God says that I really need you! Don’t avoid it. God’s advice today

God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

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because it is a message from God’s heart

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God said my dear son in this present

moment May the peace and blessings

flowing from Divine love envelop you

today I am compelled to share words that

spring forth from the deepest recesses

of my heart Guided by unw wavering faith

and the assured knowledge of God’s

encompassing care from the very instant

you entered my life it was evident that

I had been bestowed with a precious gift

from God every radiant smile every

expression of joy and even each tear

that Graces the moments of your life

serves as a manifestation of the Divine

love intricately weaving the threads of

our shared Journey observing your growth

is akin to witnessing the gentle

guidance of God’s and shaping Your

Existence it is of Paramount importance

that you comprehend the truth God has an

extraordinary plan intricately tailored

for you every chapter of your life

marked by its Peaks and valleys

contributes significantly to this

Celestial narrative in moments of

elation it is God who joyously

celebrates alongside you during times of

adversity it is his comforting hand that

clasps yours providing strength to

surmount challenges I acknowledge that

life at times may appear intricate and

even unjust yet it is imperative to etch

into your Consciousness that God is ever

presentent even when the comprehension

of his ways eludes us his promises stand

unwavering and his grace is boundless

rest assured my cherished son for god

holds the Reigns as we cast our gaze

upon the world surrounding us it is all

too easy to be entangled in the web of

worries and

uncertainties however I wish to

reiterate that God is the Luminous

Beacon Illuminating our path he is the

unwavering Compass guiding us through

life’s tempests fear not for God is the

unshakable Bedrock upon which we can

securely build our trust your spiritual

Odyssey is Uniquely Yours and God

comprehends each stride you take allow

his word to serve as the guiding lamp at

your feet and The Illuminating Light on

your journey prayer stands as the bridge

seamlessly connecting our hearts to the

very Heart Of God engage in conversation

with him at every juncture bearing your

Joys doubts and

aspirations he listens always in moments

of solitude take solace in the

realization that God’s proximity exceeds


imagination he is the steadfast

companion who never forsakes us

simultaneously the Sacred Scriptures

remind us that as parents we mirror the

Divine love in the lives of our children

hence let us strive to emulate the

heavenly father in our terrestrial

sojourn Dear Son life is an invaluable

gift from God Laden with purpose and

significance each Talent you possess

every dream you Harbor is a Divine

endowment utilize these blessings to

positively impact the world to radiate

light in times of darkness and to Bear

testimony to God’s boundless love

throughout this Expedition called life

there will be days of exuberant joy and

moments of profound sadness in all these

instances bear in mind that God remains

a constant presence his love is

immutable his grace is all-encompassing

and his Mercy is renewed with the ADV

event of each Dawn my beloved Son Repose

your trust holy in God allow his word to

be the guiding Compass steering your

journey Express gratitude for each

passing day glean lessons from every

Challenge and disseminate the Divine

love that dwells within you May the

peace of God surpassing all

understanding stand guard over your

heart and mind with love God I hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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