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God’s message for you today if you want

God blessings always upon you then watch

video till the end my beloved child

today walk with the mind of Christ

seeing yourself in situations through my

eyes of Truth and Grace and

unconditional love and acceptance break

free from boxed thinking and doubts or

fears holding you back take hold of the

new thing I want to do in and through

you for my

glory the past is in the past behold old

I make all things new starting today as

you walk with me for the Lord your God

is living among you I will dwell with

you and be your God and you will be my

people I am in your midst wherever you

go whatever you face you are never alone

because I am

Emanuel god with you I will give you a

spirit of wisdom and Revelation in the

knowledge of me having the eyes of your


enlightened if you want God’s grace

always upon on you then please consider

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thanks button I will guide you into all

truth through my spirit if you have ears

to hear what I am

speaking listen and you will know my

voice my sheep know my voice and they

follow me I am the Good Shepherd who

laid down his life for the sheep and

took it back up again in

Victory now I live to intercede for

you I search for the lost sheep until I

find them then I carry them safely home

on my shoulders

rejoicing that is how valuable you are

to me I leave the to go after the one

for many are called but few are chosen

type triple in the comments if you

believe but you are chosen my beloved

chosen to walk in Covenant relationship

with me chosen to know my heart and my

mind and my will for your life chosen

for divine assignments that I have

prepped and readied you for through all

your journey thus far your experiences

have qualified you now it is time to

walk boldly into all I have for you with

me by your side never alone never

forsaken I promise to never leave or

abandon you and I am a promis keeper I

swore by myself because there is no

higher name to swear by my word and my

name are one I Am The Great I Am was is

and is to come the first and the last

the alpha and omega beginning and end I

Am Lord of the breakthrough who goes

before you to lead in Victory so lift up

your head dear one lift up your voice in

praise to me fill your atmosphere with

worship songs and soak in my presence

which brings fullness of joy share this

video with up to five people if you need

God’s presence I inhabit the Praises of

my people as you exalt me I will draw

nearer to Fellowship face to

face the joy of the Lord will become

your strength and carry you through

anything we have overcome you and I

together greater is he that is in you

than he that is in the world trying to

shake you now Rest in Me trust in me

take my yoke and learn from me I am meek

and humble in heart and you will find

rest for your souls abide in the vine

and let me nourish you drink deep of my

living water and never thirst again eat

of the bread of life my very word and be

satisfied come into Union with me abide

and make your home in me as I make my

home within you we are one now coars

together partakers of the Divine Nature

by my spirit within you sealed in

guaranteeing your Eternal inheritance

kept safe for you in heaven Rejoice that

your name is written in the Lamb’s Book

of Life the Angels Rejoice over each

sinner who

repents and Heaven cheers you on as you

walk out your destiny with me the cloud

of witnesses who have gone before you

are cheering you on too take courage

from their examples stand on the

shoulders of giants who paved the

way take up my mantle now and walk

boldly into your calling with me ever

before you to lead you and behind you to

protect you beside you to comfort you

each step of the way amen

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