remember your situation is not a

surprise to me

I see all

and I am working diligently to turn

everything in your favor

my timing is perfect and I promise you

that everything will fall into place

have faith for I am with you and

together we will make everything all


blessings are on their way to you

my child the darkness you’ve endured is

fading away

sleepless nights will be replaced by

restful slumber

you are on the verge of meeting the

right person

someone who will bring joy and

positivity into your life

Taipei meant to affirm your belief in

Jesus our Holy Father

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thank you foreign

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