God Says: Satan Will Leave Your Life If You Watch | | God Message Today |

beloved child give me your hand and let

me guide you patiently and gently along

the path of love where my will rains the

storms quiet down and the Seas calm when

they hear my voice you walk under a

protective mantle and your peace and

security are so great that the noises of

the night no longer frighten you do not

let the confusion of this world make you

lose your way never let go of my hand or

divert your

attention each day is a precious

opportunity to keep fighting and the

problems the falls the discouragements

and the complaints of the past are gone

remove them from your mind you don’t

have to carry a burden that makes it

impossible to renew your way of thinking

start with your words don’t hurt

yourself with what you say don’t SE

defeat in your own land foolish words

can destroy innocent lives Tire families

and plunge many into depression let wise

sayings come from your lips words for

growth and edification

ation don’t let the enemy convince you

that you can’t change that your future

is filled with defeat and problems and

that your destiny lies in depression and

Oblivion for with me there are no

impossibilities hold on to this truth

whatever happens do not forget that your

life your future your character your

finances your marital situation your

family conflicts however difficult they

may seem I can change them and if you

ask me I can start

today I’m not saying it will be easy I’m

giving you my promise that you have my

help my support and my power I love you

and I want you to be well always the

miracle you need I want to and Ken make


happen believe me believe me walking

with the cross on my back had a purpose

suffering the cruestv I knew that one

day you would be born and go through a

path of lashes and Scorn you have

endured so much suffering caused by

people but today I will remove all

discouragement and frustration from your

heart I already suffered and gave my

life and Rose for you so you could have

the opportunity for an abundant free and

happy life but believe my word so that

your mind can undergo a true

transformation and a river of clean

thoughts flows where there was once only

confusion where there was sorrow there

will be Joy where there was depression

there will be a strong desire to live

love and forgive yourself I have long

since forgotten your mistakes

give me your heart my child let your

eyes look at my

ways you will keep fighting and sewing

in this world where you are a pilgrim

but my blessing is your destiny I want

your feet to walk on the path of my love

I ask you again and very seriously this

time to give me your heart today and I

will fill you with joy remove those

afflictions that have saddened your face

and give you the strength to overcome

the things that have been attacking you

since your childhood you know what I


you know what it is I have loved you as

you are but I chose you to have Victory

to conquer to guide others on their path

to their Destiny so that many can see

how my will is done in someone like you

with a simple heart maybe it’s difficult

for you to accept so much spiritual

richness what I give you is not empty

wealth accept it humbly and be filled

with courage because I will bring many

changes around you I am your life give

me the chance to show you that I can

change you completely so much so that

many won’t recognize you they will

Marvel at the tenacity the strength and

the happiness they see in you accept my

invitation give me your heart

today I begin a powerful transformation

in you your family and you will be

surrounded by Harmony peace and blessing

I will rescue you from the storm with

victory in hand I love you and at this

very moment right where you are I want

you to feel it your heart is filling

with this beautiful and profound emotion

which fills you with joy and banishes

your sadness feel as the weight on your

shoulders lifts and there’s a lightness

in your step a new found strength to

carry on stand up now you cannot give up

now that you’re on the verge of Triumph

even when the storms rage and the winds

shake you under my wings I protect you

and my hand guards you I also know what

pain is I know what it feels like for

those you trusted to abandon you

when enemies pierce your soul with the

nails of hatred and tear your back with

the whips of

compassionless I know what it’s like to

love unto death and give your heart even

when met with disdain I understand you I

know exactly what you’re feeling share

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