God Says: Sorry I Will Ignore You If You Skip | Jesus Affirmations | God Message Today

my beloved child please accept my peace

which is different from all the peace in

the world and it’s a peace that goes

beyond your understanding and your

circumstances so it can live with even

the worse situations this peace can help

you feel better when things are bad you

have been given a life that you should

live and be happy with it be careful not

to feel unhappy because you compare your

situation to others it’s also not a good

idea to compare your current situation

to the past or to unrealistic fantasies

that have little to do with reality try

to accept the life I’ve picked out for

you instead this point of view can make

even the worst situations less painful

if I have called you to a certain

situation I will give you everything you

need to not only get through it but also

find joy in it it takes practice and

skill to learn how to be happy train

your mind mind to trust that I know what

I’m doing and to bow down to my

mysterious and infinite intelligence

find me in the little things that happen

in your day look for good even when

things are hard and confusing accept

things as they are without giving up

hope for a better future rejoice in the

hope of Heaven knowing that your

ultimate goal is to live a life that you

can’t describe as joyous I am your

shield and anyone who seeks refuge in me

will find it draw close to me and stay

where my presence protects you sometimes

you might feel like you’re open to

Life’s dangers but that’s only when you

take off my protective covering and try

to face the world on your own you forget

the most important truth which is that I

am with you all the time in those

moments the fear you feel is like an

alarm that reminds you of what has

happened the answer is easy come to me

for safety because I am your Shepherd it

is part of my Divine duty to keep you

safe I am alert and know exactly what is

in store for you on your path I see

dangerous situations coming and get you

ready to deal with them when there is

trouble a Good Shepherd can often hand

lay it so well that his sheep don’t even

notice so be smart about who you choose

to be your Shepherd I am the only

Shepherd who is really good let me keep

you safe from harm and fear if you

follow my ways walking in the bright

light of my presence and praising in my

righteousness all day long is what I

want you to do there is more and more

Darkness around you but the light of my

presence is still shining brightly

actually my glory shines even brighter

against the background of evil in this

world Miracles will happen when the good

things about Christ meet the bad things

in the world this Clash of spiritual

opposites makes the ground ready for my

strong interventions you can always be

happy in my name no matter how hard

things are for you my name Jesus says it

all about who I am you can whisper my

name as a prayer a word of Praise or a

way to stay safe and it will always work

even when things look the worst you can

praise and be glad in my righteousness

this righteousness can’t be ruined by

anything because I made it into

beautiful clothes of salvation for you

to wear forever you can walk in my light

by putting on the robe of righteousness

with joy and fully embracing my Holy

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