God Says, Skip Me Now! And I Am Leaving You For Forever | gods message | God says

God is saying to you today

when you have setbacks disappointments

people coming against you a negative

medical report don’t get discouraged

that’s a sign that you are moving

towards your Finish Line

the enemy was fine when you got started

but when you begin to make progress you

got his attention that’s when he threw

you out some obstacles and challenges

where you confused him is he thought you

would give up after the first few


he thought you had get discouraged when

that friend turned on you when you lost

that client when your child got in

trouble but instead you kept moving


thanking me that I am in control

thanking me for fighting your battles

saying every morning no weapon formed

against me will prosper

type amen if you believe

because of this I will go before you and

open doors no man can shut

ensure you with blessings healing and


The Best Is Yet To Come

God says my child do not compromise on

things I planned for you because of the

fears that were haunting

you in the past

you will not fall you will never fail I

am all around you and I will lift you up

so high to the places you and I can get

even closer

trust me love and let’s jump

trust my love and let’s jump


remember not a single second passes when

I am not with you so I will be with you

also on that jump allow me to show you

the Wonders I prepared just for you I

believe in you

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