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my beloved child hear The Whispers of wisdom as they flow like a gentle stream

weaving through the fabric of existence to guide your steps along the path of Truth allow me to unveil the mysteries

of Life Illuminating the way with the Brilliance of divine Insight wisdom dear

one is more than mere knowledge it is the art of discernment honed through the

tapestry of experiences and grounded in the Eternal truths that resonate within your soul it beckons you to delve deep

into the reservoirs of understanding to drink from the Wellspring of divine guidance that flows

ceaselessly in my Essence I embody the essence of truth and the Very breath of

life itself I am the Alpha and the Omega the beginning and the end the Eternal

Word that resonates through the cosmos within the Sacred Scriptures my

voice Echoes offering Solace to the weary traveler and wisdom to the seeking heart

as you Journey forth know that I am your constant companion walking alongside you

with unwavering love and guidance even amidst the storms of life I Am The

Anchor that holds you steady the lighthouse that guides you safely through the tumultuous

Waters the path ahead may be fraught with challenges and obstacles but fear not for I am the way maker clearing the

path before you and leading you along the straightest of Roads look back upon the road you have

traveled and you will see the footprints of my presence marking each step with Grace and Providence in the midst of

chaos and clamor find solace in our communion amidst the cacophony of voices

vying for your attention carve out moments of Stillness to bask in the radiance of my

presence in the silence listen for The Whispers of wisdom that echo in the

depths of your soul guiding you with gentle nudges and subtle cues rest

assured I am with you always a Beacon of Hope in the darkest of nights when the

earth trembles and the mountains Quake I am your refuge and strength a fortress

of unshakable peace let your heart be still and know that I am God Sovereign and omnipotent

reigning over all creation in the face of adversity take courage for I have

already conquered the world align your will with mine surrendering to the

Divine orchestration of events unfolding before you embrace the blessings that abound for in every trial and

tribulation there lies an opportunity for growth and transformation life is a dance a

graceful interplay of Rhythm and movement let me Lead You In the dance of existence guiding your steps with wisdom

and Grace though the path May twist and turn trust in the Divine choreography of life

life knowing that each step is part of a greater Symphony unfolding so my beloved child walk

boldly along the path of wisdom for in The Pursuit Of Truth you shall find

Liberation and in the Embrace of love you shall find peace Trust In The

Guiding hand of Providence and let your heart be filled with hope and courage for together we shall Journey Through

the vast expanse of Eternity hand in hand soul to soul forever more

behold I am the radiant light unblemished by even a shadow of

Darkness seek my Illumination in every circumstance for I am abundantly present

in every moment waiting for you to open your heart and mind to my guiding ways yet be

prepared to relinquish your own plans and dreams for my path is Flawless even

amidst trials and tribulations I stand as a shield to all who seek refuge in me when fear or Affliction

grips your heart turn to me and declare Lord I take refuge in you though I may

not Shield you from every trial you encounter know that I protect you from far more dangers than you realize your

role in this world is vital and I am with you every step of the way strive

earnestly to live out the purpose I have ordained for you finding joy in your dependence upon me your soul will find

deep satisfaction in surrendering to my will come close to Mia my beloved for I

extend a continuous invitation for you to find solace in my presence and to fix your thoughts upon me my child type Amen

in the comment box relax and listen as my love Whispers gently in the depths of your soul know that you are cherished

with an everlasting love and contemplate the truth that I am with you always build your life upon this

unshakable foundation for the world is in constant flux offering no Solid Ground to stand

upon remain attuned to my presence throughout your day seeking my guidance and

strength if your thoughts wander call upon me

saying Jesus Keep Me conscious of your presence let these words echo in your

heart drawing you back to me whenever you stray the more you invite me into your life

the more joy you will find and the more I can bless others through you love is

patient my dear one it is the first attribute Paul uses to describe love and

it is a quality I hold dear in the hearts of my followers patient individuals maintain their composure in

the face of waiting and adversity displaying love in its purest form let

patience Blossom within you nurtured by my spirit as you seek growth and

transformation do not shy away from praying for patience for trials serve a noble purpose in My Kingdom they refine

your faith and lead to praise and honor unto me allow my peace to guard your heart and mind knowing that I am near

dedicate time to be with me presenting your requests with gratitude and

receiving the peace that surpasses all understanding you are never alone in your struggles even in moments of

Solitude I am by your side yet ready to engage in dialogue and provide Comfort resist the

assaults of the enemy with the power of my word which is alive and dynamic speak it aloud commit it to

memory and find strength in its truth draw near to me and I will draw near to

you with me on your side Victory is assured for I have already conquered the

world through my death and Resurrection rest in the certainty that you dwell in the realm of victory for I am the

Eternal Victor and you share in my Triumph in the journey toward Heaven the

recognition of the absolute security of your future can indeed transform your perspective no longer do you live

defensively fearing suffering at every turn but rather you boldly follow me wherever I lead I am not only teaching

you to seek my face and heed my guidance but also to find joy in surrendering yourself entirely to me remember in

times of trouble I am your unwavering help my presence accompanies you

offering refuge and Solace regardless of your circumstances or the path you walk

though unseen my presence is more substantial than the tangible world around you to

perceive me you must look beyond the surface with the eyes of your heart and communicate with me through prayer

trusting that I hear and care deeply for you your prayers hold great significance in the Divine orchestration of the world

even if their impact is not immediately evident my ways surpass human

understanding and my thoughts are higher than yours therefore it is vital to

carve out moments of Stillness to acknowledge my sovereignty sit quietly in my presence

breathe in my peace and find rest for your soul embrace the strength of my glory

for it sustains you through trials and empowers you to persevere in the face of

challenges do not succumb to passivity or negativity recognize that within

adversity lies opportunity for growth do not bury your talents out of resentment or fear but instead sees the potential

within your circumstances my glory strengthens you to endure and fills you with joy

enabling you to bear fruit in my kingdom you were designed to depend on me to

engage in honest conversation about your struggles and inadequacies approach me without

pretense trusting that I am with you always ready to guide and

assist as you remain connected to me my life flows through you enabling you to

fulfill the purpose I have ordained for you surrender to my love for it triumphs

over your soul making you holy in mine in surrendering to me you find true

emancipation and freedom allow my Divine Radiance to shine through you as I mold you into my

likeness with ever increasing Brilliance Revel in the freedom discovered in me and willingly submit to my triumphant

love in possessing me your Redeemer Sovereign and Confidant you possess all

that truly matters do not be disheartened by the lack of worldly success for in me you find fulfillment

beyond measure consider the Timeless wisdom I imparted to my disciples what worth is

there in gaining the entire world if it costs you your soul indeed there is no

treasure that Rivals the Priceless gift of eternal life Envision a jeweler

tirelessly seeking Flawless pearls and upon discovering one of unparalleled Purity willingly surrendering all to

possess it such as the nature of my kingdom a treasure beyond measure Beyond

estimation therefore my beloved find contentment in having me regardless of

any worldly shortcomings comparison often the Wellspring of discontent must be

diligently avoided remember you are my unique

creation redeemed through my sacrificial love and infinitely precious in my eyes

cultivate a joyful communion with me the Savior whose love surpasses all

understanding I will continue to mold you into the Masterpiece I designed you to be

gratitude diligently cultivated paves the Royal Road to unadulterated

Joy No pleasure finds fulfillment without the expression of Thanksgiving while it is Noble to extend

gratitude to those who bless you never forget that I am the ultimate source of all blessings shower me with praise and

thanks each day it nourishes your soul and deepens our connection as my cherished follower you

are gifted with magnificent Grace favor unearned and undeserved no circumstance can sever the

bonds of my love from you each morning speak words of gratitude for the gift of a new day throughout the day remain

vigilant for the blessings and joys I scatter in your path remembering that my presence is the greatest Treasure of all

in moments of adversity pour out your heart to me knowing that I am always attentive and

deeply caring Lean on Me Your everpresent solace in times of trouble refrain from

allowing difficulties to consume your thoughts instead seek renewal within my

presence trusting in my perfect timing reject the falsehood that Joy can

only be savored once difficulties are resolved within me you can find peace

amidst chaos our relationship is a collaborative Endeavor turned to me for

guidance and assistance embracing Serenity and trusting in my provision hold my hand with unwavering

trust for I am your source of Jubilation let these words resonate

within your mind and Echo deep within your soul I your steadfast companion am

an endless Wellspring of Joy never to forsake you if you fully Embrace this

belief you’ll find that every day of your life is a cause for rejoicing said disregard the label of a bad day

for even in the midst of of profound struggles I am by your side holding your

right hand goodness can be found in each day solely due to my unwavering presence and

enduring love while material wealth May evade You by worldly standards my unwavering love

is immeasurable offering you Refuge under the shelter of my wings despite the tumultuous world

around you my love grants you access to the river of my Delights when the world

seems divid of Joy turn to me and drink deeply from this enchanting River my

loving presence is your ultimate Joy I extend to you an invitation to behold my Splendor and seek me

increasingly an invitation brimming with delight though you may catch glimpses of

my loveliness and the wonders of nature they are but feeble Reflections of My boundless

Glory the grandest revelations await you in the Hereafter When You Shall Behold

me face to face in the realm of Heaven for now the privilege of gazing upon my

beauty requires steadfast focus on my unseen presence through prayer and contemplation of my

word my child type yes if you agree with me the essence of your quest to find me

lies in the constant awareness that I am forever with you scatter reminders of my nearness throughout your home car and

workplace whisper my name to yourself as a reminder of my proximity sing praises unto me read

recite passages from scripture aloud seek companions who share your fervor for knowing me more deeply and embark on

this glorious Quest together pursue me earnestly considering me an

indispensable necessity and seek me with all your heart fix your gaze not on the

visible but on the invisible you expend an excessive amount of time and mental

energy pondering trivial matters superficial concerns devoid of value in My Kingdom The Gift of Sight is a Marvel

granted by me yet it can become a snare if misused you have access to mirrors reflecting your

image with disquieting Precision coupled with media’s portrayal of flawlessness

tempting you to obsess over your appearance similarly preoccupations with

possessions and familial ties divert your focus from the sole enriching joys of knowing me in seeking me you Revel in

the company of the only perfect being to ever exist however my perfection does not Li an outward appearance but in my

Divine sinless character my beloved child know this deeply you are affirmed

as mine adopted into my royal family and I hold you in the Embrace of my endless

grace before the foundation of the world I chose you to be holy and blameless in

my sight a cherished member of my eternal Kingdom though you may fall short of this lofty standard in your

daily life in my eyes You Are Holy and blameless for this is your Eternal

position within my realm while I may not condone every action or decision you make I wholeheartedly approve of you the

authentic intricately designed self that I fashioned with love I understand your longing for

affirmation and I recognize the challenge you face in fully accepting it

therefore I implore you to adopt the perspective of Grace viewing yourself

and others through the lens of my unmar favor through Grace focus more on the

goodness and righteousness within you and allow my transformative work to take root in your life molding you into my

likeness with ever increasing Radiance know that not only do I approve of you but I also take Delight in you

therefore persist in dwelling in me rooted and built up in my love overflowing with

gratitude the relationship you share with with me is unparalleled for you abide in me and I

dwell in you you never Journey alone for I’m always at your side

providing an unwavering foundation for your life I encourage you to continue building upon this Foundation living in

constant awareness of my presence gratitude serves as a crucial Cornerstone of your existence expanding

the capacity of your heart to receive abundant Joy it equips you to endure suffering without succumbing to despair

or self-pity regardless of the circumstances you can always give thanks to me for your Eternal salvation and my

unwavering love which remain constant and unchanging while other blessings

such as relationships finances or health May

fluctuate I urge you to count both kinds of blessings until you overflow with gratitude remember I am God and you are

not though this may sound Stern it is a blessed reality check reminding

you of your rightful place in my kingdom and the depth of my love for you in the Sacred Garden of Eden Satan cunningly

tempted Eve with the very same desire that led to his own tragic fall from the heavens the desire to be like God to

supplant my Divine position sadly Eve yielded to this Insidious Temptation and

Adam followed suit since that fateful moment Human Nature has been inclined to

grab at Godlike control striving to manipulate every facet of life and passing judgment when circumstances fail

to align with personal desires however remembering that you are

not God is a liberating truth you need not bear the burdens of matters beyond

your control which truth be told encompasses most

Matters by relinquishing everything not within your purview you free yourself

from carrying need needless burdens and enhance your Effectiveness where you do have influence

furthermore entrusting your concerns to me acknowledging my sovereignty allows you to present your

requests with Thanksgiving sharing your prayers with me my child like the video now living in

this manner Shields you from anxiety and bestows upon you a peace that transcends

comprehension joyfully thank me for the Forgiveness of all your sins past

present and future known and unknown forgiveness is your greatest need and I

have met this need perfectly and eternally as the eternal life who was with the father and revealed to you

through your faith in me as your savior God you inherit everlasting life let

this astounding promise fill you with joy and dispel any fear of the future your future is radiant and secure an

inheritance that will never Decay spoil or fade reserved for you in heaven the

most fitting response to this boundless infinite gift is gratitude the more you

thank me the more joyful your life becomes therefore be vigilant for the

things that Kindle gratitude within you the act of thanking me whether through spoken or written word in silent prayer

soft Whispers exuberant shouts or songs of praise magnifies your joy and

elevates you above your circumstances an enjoyable way to express your adoration is to read psalms

aloud rejoice in me my redeemed one for nothing can sever your connection with

my love I am the vine and you are one of the branches whoever abides in m and I

in them will bear abundant fruit apart from me severed from vital

Union with me you can accomplish nothing come contemplate this glorious truth I

am alive within you just as sap courses through a Vine into its branches my life

flows through you my beloved child I the Divine am your ultimate source of bliss

and serenity my deepest desire is for you to find joy in our connection and in the wisdom imparted through my sacred word

as the Eternal Word I have existed since the dawn of time and shall endure for all

eternity within the pages of the Bible you will discover the profound essence

of my being immerse yourself in its verses and you shall find solace in my

presence making the Delight of my company a constant companion on your journey take moments each day to

contemplate these sacred words perhaps even committing them to Memory they

shall serve as your anchor during restless nights and times of adversity knowing that I am the source

of your joy will shield you from despairing over your circumstances or envying the apparent prosperity of

others my everpresent presence in your life ensures that you have an unending Wells Spring of Joy find Delight in Me

by rejoicing in my name throughout your day a simple prayer invoking Jesus can

lift your spirits embrace the opportunity to Revel in my righteousness

a gift I have bestowed upon you out of love this cloak of righteousness envelops you eternally gratefully accept

the challenges that life presents sense for they are gifts from me opportunities

for you to grow stronger and more reliant on me contrary to worldly wisdom strength

and dependence are intertwined In My Kingdom you were designed to walk closely with me throughout your Earthly

Journey difficulties highlight your neediness and encourage you to rely on my boundless

sufficiency when you confront challenges placing your trust in me you are blessed

overcoming trials becomes a thrilling exper experience when undertaken with me by your side your relationship with me

deepens as we navigate these trials together fortifying your sense of security through the Inner Strength I

provide you become ready for any challenge rejoice in my sufficiency in

my loving presence you will find tranquility and boundless Joy seek me as

you journey through your day for I eagerly await your desire to connect with me though distractions abound never

lose sight of my constant companionship remind yourself of my presence whenever distractions threaten

to steal your focus yet beware of forsaking your first love for that is a

far more perilous predicament if you find yourself in this situation repent and return to me

confess the idols that have drawn you away and accept my forgiveness with gratitude collaborate with me to reorder

your priorities placing me at the Forefront of your life if immerse yourself in my

presence contemplating my identity as The Sovereign of the universe the Illuminator of the

world my child type – in the comment box bask in the radiant light of life

allowing it to permeate your being and reflect my love joy and peace to others

when faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles turn to me and declare I am

incapable but together with you I am capable it is essential to

acknowledge your limitations as a healthy dose of reality however recognizing my enduring

presence and my unwavering desire to assist you is the most crucial aspect of the equation pour out your heart to me

beseech me to shoulder your burdens and illuminate your path forward redirect

your energy towards our connection instead of expending it on matters beyond your control seek my face unceasingly and

remain prepared to follow my lead trusting that I will clear the path before you view your inadequacy as a

gateway to my presence and consider your journey as an adventure we Embark upon together maintain constant communication

with me relishing my companionship as we navigate life’s challenges together I

want you to grasp the vastness of my love a love that transcends human

comprehension distinguish between knowing me personally and merely possessing knowledge about me

to fully experience my loving presence you require the empowerment of my

spirit request his strength to fortify your inner self enabling you to grasp

the depth of my love since your salvation I have dwelled within your

heart the more space you create for me the more I can saturate you with my love

expand this space by dedicating time to me relishing my presence and studying my

word maintain a constant line of communication with me as the Apostle Paul exhorted pray without

ceasing this joyful practice will keep you close to me lastly allow my love to

flow through you permeating both your words and actions this is how my love within you

becomes whole treasure Me Above All Else for this will Infuse your heart in mind

with joy furthermore it brings glory to me to treasure something is to hold it

in the highest regard deeming it precious I am teaching you to cling

firmly to me your savior God and constant

companion recognizing that I never depart from your side enhances your joy and peace immeasurably esteeming me as

your precious savior strengthens your commitment to keep me as the central focus of your life as you hold me in the

highest esteem other Earthly concerns lose their grip on you to discern your

true AFF affections reflect upon your thoughts when your mind is at rest if you

discover areas that require adjustment do not despair you can train your mind

to focus more consistently on me memorizing scripture particularly verses

that draw you nearer to me can be beneficial Place reminders of my loving

presence throughout your home and workplace and seek the guidance of my spirit who Delights in guiding you back

to me I am the gate through me you shall find

Salvation I’m not a locked barrier but an open door for you and all my chosen followers I entered the world to bestow

upon you Abundant Life in all its fullness Abundant Life takes different forms for each individual thus as you

seek to live life to its fullest avoid comparing your circumstances to those of others you do not require as much wealth

or luxury as your neighbor to lead a fulfilling life great gain lies in and godliness

paired with contentment I want you to find satisfaction in my Provisions for you if you possess food and clothing the

essentials of Life strive to be content with them if I bestow upon you more

receive it with joy and gratitude however refrain from clinging to your possessions or coveting what you lack

the one thing you can cling to without harming your soul is me seek me in the challenging aspects of

your life it is easy to find me in answered prayers in moments of

beauty and in heartfelt Joy however I am also present in moments of

adversity and your difficulties provide fertile soil for growing in Grace and experiencing my loving presence more

deeply therefore seek me in the darkness both past and present if painful

memories and past wounds haunt you invite me into those broken places and

together we will re re build in new ways if you are currently traversing difficult terrain hold on to my hand

tightly amidst adversity the Brilliance of my presence shines with Transcendent Radiance

against the dark backdrop my child type amen if you agree with me this light

blesses you abundantly offering both Solace and guidance I will reveal the

path forward step by step as you walk closely with me I will draw you into a deeper and richer intimacy with myself

to heighten your awareness of my presence you must Master the art of self-forgetfulness you were not created

to be perpetually preoccupied with yourself the Disobedience of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden introduced

selfishness as a natural inclination of humanity nonetheless I have equipped you

to live supernaturally from the moment you extended the invitation for me to be your savior my spirit has made its

dwelling within you whenever you find yourself consum assumed by self-centeredness call upon this holy

helper by praying help me Holy Spirit as often as necessary one common Pitfall

that often leads to self-absorption is an excessive preoccupation with your appearance whether in the mirror or in

the eyes of others instead of making yourself the focal point of your thoughts redirect your gaze towards me

and remain attentive to those around you seek the assistance of my spirit to see beyond yourself with eyes that truly

perceive remember that you are secure in my Everlasting Embrace and complete in my loving presence shift your focus

towards trusting and loving me more deeply lay your burdens upon me and I

will uphold you carrying your own burdens can weigh you down as your shoulders were never

meant to Bear such heavy loads I urge you to learn the art of casting your cares upon me Begin by

recognizing when something is weighing you down then evaluate whether the burden truly belongs to you if it does

not release it and leave it behind if it is indeed yours to Bear engage in

conversation with me about it I will provide you with my perspective and illuminate the path

forward be prepared to take appropriate action but do not allow problems to

consume your focus entirely make a conscious effort to cast your cares upon me for my shoulders are strong proceed

with the next task joyfully relying on me take heart in my promise to sustain

you uphold you and provide for your needs I will supply everything you

require according to my abundant resources when you embark on a new day or task feeling

inadequate remember this my grace is always sufficient for you the present

tense of the verb emphasizes the Perpetual availability of my wondrous Grace therefore for do not waste your

energy lamenting your perceived weaknesses instead embrace your

insufficiency rejoicing in the realization of how much you need me seek my assistance and take Delight

in my boundless sufficiency my power is most evident in your weakness as you tackle tasks in joyful

dependence on me you will be amazed by how much you can accomplish moreover

your work will be enriched through our collaboration consider the incredible privilege of

working alongside me the king of kings and Lord of lords strive to align your

will with mine offering yourself as a Living Sacrifice this act of worship

pleases me infusing your life with meaning and joy it provides but a

glimpse of the immense and Indescribable joy that awaits you in heaven as you seek me I encourage you to

rejoice and find gladness in my presence dedicate time to praise me through psalms and

songs contemplate my Splendor majesty and Beauty then reflect

upon my selfless Act of leaving the splendors of Heaven to bring you into my kingdom of eternal life and everlasting

light my child type Amen in the comment box This Joy will Usher You deeper into

my holy presence drawing you nearer to me this closeness will provide you with

even more cause for rejoicing your Joy blesses not only you but also those around you your family and friends will

benefit from your happiness which can be contagious you can also Influence People

beyond your immediate circle when my followers exude Joy unbelievers are more likely to be drawn

to me joy shines brightly in a world darkened by uncertainty prompting some

to inquire about its source always be prepared to share the reason for your hope I have the ability to prevent you

from stumbling I understand your weakness how easily you lose your footing without my support while you are

growing in Grace complete freedom from sin is unattainable in this Fallen World

hence you require my assistance continually I can present you

faultless blameless perfect and unblemished before my

glorious presence I have adorned you in the garments of Salvation and clothed you in a robe of righteousness

Embrace these Regal vestments with confidence knowing that your security is derived from my righteousness not your

own exceeding Joy awaits both you and me I presently Delight in you but this Joy

will magnify immeasurably when you join me in glory the Jubilation you will experience in heaven is beyond

description surpassing any pleasure you could fathom in this world nothing can

rob you of this glorious inheritance one that will never perish spoil or Fade

Away amen my child click on the join button to join us as a cherished member

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