God Says: PLACE YOUR BURDENS IN MY HAND | God message Today

my dearest child I extend my blessings to you abundantly saturating each day of

your week with vitality and shielding you from the encroaching Shadows of fear Stand Tall relinquishing any Whisper of

defeat as the dawn breaks a new let the essence of my love envelop your soul and

speak forth my promises with unwavering conviction May a luminous smile Grace

your countenance a steadfast companion as you await with eager anticipation the

Cascade of blessings destined for you on the cross your victory was etched into

eternity through my resurrection your adversaries were vanquished and you were liberated from

the clutches of death I have bestowed upon you my spirit a guiding force to navigate your

emotions and Empower you to transcend all sorrow you are not destined for a path strewn with failure inadequacy or

the belief that others hold sway over you my fervent desire is for for you to Traverse a journey where dreams flourish

Spirits soar and hope remains steadfast my beloved know that I am the

very essence of your existence your faith serves as a sturdy vessel capable

of steering you through every trial and tribulation inviting you to embrace a life brimming with joy though challenges

may arise my spirit within you is indomitable capable of shattering barriers and breaking Every Chain should

you place your complete trust in me a horizon of boundless blessings awaits you yet beware of settling for meager

scraps offered by those envious of your potential refuse to be dominated by those who seek to belittle or harm you

rejecting their deceitful narratives embrace the truth of my promises for they pulsate with Vitality

in life immerse yourself in the Sacred Scriptures allowing their truths to

illuminate your understanding dispelling every shadow of gloom and Illumina in your path ahead my plans for you are

steeped in kindness devoid of harm or distress I yearn for your holistic

well-being echoing the prosperity of your spirit be bold in professing your

love for me for in doing so you welcome the unfolding blessings that await you

trust in my unwavering purpose your blessing is imminent impervious to any

opposition release your worries secure in the knowledge that you are cherished and safeguarded by the Divine embrace

the Embrace of my love accepting the Vitality tranquility and wisdom bestowed upon you

this day the trials that weigh heavily upon you shall soon dissipate leaving no

trace of disgrace or despair cling steadfastly to my Guidance

disregarding the negative Whispers that seek to ensnare you banish feelings of hopelessness for

your tears shall be replaced with joy and and your smile shall radiate once more draw near to me daily knowing that

even in the farthest reaches of your wanderings my spirit will gently guide you home bask in my blessings allowing my

healing touch to envelop you completely I yearn to fill you with unbridled Joy

offering you new reasons to cherish each precious moment my strength resides within you and your words possess the

power to shape your reality nurture your faith for it is the soil from which mighty

blessings shall Sprout and flourish reaffirm your belief in me and boundless

Joy shall be your reward when burdens weigh heavy upon your shoulders seek solace in my

presence lay your burdens at my feet and let your tears flow freely though the journey may be fraught

with challenges know that I am with you always cradling you in my arms and

soothing your weary soul in the depths of your heartache as The Echoes of yesterday’s

Sorrows reverberate through your being I am there intimately acquainted with your

struggles poised to transform your pain into Trium

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