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God says my child do not skip the message because I have an important message for you

so watch the video till the end without skipping I understand that you have been

facing challenges in various aspects of your life financially spiritually and emotionally

people have taken advantage of your good heart and you have been through betrayal and struggle

however I want you to know that you are strong

despite the storms surrounding you I assure you that no weapon formed against you will succeed

there is no need to fear as I am going to turn things around and bless you in the presence of

those who have caused you harm hold on to your faith if you believe in God like this video

a blessing in disguise is coming your way this week something unexpected will happen

as a sign that you are on the right path this week is significant for you

God is bringing Beauty into your life and you are about to enter a new season

get ready to lead for joy as favor and miracles will become a regular part of your life

remember this message you are beautiful loved and needed you are stronger than you think

and you will overcome these challenges I am grateful that you are alive so never give up

God promises that things will suddenly fall into place

all the disappointments challenges ups and downs will finally make sense

you will be grateful that you never gave up as great blessings are coming your way

claim them and receive them by faith God says if I created the heavens and the Earth in six

days I can easily change your life in one day in expect massive changes in your life

your deepest wish will be granted and you will experience a life-changing miracle

type to claim it things are starting to align perfectly in your life

what didn’t make sense in the past will now fall into place

and claim it if a situation frightens or disturbs you surrender yourself to God

and have faith in his power to transform your life surrendering to God does not mean expecting him to

fix everything according to your desires instead surrender with Simplicity and Trust in God’s plan

remember that God is completely Sovereign infinite in wisdom and perfect in love

he always Wills what is best for us and has the power to make it happen

accept his plan without questioning or requesting anything specific let life flow through him stay

busy with constructive activities that contribute to your self-improvement and benefit others

to enter God’s kingdom strive to do good for others every day by following this pattern you

will experience joy and advancement mentally physically and spiritually

as you continue on your journey trust in God’s perfect timing to take action trust him for he is

worthy of your trust forever pray for forgiveness and strength to surrender completely to his plan

he will guide you in the most opportune moment to act support our Channel Please

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