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God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video as it is a message from God’s

heart to bless your life today before we

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world God said my dear son I prepare for

you a path of abundance and victory in

your moments of Affliction I am here to

drive away sadness and Des spare I will

acknowledge your faith before those who

doubt it and you will Triumph fear not

for I am with you in every battle you

are loved and blessed and my promises

are for you keep the faith for I am

preparing a table of blessings for you

trust in me for I will never forsake you

walk with determination for great

victories await you this is the month

when the Waters of the sea will part and

with my mighty hand I will open the way

for you to pass without fear toward a

land full of great blessings you have

always been on a high spiritual level

never have been and never will be a

loser I give you life and strength the

right to rise from the dust prosper and

be happy even amidst the roughest Waters

I will be by your side and you will not

sink as you cross turbulent rivers and

walk through Through Fire you will not

be burned nothing can harm you for I Am

by your side in every moment my promise

to you is firm and true and my blessings

will always reach you even in the

toughest times I have a wonderful plan

for your life and every detail of it

will come to pass exactly as I promised

I as your heavenly father will guide you

to your destination by the right and

good path and I will place in your hands

the miracle you have been waiting for

and the answer you have longed for I

surrender to you with all my heart and

ask you to keep your eyes fixed on the

word I give you may your steps be firm

on the path I indicate to you today for

I am opening your ways driving away all

your enemies and opening the doors of

blessings for you my son it is time to

rise with enthusiasm to work with

courage and to face challenges without

fear even more beautiful and prosperous

times are coming for you I engrave my

promises in your heart so that you never

forget them these words will resonate in

your soul every morning bringing with

them a renewal of Hope and joy the

shackles that bound you have been broken

and Every curse that pursued you has

dissipated forever your hope will be

revived your smile will shine bright

than ever and the confidence your face

expresses will earn the respect and

admiration of others this is the moment

when you are entering an era of Miracles

and Supernatural wonders you will

witness wonderful things happening in

the lives of the people you love and in

your own life I am preparing a table of

blessings for you in the presence of

your enemies they will watch in

amazement as I exalt you before your

family and friends

prepare yourself for this new phase of

your life accept with humility all the

wonderful gifts that are coming your way

treasure them in your heart and never

forget who is blessing you come daily

and listen to my words to strengthen

your faith fill your mind with promises

that will Empower you to overcome all

obstacles know that I am always watching

over you and in this special moment I

will free you from hidden Danger and

imperceptible attacks proceed with faith

like an upright Warrior do not let the

enemies deceive you with their lies and

falsehoods remember that I your heavenly

father defend mine with all my power I

am here to ensure that your happiness

and the blessings of this moment are

preserved in times of distress I am here

to answer in times of danger I am your

protector and in times of need always

count on my help my support is eternal

destined for you your family and future

Generations I long for your faith

sincerity audience perseverance and

constancy in me in my word in my

presence free yourself from worries and

remember that your mission is to

persevere obey and Trust everything in

me for a reason I I am your father and

your God and I am here to guide you and

bless you in every moment of your life

set aside time for me every day seek my

face prepare your soul I myself will

open the doors of abundance for you so

prepare yourself for happiness welcome

to the world of Miracles for nothing is

impossible for me and for you everything

is possible because you remain steadfast

and never cease to believe in me you

were faithful in little and in much I

will place you with faith when you need

call out to me and I will answer

revealing to you Grand and Supernatural

wonders you will feel a strength like

never before as if you were an eagle

soaring high at the level of my Majestic

Glory from here you will see the new

blessings that I will soon give you you

know that I do not lie and that I love

you for I have always been here to help

you when you needed and now I am ready

to lift you up heal you and help you

recover all the time love and blessings

that belong to you but that the enemy

tried to steal this new month is

synonymous with Triumph and victory

happiness and provision for you start

with those you love open your heart to

receive and feel the immense emotion of

knowing that your heavenly father is

with you and that in this month of

December a great blessing awaits you say

now do you believe in this month I am

around you by reserving daily time for

me you prepare the ground for the

blessings that are about to flood your

life seeking my presence is not in vain

it is the assurance that I will always

be by your side opening paths revealing

wonders and fulfilling promises your

faith and dedic ation do not go

unnoticed for I recognize every effort

every moment of trust placed in me as

you cry out to me I prepare a

supernatural response a demonstration of

my love and care for you just as the

eagle flies in the Heights you will be

lifted above the

circumstances glimpsing a horizon full

of opportunities and blessings this new

month is not just another period of time

it is a season of Triumph and victory

where each day is marked by my presence

and favor in your life so dive

wholeheartedly into this sea of

possibilities confident that I your

heavenly father am by your side ready to

manifest my grace and love in your life

now and always listen carefully to this

message and do not underestimate the

advice I give you hold firmly to this

word to wake up every morning with

calmness and serenity animated by an

invincible spirit and a supernatural

peace this month you are destined to

surpass your aspirations and goals place

your right hand over your heart and

promise to seek me every day come what

may thus your soul will remain Serene as

you face

discouragement although storms may stir

your inner being and anxiety may try to

intimidate you you will resist and not

heed the voices of defeat or failure

face your challenges with courage

knowing that my spirit is your shield

and my word your sword if you need to

take a break do so to pray reflect and

rest but remain steadfast in your faith

be diligent in seeking my presence for I

have much to tell you believe firmly

that you are important and valuable in

my eyes and I am always by your side to

take care of you feel my love in every

word I say and be prepared to receive

the incredible blessings I have reserved

for you this month you are on the path

to transform your life and your family

in an extremely powerful and

Supernatural way my love for you is pure

and eternal extending through eternity

it is essential that you have confidence

in yourself and reach out to me in these

difficult times do not let threats and

adversities disturb your peace and feel

deeply your suffering my heart is moved

to see your sincerity as promised before

blessing you is my deepest desire for

you are poised to receive my blessing

and I will treat you with immense love

and care remembering you in moments of

sadness I am always with you holding you

in the palm of my hand enveloping you

with my sacred mantle I love you with

all the strength of my heart you are my

son my daughter I bless you with all my

power and fulfill everything I promise

Always by your side never abandoning you

even In This Storm I continue with you

my plans for you are superior and

eternal leading you to a destination of

peace and

prosperity situations may seem

complicated but facing them with Faith

and Hope changes your way of thinking

and creates with conviction in my word

and your life will be

transformed with love

God I hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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