God says that I really need you! Don’t avoid it. God’s advice today.

God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

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said my dear son today I wish to share

with you about a crucial decision that

stands before you however I want you to

understand that my love for you remains

constant regardless of the choices you

may make the focus of this message is on

the significance of your relationship

with me the acknowledgement of my

presence in your life when I speak of

denial it’s not just about spoken words

or isolated gestures it’s about the

state of your heart and the guidance of

your soul concerning my presence in your

life denial can manifest in various ways

through the choices you make the

priorities you set and how you direct

your life I believe you grasp the depth

of this message life is full of choices

some superficial others profoundly

meaningful each decision shapes the

course of your journey influencing who

you become and how you experience the

world around you the central issue here

is the most fundamental choice of all

the choice to accept or deny my constant

presence in your life when I speak of

denial I refer not only to isolated

actions but to a continuous pattern that

can manifest in various areas of your

life it might be the denial of my

guidance when facing challenges the

denial of my grace when making mistakes

or even the denial of my presence when

seeking answers and meaning please

understand that this message is not

meant to instill fear but to highlight

the importance of your choice what is at

stake is not just a fleeting moment but

the trajectory of your life and the

Eternal impact of your decisions the

denial of my presence can lead to

spiritual emptiness a sense of

disconnection affecting all aspects of

your existence as you reflect on the

possibility of denying me consider the

profound implications of this Choice

denial can open doors to the incessant

pursuit of meaning in transient things

attempting to fill the void that only my

presence can complete it can result in a

solitary Journey where the weight of

existence is is carried without the

grace I offer remember though that even

in the possibility of denial My Love


unwavering this message is not a threat

but an invitation for deeper reflection

on what you truly value in your life it

is a call to recognize my presence and

allow it to transform your journey I

understand that you may feel overwhelmed

by the choices you need to make the

pressures of life and societal


however denying me is not the only

option the choice to accept my presence

is a journey of Discovery finding a

deeper purpose experiencing peace that


circumstances when you accept me into

your life it’s not just a spiritual

transaction but a continuous

transformation my presence brings the

light that dispels the shadows of fear

and uncertainty it provides comfort in

moments of sadness guidance at life’s

Crossroads and hope when the roads seem

challenging Denial on the other hand can

lead to an incessant search for meaning

in sources that cannot offer lasting

answers it can result in a spiral of

Despair where the Quest for fulfillment

becomes an endless Journey even in

superficial Joys The Emptiness persists

because the true source of completeness

is neglected I understand that life can

be complex filled with challenges and

Moments When Faith is tested however

know that I am here to walk beside you

at every stage of the journey accepting

my presence doesn’t guarantee a life

free of difficulties but it means being

sustained by a love that transcends any

adversity considering the message I

share remember that my desire is for you

to choose a life of fullness a life

found only in accepting my presence

denial can can lead to spiritual

emptiness but acceptance leads to a

profound communion a relationship that

transforms your journey in ways words

can only begin to describe I invite you

to an authentic and intimate

relationship with me where denial is

replaced by acceptance and emptiness is

filled with the fullness of my Grace by

choosing my presence in your life you

open yourself to a love surpassing all

expectations a peace Beyond beond

understanding and a Joy unshaken by

circumstances lastly allow me to share

with you a Biblical passage that

reflects the essence of this message

come to me all you who are weary and

burdened and I will give you rest


this is the promise of comfort and

relief I offer to those who choose to

accept my presence child as you face

life’s decisions know that I am here

patiently waiting for you regardless of

your choices my love for you remains

steadfast but I desire that you choose

acceptance allowing my presence to

transform your life into a journey of

meaning purpose and enduring Joy with

love God I hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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