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God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video because it is a message from God’s

heart to bless your life today before we

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said my dear son I know that at many

times you question whether I am truly

listening to your

prayers sometimes it may feel like your

sincere supplications get lost in the

air unanswered you you’ve been

weathering storms in life facing

challenge after challenge constantly

fighting without pause to catch your

breath you’re tired feeling a bit lost

come to me my beloved Son my beloved

daughter stop running frantically and

rest for a moment listen to what I have

to say you’re putting too much effort

into things that are beyond your control

forgetting to let go and allow me to

take control entrust all your worri to

me and trust me completely to take care

of them I promise to reach those you

love to protect those who are far away

and to comfort those who miss you even

if they think they are alone I am gently

guiding them even without their

knowledge soon you will see their return

full of repentance as they realize their

mistakes they will understand the pain

they’ve caused and seek forgiveness as

for your financial problems don’t worry

they are only temporary fear not what is

to come focus on seeking me and learning

from my words I am here to continually

draw your attention ensuring that your

hearts remain safe with me you have

always been mine and I have always been

there for you protecting you from false

Temptations keep putting in effort but

don’t let your heart or mind be

overwhelmed by worry remember the

promises I give you each day I will take

care of everything beyond your control

your health your life your money your

family everything is in my hands trust

me for I love you deeply feel the depth

of my love and the comforting presence I

offer remember all the times I’ve been

there for you stay firm in your belief

in my infinite love my divine plan and

my Flawless synchrony I promise you a

life filled with joy peace calmness and

spiritual strength a life marked by

determination fueled by dreams of

success and well-being keep this

beautiful and genuine faith in your

hearts spread my love to your family

today remember I am always here for you

unwavering as a rock close your eyes

absorb the peace I offer and entrust

your worries to me even when you doubt

your worth know that my presence is

constant motivated purely by love if you

want to draw near to me but hesitate

holding on to your worries and Fears let

my voice guide you let my sweetness heal

your hearts today allow me to penetrate

deeply within you to speak of the love I

have for you this love transcends all

that you have experienced or imagined

for it is eternal and

unconditional in every moment of your

life in every challenge you face know

that I am by your side holding you with

my gentle arms enveloping you with my

loving care you may be facing judgments

today both external and internal but

remember this feeling I’m sharing with

you now no matter what happens around

you I’ll be there Whispering words of

healing and comfort reminding you of my

constant presence nothing can separate

you from my love within your heart I

ignite a light it’s a Guiding Light

shining in the darkness Illuminating the

path PA ahead of you even in the darkest

moments when fear and uncertainty try to

engulf you my light is like the sun

breaking through the clouds dispelling

the darkness no matter how strong the

darkness is it cannot resist my eternal

light throughout the entirety of your

days I desire for you to remain attuned

to the sound of my voice whenever my

voice Graces your ears recognize that it

is I speaking directly to you lavishing

upon you my boundless love and showering

you with Abundant Blessings my intention

is to alleviate your mind of any doubts

and fears that may plague you allowing

you to dwell in a state of tranquil

peace and unwavering confidence moreover

should you stumble and fall rest assured

that my forgiveness stands ever at the

ready Poise to lift you up from the

depths of Despair it is not my desire

for you to be weighed down by the birth

burdens of fear guilt or the mistakes of

yester years rather I long for you to

embrace a life of Liberty fully

cognizant of the fact that you are

cherished and absolved of any wrongdoing

I do not stand in judgment or

condemnation rather I am here to extend

my boundless love and to facilitate your

restoration understand that you stand at

a Crossroads presented with two

diverging paths one leading towards

truth and life promising a future

resplendant with glory and the other

veering away from me it is my Earnest

plea that you opt for the path of Truth

the path that will Usher you into the

fullness of the Abundant Life that I

have meticulously crafted for you since

the dawn of time choosing to walk with

me does not guarantee a life devoid of

Trials however it does guarantee that

you will never walk alone my Holy Spirit

shall forever remain at your sight

serving as your constant guide and

unfailing source of strength in every

circumstance you may place your trust in

me for I am steadfast and unwavering in

my faithfulness know that my door is

perpetually open to you whether it be

day or night regardless of the hour you

are welcome to come to me with your

cares your Joys your anxieties and your

aspirations I am always ready to lend an

ear and to extend my helping hand I want

you to understand that I am immutable

much like the constancy of the Earth’s

rotation and the steadfast glow of the

Stars Illuminating the night sky my

presence shall envelop you ceaselessly

serving as a Beacon of Hope and a shield

of protection no matter the

circumstances that surround you rest

assured that I stand beside you fighting

on your behalf shielding you from harm

and guiding you along the path of

rightous rightousness you can place your

full trust in me my beloved child I have

chosen you I have set you apart you

belong to me and I will never let you

slip from my grasp even during moments

when weariness threatens to overwhelm

you remember that I am here extending my

hand to lift you up offering you love

and grace without reservation I love you

with a love that surpasses all

understanding a love that endures for

all eternity

there exists nothing in this vast world

that can sever the bond between us

therefore cast aside any doubts that may

assail your mind know that you are

cherished beyond measure and that I am

forever with you both now and for all

eternity my precious child be assured

that I am perpetually at your side

guiding you shielding you and loving you

unconditionally regardless of the

circumstances that may unfold never

forget that you are cherished beyond

measure and that I shall forever remain

by your side both today and for all

eternity with love God hope this message

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