God Says: The Devil Will Laugh If You Ignore

my beloved child race through each new

day as it comes accept not only the

things going on around you but also the

state of your own mortal body your holy

duty is to put all of your trust in me

and find comfort in my divine power and

unwavering loyalty you will have days

when the demands of the world and the

weakness of your body seem to tip the

scales days when it feels like the

world’s weight is too much for you to

carry in those tough times you have to

make a very important decision do you

give up in despair or do you trust me

know that I will never leave you even if

you choose the first option by accident

you can come to me at any time and I

will help you get out of the muck of

sadness I will give you my strength one

precious moment at a time giving you

everything you need for the day trust me

and and rely on my presence to help you

don’t let the thought of not being good

enough weigh on your soul instead hold

it up as a way to reach my Limitless

sufficiency when you feel like you don’t

have enough resources you naturally want

to worry and stress admitting that you

aren’t good enough and being thankful

for that is the most powerful way to

fight this temptation being your own

Savior and provider is no longer

necessary because of this know that

because you are flawed you need a savior

who is all powerful and perfect someone

who can meet all of your needs through a

mix of quiet reflection and action I can

get to all of my

resources your connection with me grows

stronger when you spend time by yourself

with me waiting for my divine

presence the people who are patiently

waiting for me work hard so that you can

do what you can’t do on your own however

there is a lot you can do when you go

about your daily tasks and draw strength

from the source I provide I am praised

and you dear Soul are greatly blessed

when you feel like you can’t handle how

inadequate you are please don’t hesitate

to turn to me I will meet you with love

when you are in the depths of your need

as the world seems to fall apart know

this my beloved your life can stay a

safe haven of goodness I know you want

to take charge of your life but this is

not the path I have planned for you in

my sovereignty I want you to learn how

to be calm and see each day as a

precious gift from me no matter what it

brings know that you are not responsible

for things that are out of your control

except that you only have a short time

here on Earth and keep turning toward me

stop your NeverEnding struggle and

recognize my Divinity even the worst

days can be made better by the light of

my smile shining on

you let me walk you through the details

of today one step at a time time being a

true follower of mine means you have to

deal with constant spiritual battles in

the spiritual world even the most

ordinary things you do every day can

cause small fights because of this stay

alert as you walk with me through the

Maze of Life protect yourself with the

shield of Faith to stop the evil one’s

fiery arrows recognize and ignore the

lies that the evil forces that attack

you day and night are telling you

rest Sweet Child in the fact that you

are my beloved child in whom I take

pleasure amen press Amen to show that

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