God Says: The Devil Will Laugh If You Ignore | God Message

my beloved child there have been many

attacks doubts trials and rejections

that have made you less devoted to your

beliefs than you used to be go back to

the path of trust and read the word of

power again the hard times are almost

over and the painful days are almost

over when your good things come your way

remember that I sent them with love I

looked out for you when there was

trouble and I fed you as you moved

through the desert I want your faith to

stay strong and alive so that you don’t

forget about me your God and Lord when

life gets good keep calling out and

praying because there are still many

things you can’t see with your own eyes

there is a spiritual battle going on and

I need brave warriors like you I’m going

to do amazing things in and through you

I will use you to give many people food

clothes cloes Comfort healing and

blessings as you bless other people you

will also be blessed stand strong and

steady during this time of Miracles get

rid of the things that are holding you

back find my face and believe again I

love you and all of your worries will go

away I forget about your flaws and

forgive you I wash away your sins in the

ocean don’t worry about something just

bring it to me put it in my hands and

let me carry it in my PL for you you

will be happy in this life not

short-term happiness but joy that lasts

forever and can’t be compared to

anything else this happiness will make

you smile and Trust even when bad things

happen deep down you know that no one

can ever take my love away from you

there were hopes and dreams you had for

yourself and your family that seemed to

have died a long time ago I will bring

them back to life I’m making changes to

everything things will never be the same

for you again don’t worry and don’t feed

your fears with thoughts of losing you

are now free because I broke all of your

chains fly very high and see how far you

can go if you believe let go of your

past and accept my help I’m blessing you

with a meaningful job good health and

plenty protection from Evil true friends

peace in your family wonderful dreams

and a NeverEnding desire to live fight

conquer persist and

endure not your age should stop you and

you shouldn’t use your years as an

excuse for the reason that I love you

and want to I will do great things in

you I can’t be stopped I will always be

there for you love you and support you I

want you to love me and stay true to me

get ready for a new life full of magic I

Will Always Love You amen

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