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my child on this day I desire to speak

to the very essence of who you are Let

Me Gently remind you of the

extraordinary potential that resides

within your heart for you are not a mere

creation you are a masterpiece

intricately fashioned by my hands Your

Existence is woven with purpose and

Destiny an integral thread in the fabric

of your being as psalm

declares I praise you because I am

fearfully and wonderfully made your

works are wonderful I know that full

well Embrace this Truth for you are

fearfully and wonderfully made a

testament to the Divine craftsmanship

that shaped you do not allow the

constraints of this world to confine you

you have been bestowed with unique gifts

talents and passions meant to radiate

brightly and make a profound difference

in the lives of others remember


which says shine like stars in the

universe Let Your Light illuminate the

world around you dispelling Darkness

with the Brilliance of your purpose in

moments of Doubt recall that you are

chosen for a specific purpose you are

equipped with everything needed to

fulfill that purpose empowered by my

Spirit dwelling within you

as Timothy assures for the spirit

God gave us does not make us timid but

gives us power love and

self-discipline let courage and boldness

be your companions as you step into the

fullness of your created identity during

times of challenge perceive obstacles as

opportunities for growth and

transformation I am your strength and

moments of weakness guiding you through

everything storm trust in my unwavering

presence and lean on my Infinite Wisdom

as Isaiah promises so do not fear

for I am with you do not be dismayed for

I am your God I will strengthen you and

help you I will uphold you with my

righteous right hand surround yourself

with those who believe in your potential

and encourage your

dreams seek mentors friends and fellow

believers who Inspire and challenge you

to reach higher together you can spur

one another on to Greatness and impact

the world around you remembering


as iron sharpens iron so one

person sharpens another when the world

attempts to Define your worth based on


measures remember that your value is

found in me you are my beloved loved

child and I Delight in you just as you

are your worth is not determined by

achievements possessions or the opinions

of others rest in the knowledge that you

are deeply loved and cherished by me

take moments to seek my presence in the

Stillness of your soul in Quiet Moments

I will speak to you and reveal the path

I have prepared for you find solace in

my word for is a lamp unto your feet and

a light unto your

path as Psalm declares above all

remember that I am with you always in

every moment and

Circumstance I am there guiding

protecting and loving you trust in my

faithfulness for I am the Alpha and the

Omega the beginning and the end I hold

your life in the palm of my hand

and I will never let you go today I

encourage you to embrace your uniqueness

and walk in the fullness of your purpose

trust in my plans for your life for they

are plans to prosper you and give you a

future filled with hope echoing in

Jeremiah step forward with

confidence knowing that I am your loving

father cheering you on every step of the

way your your journey is a testament to

The Grand Design I have for you may you

find strength in your purpose comfort in

my presence and inspiration in the

realization that you are fearfully and

wonderfully made your life is a

masterpiece and I am the artist who

Delights in every stroke of your

existence your support means the world

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