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for we all stumble in many ways and if

anyone does not stumble in what he says

he is a perfect man able also to Bridle

his whole body James

we all stumble in many ways dear

listener James is acknowledging the fact

that we humans are prone to sin and make

mistakes the word stumble here refers to

falling into sin and it implies a lack

of control or a momentary lapse in

judgment we all make mistakes or stumble

in various ways throughout our lives no

one is perfect and everyone has

weaknesses or areas where they struggle

to be their best selves John says

if we say we have no sin we deceive

ourselves and the truth is not in us the

context of this verse is important as

John is not suggesting that Believers

should to sin or that sin is a normal or

acceptable part of the Christian Life

instead he is emphasizing the fact that

we are and that we all struggle with sin

and Temptation the phrase if we say we

have no sin shows that some people would

try to claim that they are without sin

is pointing out that such a claim is

deceptive and self- delusional while we

may try to present ourselves as perfect

or without flaw the reality is that we

are to failure to deny this fact is to

deceive ourselves and to miss out on

forgiveness and Grace we have to to

confess our sin and acknowledge that we

need Jesus every moment of Our Lives for

us to be kept when we confess our sins

and ask for forgiveness Jesus cleanses

us from all unrighteousness John

this is not a one-time event but rather

an ongoing process as we seek to follow

Jesus and walk in his ways we stumble

and fall into sin but when we come to

him in Repentance he is faithful to

forgive us and to cleanse us from all

unrighteousness share if you want to


Jesus and to make it your ambition to

lead a quiet life and attend to your own

business and work with your hands just

as we commanded you Thessalonians

make it your goal to lead a quiet

life dear listener Paul urged

Thessalonian Church to excel still more

and to make it their ambition to lead a

quiet life and to attend to their own

business and work with their hands so

that would behave properly toward

Outsiders and not be in any need what

Paul had spoken to them is also for us

Believers we have to make it an ambition

to lead a quiet life we are called to a

quiet life this also implies loving our

neighbors we Believers are always

observed by non-believers they expect us

to shine as we stand for truth in this

chaotic world we live in the peace of

God is a fascinating concept if we want

to be an attractive witness to Christ

leading unbelievers to see God’s glory

and come to him with faith let’s make it

our goal to live a quiet life we are not

to make too much noise or interfere with

other people’s lives we need to work

hard and maintain a humble and reserved

demeanor in the way we act speak and

express ourselves both within the church

and among unbelievers rather than being

driven to quarrel and boast and we have

to excel still more as was the case with

these early Believers God wants us to

keep growing in Christ and not settle

for good or great we have to lead a

quiet life and Excel still more like if

you believe in



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