God Says: Skip This And Luck Will Leave You || God Message

my beloved child I watch over you and

love you all the time in times of

Darkness don’t worry about tripping I’ll

protect you with a shield that can’t be

broken open the door to your heart and

let my light guide you get ready to be

changed receive my Holy Spirit he will

lead you to the truth walk with you and

shape away your fear and doubt fear and

doubt will no longer rule your life my

love now fills your whole heart you

won’t let worry or stress happen the

things I promised you will happen

because I love you my will be done

because I am in charge of everything I

promise to keep my word Love Is Now

pouring over you like rain it has made

your heart soft again and now there is a

good simple heartbeating inside you full

of Faith and Hope ready to love and

eager to live as innocent as a child but

as as strong and unyielding as a warrior

accept that the past is over and move on

with your life you’re a different person

now wiser more patient and more calm

please pray and try to get rid of the

bad habits and thoughts that come from

the past I am giving you peace my

blessings will cover you I love you just

the way you are my beloved child more

wonderfully unique than you can imagine

I have a wonderful plan for you that I

will carry out exactly as planned

I will show you the right way to get

where you want to go and give you the

miracle you need and the answer you’ve

been waiting for your hopes and dreams

will soon come true spend some time in

prayer if you ask for me in the morning

or before bed you will see that many

answers to your prayers are already

there as you read my words they will

change the way you see and feel

everything your character will change

and people who were mean to you will

also start to change there will be New

Hope in your heart a bigger smile on

your face and people will respect your

confidence you’ll never be a loser

because you’ve never been one I give you

life and strength the right to Rise From

the Ashes to do well and to be happy you

and I both rose from the dead believe it

accept it and receive it I give you this

divine power that will calm the Rough

Waters of your life and give you the

strength to walk safely toward your

Destiny you will not be scared when you

walk through rough water you will not be

overwhelmed when you cross rough rivers

and if you walk through fire it will not

hurt you I have given you the power to

walk on snakes scorpions and all of the

enemy’s strength now nothing can hurt

you I love care for and protect you and

you don’t have to do anything to earn my

love no one else has the right to what I

have for you now have faith when you

need help call call out to me and I will

answer I will tell you powerful things

you don’t know I will keep talking to

you and listening to you I’m going to

tell you about my blessings and the love

that makes up for all your troubles

things will go wrong but you’re mine and

I love you you are my sheep and I will

take care of you know that I chose you

to be a person who is deeply loved and

blessed tell me you believe it take

these words seriously feel my presence

as as you read and listen breathe in

this scent take it in and enjoy the

experience when you kneel and prepare to

pray you will find joy happiness and

Felicity these lovely feelings are yours

and they will always be with you share

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