God Says: The Devil Will Smile If You Ignore Me | | God Message Today |

my beloved child I find immense joy in

setting you free train your mind to

dwell on thoughts of me many Christians

are defeated because they focus too much

on less important matters the news the

weather the economy loved On’s problems

their own problems and so on while it’s

true that you will encounter trouble in

this world don’t let it consume your

attention remind yourself that I am with

you and that I have overcome the world I

am closer to you than the very air you

breathe and yet I am the infinite god

king of kings and Lord of lords I am

also your loving Savior and faithful

friend worship is one of the most

powerful ways to make you more aware of

how great I am a beautiful link is made

between you and the godhead father son

and spirit when you worship the darkness

is pushed back by true worship that

grows My Kingdom of Light reading or

singing the Psalms is a lovely way to

praise me when bad things happen

remembering the truths in the Bible will

help you stay strong take some time to

think about who I am your friend Savior

and all powerful God do you want to know

what’s right I’m sure you really need it

it was said that King Solomon asked for

a wise heart and got a lot of it this

valuable gift is very important to you

especially when you have to make big

plans and decisions so come to me for

wisdom and trust that I will give it to

you freely being wise means knowing that

you need my help with everything if your

mind is blank it’s simple to forget

about me and get stuck in your own

projects and activities but you’ll

definitely run into problems then you’ll

have to make a very important decision

you can keep going on your own or you

can stop and ask me for help

understanding and insight if you live

close to me you will ask for my help

more often and more easily being wise

starts with being afraid of the Lord

even though I’m your friend never forget

who I really am this fear of God

reverence for awe and worshipful

admiration build a strong base for

wisdom I want you to never be afraid of

bad news there is only one way to do

this keep your heart strong and trust me

completely many bad things happen in the

world but you shouldn’t be scared of

them instead trust me believe in me and

take comfort in the fact that I died on

the cross and rose from the dead I am

almighty God and I am going to save you

I am the ruler of the world and I am

still in charge come to me and pour out

your heart when things around you or in

the world seem to be getting out of hand

spend your time and energy in prayer

instead of worrying and stewing you can

come to me for for both comfort and

Direction I’ll help you figure out what

to do next please remember that your

prayers are very important to how I run

your world in ways you can’t even

imagine don’t be afraid of bad news or

let it scare you trusting me completely

will keep your heart steady and calm do

not let the worry that you will mess up

stop you or make you unable to act you

will make mistakes in this life because

you are human and don’t know everything

when you have to make big choices try to

learn as much as you can about them and

ask me for help with your plans and

thoughts I will give you advice while

you think about it with me around move

forward and make your choice when the

time is right even if you don’t know

what will happen ask that my will be

done and trust me to handle the results

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