God Says: The Devil Will Laugh If You Ignore Me today

my beloved child I made you the way you

are and your short-term and minor

problems are creating an eternal beauty

that goes beyond them all life’s

problems can be too much to handle at

times and it can be hard to see past the

present but I want you to know that I

don’t waste any part of your life even

during the hard times in the present I

use them to teach but they also play a

part in the bigger plan of the Heavenly

Realms your troubles are turning them

into something beautiful that will last

forever and they are making your reward

in heaven even better but in order for

this to happen you must face problems

and always trust me when problems seem

like they will take over your life try

to see them as short-lived and

unimportant compared to the endless

Glory they are creating I’ve come to

give you life and a lot of it even

though my main goal is in coming to

Earth was to give you eternal life I

also want you to have plenty today and

every day to do this you need to know

who you are and whose you are you belong

to me the one who made and keeps the

universe going you are my beloved child

and a member of my royal family adoption

is a long-term relationship I haven’t

just hired you as an employee in its

place I have made you a permanent member

of my family don’t let the fact that you

know these truths make you lose interest

in them you can’t imagine how Lively and

alive I your steadfast guide um as long

as you stay close to me my life flows

into you and opens your heart to a

fuller life this realization helps you

see that you are on an exciting Journey

with me one in which your choices have a

big effect on the world I your God will

lead you all the way to the end Hold On

Tight to the hope you share because I

will never fail you there will be times

when you can only hold on to me like

when you’re praying deeply and trying to

find answers the enemy the world and

your own human weakness may all try to

persuade you that it’s easier to give up

and let your disappointment stay with

you in the short term they might be

right but in the long term giving up and

being resigned is always bad it often

turns into cynicism which can turn into

hopelessness in the end so the work you

put in to keep your hope alive is indeed

worthwhile courage comes from the French

word for heart and it’s something you’re

naturally good at you can ask me to help

you live bravely which means facing

problems or danger with unwavering

confidence and firm resolve because I

live in your heart I’m well aware of

what you’re going through and love

helping you get through it stand firm in

my strength and fight the urge to give

up or yield I love you no matter what

but I especially love it when when you

hold on to hope in the light of my

unwavering love I can do infinitely more

than anything you can think of or ask

for when you pray have big dreams but

remember that my thoughts are always

bigger than yours I work in your life

all the time even when you can’t see it

it’s easy to feel stuck in things you

wish you could change when you can only

see the present but I see your whole

life the tapestry of your existence and

I am planning more than you can

understand make an effort to keep in

touch with me throughout the day you can

talk to me about anything because I get

it to stay in touch the easiest thing to

do is to start each day with me and

offer your thanks and requests afterward

it will seem natural to carry on our

conversation as you go about your daily

life it will take more work to start

this communion later than you think so

please come to me early before your day

gets too busy you might think you don’t

have time for this kind of interaction

but remember that you’re not alone in

this life you work together with someone

who can do a lot more than you can ask

or think of share this video with your

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