God says: Son, open now and receive what you asked from God! ????God’s message today for you.

God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so do not ignore this video

because it is a message from God’s heart

to bless your life today before we

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said my dear son today amidst the words

that have touched your heart I want you

to feel my love enveloping you like a

gentle breeze reaching the depths of

your soul in every challenge in every

tear I have been with you guiding and

holding you with the divine grace that

emanates from my eternal love for you

you are strong my son your strength

resonates like a Divine Melody that

extends to the farthest corners of the

universe when adversities come your way

remember that you are endowed with

infinite resilience a strength that

resides deep within your being every

scar you carry tells a story of courage

and perseverance a narrative intertwined

with my own story of love for you in

your Earthly Journey you will encounter

moments of challenge but each obstacle

is an opportunity for growth in every

intricate plot of Life Trust in my

wisdom even when the path seems shrouded

in mystery answers will come in due time

for time is an expression of my Divine

sovereignty do not fear vulnerability

for in it you reveal the authenticity of

your being allowing others to see your

truth is an act of Courage creating

bridges of understanding and empathy

authentic relationships are bright

beacons that light your path providing

warmth and meaning to your days the mark

you leave on the fabric of time is

unique a precious contribution to the

Eternal Symphony choose your actions

wisely for each decision shapes not only

your destiny but also the steps of those

who follow your paths be a beacon of

inspiration radiating the light of my

love wherever you go celebrate the

diversity that permeates the vast

Universe for each being is a unique

expression of my Divine creation respect

differences for in mutual understanding

a world of Harmony is built be an agent

of peace and love spreading these

blessings blessings wherever your

journey takes you in moments of Darkness

remember the hope that is the light

guiding your way believe in the dawn

that follows the darkest night for in

every challenge lies the promise of

rebirth and growth maintain faith for in

me you will find the strength to

overcome any adversity never doubt my

unconditional love for you in moments of

uncertainty look within for the Divine

spark reflect my love for you you are an

integral part of the vast fabric of the

universe a unique manifestation of my

Divinity embrace yourself with love for

through self-love you become capable of

truly loving others continue your

journey with courage love and purpose

for your life is the canvas where dreams

come true with each New Dawn you receive

a blank page ready to be filled with the

vibrant colors of your existence

cultivate compassion not only towards

others but also towards yourself the

Journey of self-discovery is filled with

challenges but in each one there is an

opportunity to grow and learn be kind to

yourself as I am to you keep alive the

flame of curiosity for life is a gift

full of mysteries to explore never lose

the Wonder of being an eternal Learner

in this vast universe verse each new

knowledge is an open window to a broader

World an expansion of your own

Consciousness I believe in you dear son

loneliness does not exist on your

journey for in those moments you will

discover the preciousness of your own

company loneliness is a silent teacher

that reveals hidden aspects of yourself

use those moments to connect with

yourself listening to the Serene voice

of your soul find the strength that

resides in Stillness in your journey

discover joy in the little things for

happiness resides not only in Grand

events but in simple moments that warm

the heart a smile a hug a ray of

sunshine brightening the day these small

Joys make life truly meaningful be

grateful for the gifts you receive each

new day transforming ordinary moments

into extraordinary celebration

by recognizing the blessings around you

you create a virtuous circle of

abundance that extends Beyond yourself

when the burden of worries becomes

unbearable entrust me with your

anxieties allow me to be your Safe

Harbor in stormy times faith is the

anchor that keeps your ship steady in

the turbulent Waters of Life Trust in Me

For You are never alone I am with you in

every step of your journey

allow yourself to dream my beloved Son

dreams are the seeds of great

achievements let them guide you to

unexplored Horizons the future is an

open book and you are the author of your

own story create a narrative that

resonates with the truth of your soul

and the story of your life will be an

inspiring epic continue to be a beacon

of love compassion and hope your actions

are an less source of light Illuminating

the paths of those who Cross Your

Destiny I have already planned

everything in your favor and you can

rest assured that it is already resolved

amen today brings blessings and

advancements losses and delays are

fading embrace the change with faith a

miracle is coming Express gratitude

declare blessings expect Financial

breakthroughs prepare for elevation New

Opportunities and unexpected blessings

share if you love God Amen dear God in a

challenging World We Gather with hope

and gratitude trusting you brings

healing and progress strengthen our

faith bless with well-being Financial

openings and reserved progress protect

ease anxiety fill hearts with peace and

love may fin fial doors open strengthen

faith guide in Justice and love trust

obstacles are resolved amen with love

God I hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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