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my dear child I am right beside you wrapping you in a warm hug as you read

this I want you to know that I am always here with you listening closely to your

heart don’t let worries weigh you down right now there’s no space for fear

in your soul you’ve come to me seeking comfort and I’m here to shower you with love and

peace be strong my dear one don’t let fear

control you I promise I’m listening to your prayers and the tough times you’re

facing will soon pass hold on to your faith because

you’re never alone and I’ll always keep my promises to you type yes God if you

believe today I come to you with a heart full of love and

hope I want you to imagine a future so beautiful so bright that it fills your

soul with joy there are incredible things waiting for you blessings you haven’t even begun

to Fathom and guess what you’re going to reach New Heights

spiritually yes you you’ll become a shining example for

your loved ones showing them what it means to walk in faith believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you God for those who hold God close to

their hearts express your love with the words I really love you

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dedication now I know sometimes it’s hard to believe in

miracles doubt likes to sneak in and Whisper lies to our

hearts you might even feel like you’re not good enough or that God doesn’t care

about you but let me tell you something that’s not

true you are worthy my child and God’s love for you is beyond

measure but here’s the thing if we let doubt and negativity take over we miss

out on so much we settle for lives that are empty

and without purpose when we could be experiencing the fullness of God’s

grace so let’s cast aside those doubts let’s surround ourselves with positivity

and Faith because when we do amazing things start to

happen Miracles become a part of our everyday lives and we find true

happiness in God’s presence type amen if you

believe so my child I urge you don’t let doubt hold you

back embrace the love and grace that God has for you and watches your life

transforms into something truly beautiful I want to remind you of

something really special you’ve been through some changes haven’t

you but guess what you’re still you and that’s

amazing sometimes life can feel tiring and that’s

okay I totally get it but listen up because I’m here to lift your

spirits I know deep down you can feel my words touching your

heart you’re strong and you’ve got this don’t you dare give up

now believe me when I say there’s something great waiting just around the

corner for you keep your chin up my

child Victory is coming your way my child imagine you’re in a big battle

feeling tired and wanting to give up but listen closely because I’m here

with you every step of the way even when it feels like you can’t go

on remember that’s when you need to be the strongest the tough stuff your facing

will start to crumble but only if you don’t give up don’t let fail you’re stop you

because the good things waiting for you are just around the corner so keep fighting keep believing

keep going and don’t ever stop moving forward you’ve got

this imagine this you’re feeling tired lost or maybe just a little empty

inside you’ve tried everything to fill that void but nothing seems to work

well guess what you’re not alone I’m here to tell you about someone

who can truly satisfy your soul picture this person as a friend who

always has your back someone who knows you better than anyone

else they hold something so precious something that can give you life in ways

you never imagined they offer you not just any bread but the bread of life itself

nourishment for your spirit that lasts forever and it doesn’t stop

there this friend also has a well of Living Water ready to quench the deepest

thirst within you when you feel parched when you’re longing for something more this water

will refresh you like nothing else can but wait there’s

more this friend is also your burden Bearer they see the weight you carry and

they want to help you lighten the load when life gets heavy when you feel

like you can’t go on they’re there to give you rest and peace like no one else

can you see many may pray for you and that’s

wonderful but this friend this special someone they’re the one who has been

with you since the very beginning they’re the one who has blessings in

store for you blessings tailor made for your journey so my dear child remember this

you are never alone you have a friend in high places a

friend who loves you more than you can imagine so lean on them trust in them

and let their love fill you to overflowing don’t rely only on your own

strength to get stuff in this world don’t get sad when money gets

tight and don’t trust too much in jobs or things that don’t

last remember I’m always here to take care of you like a Shepherd takes care

of sheep I want you to listen to me every morning and be thankful for your life

your family and everything you have be thankful because I’ve faced

tough times too but I made it through and you can too I give you lots of good things for

my heart love understanding friendship joy and

more so wake up early and say thank you I promise I’ll never leave you and I

don’t want you to leave me either place all your trust in

me I’m here with open arms ready to hug you tight whenever you

need I’m always listening to your cries and prayers paying close attention to

every word you say remember to share the hope you find in me with others and when you receive

blessings share them generously with those who need them most treasure these gifts I give you and

stay away from wickedness the Wicked are those who plan evil and harm innocent people taking

advantage of the needy and making fun of those who are humble and kind don’t let yourself get caught up in

the traps the enemy sets for those who aren’t paying attention remember the special purpose I

have for you and don’t lose sight of it today I’ve removed all Despair and

tiredness from your life right now you might feel a special

strength growing inside you a strength that comes from me don’t give

up keep pushing forward nothing and no one can stop you

from reaching your goals I won’t let you down every day I’ll make you

stronger keep going my dear because my blessings and my love are waiting for

you my child listen closely for I bring you

words of Hope and encouragement from the sacred texts the Wonders you yearn for the

troubles Weighing on your heart they will find their resolution your prayers like gentle

Whispers have reached the heavens and soon their answers will descend upon you

like gentle rain but as you anticipate these bless ings Ponder this what will you do when

they arrive will you like many forget the source of your blessings the one who has

heard your cries let not your gratitude be fleeting

but let it be an everlasting flame in your heart I do not ask for wites or grand

offerings nay all I seek is your sincere love and devotion

for in the sincerity of your gratitude lies the key to multiplying your

blessings remember my dear ones to water your prayers with

praise let your Thanksgiving flow freely from your lips like a

river treasure every gift no matter how humble and offer them at the altar of

appreciation for when you acknowledge the hand that gives your blessings shall

flourish abundantly but he my warning if you choose to forget the source of your

blessings if you believe them to be of your own making then beware for your

blessings May welt away like a flower deprived of water so my beloved let your hearts be

filled with gratitude and let your lives be a testament to the boundless love

that surrounds you amen my

beloved imagine this I your heavenly father am here to guide you and shower

you with blessings Beyond Your Wildest Dreams trust me I know what’s best for

you your family and your soul if you’re wishing for Financial

Freedom I’ll wipe away your debts and set you free from Financial

burdens feel gratitude in your heart for you’re living in Freedom

now even if your bank balance looks low nobody will come knocking at your door

to collect dues and if you’re seeking abundance I’ll provide you with honorable work and

a way to support your family don’t Grumble about it see it as

an opportunity to earn your livelihood don’t fear for I’ll open

doors of opportunity for you follow my lead and you’ll find

Prosperity with honesty and dedication I want to bless you

abundantly teaching you to manage your blessings wisely remember my child I’m always here

for you ready to provide for your needs and lead you to a life filled with joy

and abundance trust in me and you’ll never be disappointed

when you’re thankful for what you have and use the smarts you gather amazing things

happen I wish peace for your home too as you see wonderful things unfold

let them help you grow inside but don’t get too hung up on

stuff think about the good stuff up above and most importantly keep that

thankful heart of yours that’s where the m magic

begins now let me tell you these are the keys that unlock a season of amazing

blessings your dedication thankfulness and how you help others make me so

happy seriously you bring me joy I love how you look for me pray and

say thanks your bravery makes me happy and even in the heaven

your name shines bright you’re like a guide for Faith

sticking with it and being true so keep up the good work because

you’re making waves in the best possible way I am the one who makes you better

brings you success and lifts you up when you’re feeling low I wrap you in love and kindness and

I open doors to incredible things things beyond what you can see I want your prayers to be answered

and I also want you to cherish them dearly I’m happy when you pray stay true

to yourself and show appreciation keep going forward be

yourself and stay strong spiritually spend time with me every day

listen to messages that make you stronger and share them with your love loved

ones when you close your eyes to pray remember this I’m putting my hand on

your head and giving you amazing blessings so even if you’re just a kid

know that these words are for you too you’re loved you’re supported and great

things are coming your way just keep believing and being grateful and watch the Miracles unfold

in your life you’ve got the most awesome loving and

super powerful God cheering you on every step of the way yep that’s

me I just want you to know one thing crystal clear I’m crazy about

you seriously I’ve got your back always and there’s absolutely nothing too

tricky for me to handle see when I ask you to be brave

and give life your best shot it’s because I’ve got a plan for you and I’m

right there beside you making sure you succeed I’m not just saying this stuff I

really mean it what I want most from you is your trust your love and your

dedication I want to be number one in your life and I want you to start each

day with me in mind imagine waking up every morning feeling excited because you know I’ve

got something awesome to share with you listen carefully to my words because

they’re filled with love and they’ve got real power don’t fall for those tricky lies

or empty promises from elsewhere you’re one of my special ones

and you can feel my love deep in your heart every morning I’m talking to you

waiting for your prayers and and ready to make amazing things happen for

you your gratitude oh it totally warms my

heart the moment you start talking to me my angels are already on their way to

help you out trust me I’m sorting everything out for you making sure everything falls

into place perfectly you’re in good hands my

child in in the Journey of Life Hearts will soften Minds will change and even

those who once judged you will come to admire you this transformation is the beautiful

work of the Holy Spirit guiding us all so trust in the almighty surrender

your worries and fears and let Divine guidance lead your

way God knows what’s best for you and he’s continuously shaping keeping your

path you’ll never be lacking his desire is for your growth maturity and

joy know that you are deeply loved by your heavenly father who is all

powerful His blessings are upon you and he will never abandon

you in return he asks for your life your loyalty your thanks and your

faith this is his is heartfelt wish for you life may throw many challenges your

way and there may be moments when you feel overwhelmed but fear not for the Holy

Spirit resides within you providing strength to endure keep moving forward with

unwavering faith knowing that God is by your side with him nothing is

impossible rest your trust in his teachings found in the written

word through it you can overcome any obstacle and defeat the enemy’s

schemes so let your faith be steadfast like that of a child for in God’s love

you’ll find the courage to face any giant that stands in your path it’s so great to connect with you

today have you ever felt like life is throwing you curveballs making it hard

to keep your peace of mind well I’m here to remind you of

something really important no matter what challenges come your way I want you to know that you’re

never alone you see I’ve got some promises that I’ve made and I always keep my

word even when things get tough my promises stand

strong I know that every day can feel like a battle

sometimes but guess what those struggles you

face they don’t have the power to steal your joy or Shake Your Inner

Peace you’re stronger than you think think of it like this imagine

you’re sailing a ship sometimes Storms Come Out of

Nowhere trying to push you off course but here’s the thing those contrary

winds they can’t Cloud your vision anymore and all those surprises life

throws your way they can’t make you bitter or bring you

down you’ve grown so much through all of this you’re spiritually mature now

mentally tough and emotionally stable you’ve learned that your future

isn’t determined by how you feel in the moment you have the power to choose your

path and I’ve given you the strength to do it sure there will be times when

Temptation knocks on your door when failure feels like it’s holding you back

or when you make mistakes but guess what none of that defines

you you have the power to rise above it it all

why because your confidence isn’t in yourself alone it’s in something much

bigger it’s in the promises I’ve written down for you you know even if you mess up seven

times I’m there to lift you up seven times more and if you stumble a times I’ll

forgive you a times over believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you Heavenly Father for those who hold God close to

their hearts express your love with the words I really love you

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dedication I want you to remember something really important I came to you

with love and forgiveness even when you didn’t know me and were trapped in

mistakes and now that you believe in me I’ll always be here to help you through

the tough times so keep your head up keep your heart strong and remember you’re never

alone on on this journey when your feelings sad or burdened with guilt know that I am here

to comfort you I’ll take away your tears wash away

your guilt and heal your pain you’re not alone I’m always by your

side watching your determination to keep going even when things get

tough you’re precious to me and I want you to remember that but be be careful

of those around you who only see the negative if you let them they’ll try to

drag you down with them instead hold on to your faith and

the bright future I have planned for you sometimes life might seem unfair and

you might feel angry or disappointed but remember I’m here

talking to you right now so my child know that I love you

deeply and I’m here for you no matter what let these words give you strength

and hope whenever you need it I want you to know that you can trust

me completely for I am your loving God your heavenly

father I cherish you more than you can imagine you don’t ever have to worry

about being alone because I will always be by your side I am capable of doing anything and

everything so you can rest assured in my strength I speak to you from the depths

of my heart because I care about you deeply I want to touch your soul and

bring you peace always remember that I am with you

watching over you guiding you and loving you with a love that is beyond

measure I se everything about you The Good the Bad and the moments when you

feel unsure but let me tell you my love isn’t

reserved for those who pretend to be perfect it’s for those who have Humble

Hearts who understand their need for me and who use their words to build others

up not tear them down you know I believe you’re amazing

and I see so much good in you I want to invite you to join me on a

journey of discovering something incredible have you ever thought about

having a forever friend who is always there for you well that’s what I’m offering

you I want you to know that there’s a wonderful gift waiting for you eternal

life it’s like having a treasure just waiting to be

claimed sometimes life can be tricky and we might make mistakes along the

way but guess what that’s all part of growing up and

learning and here’s the best part I’m here to guide you through it

all every step of the way I’ll be right there by your

side now let me tell you about this super amazing God I

know he’s like no one else you’ve ever met he loves you more than you can

imagine forgives you no matter what and is always ready to pick you up when you

fall and you know what else he’s your biggest cheerleader

rooting for you every step of the way isn’t that just

incredible so are you ready to join me on this adventure trust me it’s going to be

amazing I’m here to tell you don’t let go of this incredible opportunity for

yourself your family or your cruel I’m genuinely rooting for all of

you to chill under my love umbrella safe and snug like little birds under my

wings may your lives be filled to the brim with peace and

happiness I’m loving you more than you can even imagine and guess what I’m about to

shower you with blessings Straight from Heaven so many blessings that you won’t

even know what to do with them say goodbye to all the bad vibes

holding you back you’ll find the most real peace ever in my

arms and all I’m asking from you is this wake up each day with fire in your belly

and keep grinding take a breather when you need to but when that Sun Peaks Over the

Horizon rise up with all your might ready to take on whatever comes your

way let’s do this together no whining no

tears just you me and the journey ahead when life gets tough and throws

challenges your way remember to stay Brave and keep a smile on your face even

if things aren’t going the way you hoped or if people people try to stand in your

path stick to your plans even on the hardest days or when you encounter

people who aren’t your fans instead of fighting fire with fire

show them kindness patience and lend a helping hand if they need

it but don’t forget to be wise and use your hand keep your personal struggles to

yourself don’t give others the chance to bring you down spread love to everyone but let

them see the real you and the valuable lessons you’ve learned stay away from mean-spirited

folks and don’t share your dreams with those who might try to use them against

you refuse to listen to or spread gossip about

anyone your adversaries will start to panic when they realize they can’t hold

you back I’ll take care of them when the time is right our plan isn’t finished

yet keep moving forward with faith enthusiasm and hard work until I give

the signal to stop then you’ll come across a big door

and Beyond it you’ll discover incredible blessings waiting just for

you hey there beloved I want you to know know

something deep down in your heart I believe in you yes you with all your dreams fears

and quirks you’re not alone never have

been so here’s a challenge for you let’s make a paack a commitment to connect

every day starting right now you’ve got bravery coursing through

your veins my child believe it have faith in yourself because I’ve

got your back Victory oh it’s closer than you think

just within your grasp today you woke up and you thanked

me for another day of life that’s beautiful but why stop

there gratitude isn’t expensive it’s priceless

open your mouth let those words of thanks flow freely I hear you always have always

will trust me on that come come

closer let’s share a moment just you and me find some quiet breathe deep and

think about the blessings surrounding you your life your loved ones your

health all gifts from me even the air you breathe the food you eat and the

roof over your head all part of my divine plan for you you’re not alone not by a long

shot my warrior Angels they’ve got your back standing

guard over your dreams and guess what you’re blessed

abundantly so hold on to that let it sink in

deep fill your mind with positivity see my goodness in every corner of your

life so my child keep believing keep

trusting I’m here always and I’ve got amazing things in store for

you I want you to know something special I’ve got your

back picture me like a a Cozy home in your heart where gratitude lives and

grows when you realize how much you need me and trust that good things are coming

amazing stuff starts to happen now I get

it sometimes life throws curveballs and it’s easy to get

stressed but here’s the thing worrying too much won’t solve

anything you’ve got a lot of on your plate and you want everything to run

smoothly you want your family to be healthy your home to be cozy and your

peace to stay intact and that’s totally

normal but on those tough days when it’s hard to see the good those sneaky

negative thoughts can creep in they try to make you forget how

awesome you are and fill your head with worries but don’t let them

win keep shining bright stay grateful and remember I’ve got your back no

matter what you’ve got this you Standing Tall arms lifted High

ready to speak words that send fear running think about all the good stuff

in your life your family your health and let gratitude Shield you like

armor when t times hit don’t fret I’m right there with you waiting

for you to open your eyes to a new day start each morning with a grateful

heart thanking me for the gift of life you know I’ve got big plans for

you trust me I’ve got your back everything’s falling into place

both up here in heaven and down on Earth I’m arranging things just for you

provision wisdom blessings Galore you’re not just some random

happening you’re my beloved and I’ve had good things in store for you since

before you were even born and the best part my love for you will never ever

fade so my child remember you’re not alone in this journey

lift those arms speak those words and watch the enemy

scatter your life is a gift and Heavens got blessings with your name on

them you know when you’ve been away from someone you love for a while and when

you finally reconnect that feeling of warmth and acceptance floods over

you well that’s how it is with the Divine love God’s love is like a constant

Embrace even when we feel distant or make mistakes it’s not about being perfect or

never stumbling it’s about the sincerity of our hearts God sees through all the masks

people wear pretending to be Flawless but guess what you don’t have

to pretend you Can Come Just As You Are You See God isn’t interested in

criticizing or judging us instead he cherishes our sincerity

and kindness so when we stumble it’s not

about falling down it’s about getting back up with confidence and faith

knowing that we’re loved just the same remember no matter what you’re

cherished you’re loved and you’re never alone on this journey

so let’s Embrace each other with kindness understanding and

Faith you are truly special just the way you are you’re walking along life’s path and

suddenly someone tries to blame you for something you didn’t do but hold on tight because here’s the

truth straight from above no one absolutely no one has the right to point

finger at you now if you keep your heart filled with faith and if you come to me each

day with a humble Spirit eager to learn guess what I’ve got a promise for you

blessings Galore yep you heard it right I’m not talking about fancy stuff

or shiny Treasures no what I’ve got in store for

you is something way more precious blessings and protection for you and

your loved ones but wait there’s more I’m also getting you all deared up

for those moments when opportunity comes knocking so don’t you dare be scared to

step through those doors and guess what’s happening right

now Miracles yep you heard it right again

Miracles are happening all around you new friends new chances they’re all

part of the divine plan even those tough

situations with a Sprinkle of faith and a dash of patience they’re going to turn

into blessings and peace for you and yours but here’s the kicker the best

things in life well they’re already yours

yes my love for you is as real as it gets so tell me do you

believe have faith my dear one and know that I’ve got you

covered I’m right here watching over you day in and day

out so when you wake up each morning feel my presence wrapping you in love

and protection you’re not alone my child not for a single

moment are you ready to start your day on the right foot don’t let anything steal those

precious moments when you wake up instead take a moment to hear my

words and feel my spirit guiding you know that I’ve got everything under

control and you can trust me completely when challenges come your way

Don’t Be Afraid with me beside you nothing can harm

you and guess what those problems you’re stressing

about they’ll get sorted out quicker than you think the answers you need will come

right when you need them I’m answering your prayers opening

doors you’ve been longing for your faith is getting stronger with

every step you take I’m here to help you rise above and start

aresh don’t worry about what others say or think about you hold your head high live with faith

and honor those who Envy you may try to bring you down but don’t let

them what matters most is what I think of you and let me tell you I think you’re

amazing with a heart as pure as gold so go ahead face the day with

confidence you’ve got this and I’ve got you together let’s make today

extraordinary my love is always here for you I’ve been with you through thick and

thin through every Challenge and victory now it’s time for you to rise

above your past struggles and embrace A New Beginning filled with success and

renewal let me guide you towards a path of blessings and

wisdom I offer you my love and peace to soothe your heart and

mind will you accept it I’ll shower you with blessings from

above and engrave my teachings in your heart so you never lose your

way remember it’s okay to make mistakes I’m a forgiving Living

God just trust me and I’ll lift you up even from your lowest

points believe me when I say amazing things are in store for

you all I ask is for your trust and belief this isn’t a gain it’s a promise

of unconditional love and support look around you the beauty of

nature the warmth of the sun these are all reminders of my love for

you so will you trust me and believe in my words together we can overcome

anything every single day I’m filling you up with my Holy Spirit like pouring

water into a cup and you know what happens when that cup

overflows your heart starts to change in a beautiful way like a caterpillar trans

forming into a butterfly you’ll start to see things differently not just what’s on the

outside but what’s deep down inside people’s hearts you’ll get this special kind of

wisdom like having a treasure map to people’s Souls you’re going to get even smarter

not just from books or skull but from something magical something that can’t

be explained by science alone you’ll be able to touch people’s hearts

in a way that feels like a warm hug and when you do that when you spread

love and kindness like confetti you’re showing everyone what it means to follow

me to believe in my superpowers imagine your hands are like

baskets ready to catch all the good things I’m sending your way but here’s the thing you’ve got to

keep your eyes open and work hard believe in the good things coming

your way even if you can’t see them yet the sky is opening up for you like a

giant present being unwrapped but promise me something never ever let go

of our friendship our bond I want to be your best friend

Whispering secrets to your heart when no one else is listening and guess what

you’re more special to me than all the stars in the sky my love for you is like an endless

ocean stretching out forever and ever you’re like a precious gem to me

sparkling with all the colors of the rainbow so hold on tight my

child we’re in this together now and forever today I want to share a message

message of love and faith Straight From the Heart picture this you’re surrounded by

boundless affection like a warm embrace that never Fades imagine feeling so loved not

because you have to but because your soul overflows with genuine

affection close your eyes and envision a Guiding Light a constant companion

through every twist and turn that’s what I offer you unwavering

support Always by your side when worries Loom large and fear

tries to take hold remember this you don’t have to carry it

alone just like a friend who’s always there to lend a hand I’m here to lighten

your load surrender your fears to me and together we’ll face them

headon today is a brand new chapter bursting with

possibilities it’s a chance to let go of yesterday’s troubles and embrace a fresh

start so open your heart to the love that surrounds you and let it guide you

through each moment you’re never alone on this journey I’m right here with you every

step of the way today as you walk through life keep

your eyes open for the light in people’s Smiles it’s a sign of my love dwelling

within you you’re like a special cup carrying my love and it spreads to those you meet

even if they don’t realize it you’ll see their faces light up with joy when they

feel your warmth and happiness I’m getting you wisdom today

and a strong desire to make your dreams come true I I know you want to be happy and I

want that for you too I understand everything you feel and

go through I want to keep you safe make you stronger and shield you from feeling

embarrassed so my dear change your outlook and keep smiling even when

things get tough you’re never alone I’m right here with you always

ready to lend a hand think about the love I give you

it’s something to celebrate when you sing praises and worship it’s like I’m wrapping you in a

warm HUD pushing all your worries aside and replacing them with

peace so even when things get tough keep your spirits

up let your heart be full of happiness and your voice full of

thanks lift your hands up high in worship and if someone asks why you’re

so happy just say it’s because God’s got your back they might not get it but that’s

okay I know your heart and your strong belief you’ve got a whole Army of Angels

by your side ready to help whenever you need just trust me bow your head and let

my wisdom guide you together we can do

anything set aside anything that holds you back and believe in my

forgiveness you want to change and I’m here to give you a fresh

start soon you’ll see my love surrounding you changing your life in

amazing ways trust in me my child and don’t

doubt look for me in the morning when the sun comes up warming you with its

light at that moment you’ll see my greatness shining on you lighting up

your life and chasing away Darkness your heart will be full of my

truth and your spirit will be strong pushing sadness

away promise to pray to look for me to spend time with me and to let me guide

your thoughts and choices you might be dealing with tough

situations but remember anything is possible for those who believe in me who

know I’m here and Trust in my power even when things are hard keep

trusting me with all your might even when doubts creep in and try to make you

think I’ve left you I love you more than you can imagine

and that love will never fade I’m here to guide and protect you

but I ask for just one thing from you believe in me without any

doubt I am your everything your present your future your strength and your

protector trust in me dear one and know that incredible blessings are on their

way even if you can’t see them yet your faith might seem small but it’s

all I need to shower you with the wonderful things I have planned for you you’ve held on to your belief in me

through thick and thin never giving up even when times were tough your unwavering Faith hasn’t gone

unnoticed I’ve seen your struggles your trust in me and your resilience in hard

times and now I’m pouring out my love and mercy on

you I’ll make sure those seeds of Faith you’ve planted grow into Something

Beautiful not just for you but for everyone around you trust me and watch miracles happen

in your life it’s time to see the amazing things that come from your strong faith and

determination I understand what’s deep in your heart your real

goals you’re not after fame or money you just want to take care of your loved

ones break free from debt and help those you care about I’m here to shower you with

blessings that’s what I want for you amen and hey my beloved can you tell me

once more that you love me with all your heart say you believe in me and today

you’ll see how I fill your life and your families with love and strength I adore you my child and I I

really want to do something amazing in your life I’m right here knocking softly at

the door of your heart will you let me in to bring something new wonderful and Powerful

into your life I’ve been keeping an eye on what you’ve been going through and let me

tell you I’m not about to let tough times sneak into your home and mess with

your loved ones nope not on my watch instead get ready because I’m

sending a whole bunch of good stuff your way and it’s going to keep coming for a

long long time you’ve been sticking with me through thick and thin pouring your

heart out in prayers and staying dedicated well guess

what I’ve noticed your belief in me hasn’t gone

unnoticed and I been listening to your every word so my dear ones brace yourselves

because things are about to get exciting don’t get stuck in the worries

of yesterday or let them drag you down instead get ready for a big change

that’s coming your way it’s packed with wisdom strength and

the ability to make smart choices so chin up and embrace what’s

ahead imagine a big warm hug from someone who loves you very

much that’s how much I care for you I’ve seen you holding on to Hope

even when things got tough you’ve been planting seeds of

faith in your heart for a long time now and I’ve been right there with you

cheering you on you know those tough times you been

through I’ve been watching and I’m so proud of how you’ve stayed strong and

kept believing in me now get ready because something

amazing is about to happen all those struggles you

faced they haven’t been for nothing you’ve stayed true to what’s

important to you your family your dreams and your love for

others you’ve never chased after fame or money you’ve simply wanted to take care

of your loved ones and break free from worries well guess

what I’m about to pour out blessings on you like never

before so keep on trusting me my child I’ve got your back and I’m working

behind the scenes to make wonderful things happen for you trust me on this

one amen I have an important message just

for you don’t worry okay you’re safe with

me even when things seem scary or uncertain you don’t have to freak

out you know why because I’ve got your

back yep you heard me right now I know sometimes it feels like

the whole world is going crazy you see bad stuff happening people

saying mean things and it can really bring you down but guess what you don’t have to

let that stuff get to you no way when people try to make you feel

small or say nasty things about you just remember this I love you and I’ve got

got big plans for you so don’t let those words stick to

You Like Glue Shake am off instead focus on our special

bond yeah that’s right spend time with me talk to me and

feel my love surround you like a warm hug trust me it’s like having your own

superpower even when things get tough don’t lose faith in me keep believing keep loving no matter

what you’re stronger than you know and together we can handle anything that

comes our way today I want to share something truly amazing and inspiring with you

all picture this imagine everything around you changing for the

better your worries and troubles being lifted away like heavy burdens being

taken off your shoulders and those negative feelings you’ve been carrying

around they’re being pulled out from the roots of your heart now think about yourself as a

brand new person filled with Hope and Faith gone are the days of feeling sad

alone or angry instead your heart is overflowing

with happiness strength and a sense of peace that you’ve never felt

before and guess what even the people who once tried to

bring you down will be stunned by your transformation they won’t understand how

you become so resilient and joyful but that’s because you’ve chosen

to trust in something greater in love and in the powerful words of

wisdom all those pains and struggles that used to hold you back they’re gone

now and those worries that used to keep you up at night they’re a thing of the

past today is a new beginning filled with endless possibilities for joy and

contentment believe it my child even if you can’t see it right now deep down you

can feel it can’t you that’s the power of something bigger

than us wrapping Us in its love and care and remember this you are not

weak you are strong you are not a

failure you are a conqueror and you are definitely not

defeated with Divine strength you have risen above it all Standing Tall as a

true Victor so Embrace this new day with open

arms trust in the journey ahead and know that you are never

alone my child let me reassure you once more that I believe in you with all my

heart when you feel doubtful or alone remember that I am always here for

you there may be times when life throws unexpected challenges your way when

things seem dark and even those closest to you let you down but in those moments know that your

tears are seen and your struggles are understood you are never

alone I will never leave your side no matter what even if others disappoint you my

love for you remains constant and unwavering you can always come to me with your

worries and fears knowing that I am here to listen through me you have direct access

to a loving and caring presence so don’t hesitate to share your

heart with me for I am always here to support you like a faithful

friend believe in yourself knowing that you are cherished and valued beyond

measure with faith in our bond you can face any challenge with strength and

courage trust in me and together we will overcome all

obstacles in life it’s okay to cry let those tears flow because they

carry away the pain inside you and guess

what after those tears there’s joy waiting for you

yes my child your heart will dance with happiness you dreams even the ones you

thought you lost will come back to life and you know

what your faith will shine brighter than ever before so don’t be afraid to cry because

Joy is just around the corner hey there have you ever felt like giving up

like you can’t breathe and like your problems are just too much I get

it but guess what I’m here today to tell you

something important I’ve got love for you that never runs out and I’ve got tons of

amazing things in store for you happiness blessings you name

it listen up because this is big those people you’ve lost hope

for they’re coming back into your life your faith has grown strong and now

it’s your turn to help others who are struggling get ready because good things

are about to happen chains that held back your

blessings they’re breaking if you put your trust in me

you’ll see wonders unfold I’m here stand ing firm on my

promises to you my dear ones all I ask is for your unwavering

faith in me I am your life your future your strength and your

protector so keep moving forward with faith knowing that incredible blessings

await even if your faith feels small it’s more than enough for me to shower

you with endless blessings think of your faith like tiny seeds

planted in your heart growing steadily over time I’ve been by your side through

every challenge every tough moment and guess

what your unwavering faith has helped you overcome each

obstacle today I want you to know that I’ve seen it all every struggle every

moment of trust every display of strength I’m here to wrap you in my love

and grace ready to make those seeds of Faith bloom in your life and in the

lives of those around you so hang in there the time to witness the beauty

that Springs from your faith and endurance is Drawing Near trust me Miracles are on their

way keep believing keep trusting and keep shining in your light for all to

see I understand what’s really in your heart and what you truly

want you’re not looking for fame or riches you just want to take care of

your family get rid of your debts and show love to the people who matter to

you I want to give you good things and that’s what I plan to

do amen believe in faith and positivity

if you agree type amen and if you believe in God’s love

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