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God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video as it is a message from God’s

heart to bless your life today before we

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said my dear son at this moment the

universe is leaning towards you bringing

a message of love and renewal as your

heavenly father I am here to offer

compassion and care knowing your deepest

desires and the battles you face daily I

am not distant I am by your side ready

to guide your steps and envelop you with

my unconditional love I understand the

struggles you face but I also see your

courage and determination to move

forward let me be your source of

strength and inspiration as we navigate

life’s challenges together trust in me

for my love for you is in infinite and

eternal I am here to support you in all

your Journeys offering comfort in

difficult times and celebrating your

victories you are never alone for I am

always by your side guiding you with

love and wisdom allow me to fill your

heart with hope and joy for together we

can overcome any obstacle that arises in

our path I have walked by your side

witnessing every moment of your life

every tear you shed touches my heart and

every victory of yours is a cause for

celebration in heaven today in this

crucial moment I come to you with words

of comfort and guidance know that I am

always present even in the darkest

moments your path is not lonely for my

light illuminates every step you take

trust in my guidance and entrust me with

your concerns I am here to strengthen

you and Empower you to face any

challenge your potential is Limitless

and my love for you is eternal let me be

your rock your source of Hope and

inspiration together we can overcome all

adversities and celebrate your

achievements always remember you are

loved beyond words and your purpose in

this world is great surrender to my will

and feel my presence calming your heart

I am here to guide you towards a bright

future full of blessings and

accomplishments trust in me my dear

child and know that I am always by your

side guiding you with love and care in

every step of your journey in this

crucial moment I invite you to delve

into the essence of my love and will let

go of the weight of the past the

uncertainties of the present and the

worries about the future allow the light

of my presence to shine upon your soul

renewing it with hope and joy I am by

your side guiding your steps and

enveloping you with my unwavering love

trust in me for together we can overcome

any challenge feel the peace emanating

from my being and know that I am always

here ready to welcome you into my loving

arms let yourself be embraced by the

warmth of my love and the promise of a

new beginning I understand the

challenges you have been facing the

moments of darkness and uncertainty but

know that in every trial I have been by

your side guiding you with my loving

hand and strengthening you with my

infinite grace each obstacle is an

opportunity for growth and overcoming do

not fear for I am always present ready

to help you find the path to light trust

in me for I know the potential that lies

within your heart and I am prepared to

lead you through the

adversities stand firm in faith for

together we can overcome any Challenge

and find the inner peace you seek today

is a sacred day to leave behind what no

longer serves you worries regrets and

fears focus on the present on this

special moment when the universe

conspires in your favor I offer you the

opportunity for a renewed life filled

with hope hope and

possibilities open your heart to receive

my guidance and unconditional love

together we can face any Challenge and

find the inner peace you seek allow

yourself to be guided by the light of my

love and divine wisdom and you will see

how your journey will turn into an

experience of growth and happiness

remember that I am always by your side

ready to help and guide you in every

step of the way trust in me for I have

wonderful plans reserved for you

regardless of your flaws or others

expectations every experience in your

life is an opportunity for growth and

learning do not let the challenges

discourage you for you are stronger than

you imagine believe in your potential

and your ability to overcome do not

compare yourself to others for each has

their own Journey trust in yourself and

the divine Divine guidance that

accompanies you at all times do not fear

the future for I Am by your side guiding

your steps and protecting your path you

are unique and special and in me you

will always find love understanding and

unconditional support move forward with

courage and Faith for great things are

in store for you as you surrender to my

love let the radiance of my light

permeate every corner of of your life

allow my transformative presence to mend

the wounds of your soul liberate you

from the shackles of fear and Lead You

towards a future brimming with endless

possibilities and triumphant

achievements know that you do not tread

this path alone I am here to uphold you

to infold you within the Embrace of my

boundless love and to embolden you to

surmount any obstacle that may arise

entrust yourself to me and permit the

Abundant outpouring of my grace to

saturate Your Existence infusing it with

enduring hope profound Serenity and

unbridled Joy together we can Ascend to

unparalleled Heights and manifested

wonders that surpass all

imagination fear not the veiled

Mysteries that lie ahead for I stand

before you orchestrating the course of

your journey and illuminating your path

with the radiant glow of my wisdom and

affection have faith in me for every

stride you take is gently Guided by my

tender hand even amidst the swirling

tempests of uncertainty rest assured

that I am steadfastly by your side ever

Vigilant to Shield you from harm and

Empower you to overcome every trial Cast

Away the shadows of apprehension and

embrace the unwavering certainty of

trust for you are never without

companionship with me as your steadfast

companion you possess the fortitude to

confront any adversity and Ascend to the

loftiest Summits of achievement place

your trust in me and Forge ahead with

Resolute courage and unwavering resolve

each obstacle you encounter serves as a

stepping stone towards greater

resilience and deeper Reliance upon my

guidance therefore hesitate not to

Traverse the Uncharted Realms that lie

ahead even when the path seems obscured

by Shadow for wherever your journey may

lead my luminous presence shall

accompany you illuminating your way and

sustaining you with the boundless depths

of my unconditional love trust in me

cherished child and know that I am

forever at your side poised to navigate

you through the Labyrinth and corridors

of Darkness towards the effulgent light

together we shall surmount every

impediment and Achieve triumphs of

unparalleled magnitude believe in

yourself and in the steadfast constancy

of my presence within your life as you

Embark upon this new chapter of your

Odyssey take solace in the knowledge

that you are enveloped in the Embrace of

innumerable Celestial beings ever poised

to lend their support and guidance upon

your journey even in the solitudinous

depths of isolation be assured that the

Cocoon of my love enfolds you in its

protective Embrace nurturing and

sustaining you through all trials and

tribulations therefore dearest child

receive this missive with an open heart

and a receptive Spirit allow the

resplendant of my words to penetrate the

recesses of your soul affecting a

transformative metamorphosis from within

for you you are the most precious jewel

in the tapestry of creation and my

fervent desire is to witness your growth

and flourishing in all their resplendant

Glory may this missive Mark the

Inception of a Transcendent voyage for

you once aused with love hope and

fulfillment and as you Traverse the

byways of existence may you sense my


companionship guiding guarding and

enshrouding you in the eternal Embrace

of my boundless love with love God I

hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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