God Says: Release Your Worries To Me | God’s Message Today | God’s Message Now

dear listener God wants to give you rest

he wants to refresh and restore your

soul your mind will and emotions it’s so

easy to get caught up in the busyness of

life and before long your mind will and

emotions are so spun up that you can

barely think straight but even in the

hustle of life you can find rest ease

and relaxation God wants to take care of

everything that concerns you so that you

can find rest in your innermost being

when you come to him

imagine how you would feel if someone

came up to you today and said give me

all of your monthly bills I’m going to

pay them you’d get pretty excited

wouldn’t you but it wouldn’t happen

until you did your part to actually hand

that person your bills they can’t pay

them for you if you never release them

in the same way when we release our

cares and concerns to God he promises to

take care of them today release your

cares to the Lord let him fill you with

his peace and joy receive the rest that

he promises and enjoy the Fulfillment

and blessing he has for you a prayer for

today father today I humbly come to you

I choose to cast my cares on you so that

I can live in your rest thank you for

your goodness to me help me find ways to

share your goodness with those around me

today in Jesus name amen like if you

believe in


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