God is about to do amazing things in your life in the coming week there will be lots of good

things like happiness success and feeling healthy next week get ready for even more good stuff like

money health and joy imagine good things happening to you and they will type yes God if you believe

if things seem tough don’t worry God will turn them around and make them better you

and your family will be blessed and healed God’s kindness will bring help and resources you never

even dreamed of angels will help take care of your problems and keep your family safe get ready for

miracles that will make your life better in every way type to affirm believe that something

wonderful will happen when Night Comes it’ll bring an end to your problems and bring good changes in

your work money health and how you get along with others get ready for lots of good things

like love and being rich coming to you quickly and without any limits all the sad times and worries

will go away like winning a big prize you’ll succeed and fix everything that’s gone wrong

get back what you lost and all the things blocking your path will disappear type yes Holy Father if

you believe believe in faith and positivity if you agree type and if you believe in God’s

love type I love you Heavenly Father for those who hold God close to their hearts express your love

with the words I really love you God and for our Christian Community show your support by

generously contributing super thanks ranging from $ to $ as a sign of your faith and

dedication in April and may of good things are coming your way you and your family will be

blessed with lots of good stuff like chances to do great things and have lots of good luck and

happiness let’s ask for even more good things to happen this week I hope God hears your prayers and

helps you with any tough times you’re going through be happy because amazing things are

happening God is starting something new today full of wonderful blessings endless happiness and deep

contentment trust in God and see how your life and your family’s life gets even better so stay

hopeful and grateful because God’s kindness and goodness are overflowing every hurt will heal and

every problem will turn into a wonderful chance to succeed again get ready for lots of good things

coming your way this weekend that will change your life forever you are loved very much by God who

will always care for you if you’re feeling lost or sad and don’t know what to do ask God to help you

find peace that lasts keep asking and believing and God will show you the right way to go I ask

God to keep you safe and protect you always be happy about the good things God does for you no

matter what’s happening around you trust God and talk about how great he is to feel peaceful inside

remember when you pray believe that God hears you and cares about what you’re asking for believe and

what you wish for will come true in your life it’s important to have faith because pleasing

God is hard without it sometimes you just need to ask God for help and let go of your worries

trusting that he’ll take care of them you’ll see amazing things happen when you rely on the Divine

when you’re sad find comfort in God’s love he’ll wipe away your tears and mend your heart when it’s

broken think of God as a safe place where nothing bad can happen to you when you’re going through

tough times walk alongside God trust him to show you the way and give him all your worries that’s

how you find true happiness remember humans collect things but God gives and forgives

endlessly follow jesus’ teachings like building a strong House On Solid Ground he’s the way to make

things right in the end be strong and believe in something greater than yourself when you recognize

the goodness around you your path becomes clearer even when times are tough and you’ve been waiting

a long time keep going good things are coming soon the good things happening in your life aren’t just

for you they’ll make a positive impact on others too even when things get really hard remember

that you’re not alone there’s something special watching over you helping you through tough times

talk to this special power when you need help the most hey guess what big changes are coming

your way in just days expect good news about money your debts will disappear you’ll get the

home you’ve always wanted and you’ll have enough for your family and when good things happen say

thank you it brings even more good stuff your way keep smiling even when it’s dark outside today say

confidently I deserve God’s kindness and I’m ready to receive lots of love healing and good things

get ready for lots of good things coming your way soon your happiness health and success will reach

amazing Heights God is about to open a door you’ve been hoping for the next week will be amazing

bring bringing you lots of happiness love and money any sadness you felt will disappear by the

weakend replaced by happiness light love and good things stay strong and brave and don’t be afraid

or sad because God is always with you never giving up on you even when things are tough be kind to

those who are not kind to you and good things will come your way keep going even when you feel tired

or frustrated there are amazing opportunities waiting to change your life forever remember

those who trust in God will find new Strength like eagles soaring high claim This Promise by typing

Jesus wishes for your life to be filled with love joy and good things and for your friendships

to grow stronger every day tough times won’t last forever soon peace will come help is on

the way bringing blessings and miracles healing strength and Authority are yours you can overcome

challenges and emerge in scathed Victory is is assured move forward with faith and confidence

guard your tongue against words that displease me and rid yourself of emotions that poison

your spirit replace your past burdens with fresh aspirations and dreams let my boundless

forgiveness wash over you cleansing every wound and mistake Paving the way for a Bright Tomorrow

Within in you I ignite a flame that will shine brightly Illuminating the lives of those you

hold dear watch as their faces light up in awe at the sight of you for the glow in your eyes carries

the Divine Touch of my Holy Spirit bestowed upon you as a token of my boundless love and grace your

task is to immerse yourself in my teachings to seek me in prayer and as you deal deeper into the

spiritual realm your hunger for my presence will grow in your dreams I will unveil my divine plan

for you but remember wield this gift with care and [Music] responsibility keep praying every

day if you talk to me honestly and Faithfully I’ll give you peace and wisdom you’ve been through a

lot and now you can make smart choices I’ve been with you through all the tough times protecting

you from even worse things the bad stuff tried to hurt you in sneaky ways but you found ways

to protect yourself without even realizing it believe in Jesus and say it out loud trust that

he came back to life and you’ll be saved Keep On Believing and know that your fure future with God

is bright he made you perfectly see how everything in your life that seemed dull is coming back to

life your dreams your friends your health your money and your happiness All Because of Jesus

when you have faith like the Bible says it makes God really happy and he gives you good things all

the worries you had will go go away and good things will come to you in ways you can’t even

imagine God will make you healthy again even when it seems impossible so don’t worry God has a plan

for you and waiting for him is always worth it believe in faith and positivity if you agree

type and if you believe in God’s love type I love you Heavenly Father for those who hold

God close to their hearts express your love with the words I really love you God and for

our Christian Community show your support by generously contributing super thanks ranging

from $ to $ as a sign of your faith and dedication thank you so much for joining us to

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