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do you like surprises I hope so because this video

has a big one for you a surprise that will touch your heart and soul but

there’s a catch you have to watch this video till the end to see it and trust

me it’s worth it because this surprise is not just for you it’s for someone you

love someone who needs it more than you think curious then keep watching and don’t

skip my cherished child Heed These words with utmost reverence for they carry the

weight of divine wisdom open your soul to receive this sacred Revelation for it is Not Mere

rhetoric but a profound Revelation that will shape your destiny do not let this

moment slip away unnoticed for I am about to unveil truths that will ignite

the Flames of transformation within you type yes God if you

believe do not be disheartened by the trials that beset you for they are but

Stepping Stones on the path to your ultimate purpose trust in the divine plan that

unfolds before you for every Twist and Turn is orchestrated by my hand with

meticulous precision Vision Envision yourself as the prodigal

child returning to the Embrace of a loving father after a long and arduous

Journey just as the prodigal son was welcomed with open arms so too were you

enveloped in the boundless love of my eternal Embrace type Amen to affirm your

belief though my ways may seem unfathomable to Mortal Minds have faith

in the Divine orchestration of your life’s Symphony even in moments of darkness and

uncertainty rest assured that I am guiding you towards a glorious Destiny

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you God for those who hold God close to their hearts express your

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$ as a sign of your faith and dedication beloved disciples place your

trust in my unwavering promise and behold as your spirit is uplifted with

boundless Jo Joy knowing that every trial you endure serves a Divine

Purpose let my word serve as your Guiding Light Illuminating the path to

Salvation and Enlightenment type yes Father if you

believe in this moment I impart upon you the strength to endure any adversity

that may come your way stay true to my teachings for they

are your shest vents against the forces that seek to undermine your

progress take solace in the knowledge that you are not alone my heavenly hosts

stand ready to Shield you from harm do not cower before those who

conspire in darkness for my Divine protection envelopes you and your loved

ones rendering you impervious to their schemes remember who walks beside you

the Almighty The Sovereign of all creation your ever watchful

Guardian type amen if you believe with my presence as your guide

you shall March forward with confidence Unshackled by fear or doubt and emerge

victorious in every Endeavor I stand before you as your

Shepherd your guardian in times of turmoil and the source of your

triumphs fear not when adversity rears its head for my guidance shall lead you

through the darkest of valleys and towards victories Embrace cast aside your anxieties for

today Heralds the revelation of long awaited Solutions doubt not my omnipotence for I

am attuned to your every thought aspiration and desire take heed however for mere

supplication is not enough to manifest your prayers action is the Catalyst for

transformation and I shall furnish you with the tools and wisdom needed to execute my divine

plan type to affirm proceed with caution my faithful

disciples for recklessness leads only me to ruin exercise prudence and discernment

in your endeavors for the diligent reap the fruits of prosperity while the

impetuous stumble upon the rocks of Misfortune you hold the power to alter

the course of your destiny while the path may not be set in

stone I grant you the ability to manipulate the currents in your

favor though you may have ventured without my guidance in the past experience has taught you the value of

my wisdom yet do not despair for there is still time to rectify past

missteps my counsel has reached your ears and now is the opportune moment to

heat it be assured significant opportunities are on the horizon albe it

accompanied by challenges however with unwavering trust

in me there is no obstacle you cannot overcome know this every hardship you

face conceals a hidden blessing waiting to be unveiled allow me to reshape your

thoughts to alter your perspective and to mold you into a vessel of my divine

power through you my message of love and understanding shall be spread

Illuminating the lives of those around you even your adversaries shall witness

their schemes crumbled in the face of my omnipotence for I possess the ability to

enact change to transform the very fabric of existence trust in me and together we

shall navigate the turbulent Seas of Life towards a brighter tomorrow type

if you believe beloved know this you are never

alone I have not abandoned you nor will I ever leave behind the Shadows of the

past for I have gr plans in store for you focus on the positives and stay the

course with unwavering determination your blessings are just

around the corner and I have transformed you completely do not dwell on the days of

old for they are but a distant memory now you have been cleansed and redeemed no

longer walking the path of solitude close your eyes and feel my

presence beside you guiding you through every trial and

tribulation you are now equipped to conquer any challenge that comes your way for you possess the courage of a

warrior take control of your emotions tempering impulsivity with wisdom find

Solace amidst the chaos knowing that I am with you every step of the

way type yes Father if you believe spread my message far and wide

proclaiming my name and the Wonders I have performed in your life let all who encounter you witness

the boundless love and mercy that I bestow upon my children I am a god of forgiveness and

un wavering loyalty standing by your side through every trial and

Triumph my beloved with each passing moment my love for you grows

stronger do not underestimate its magnitude the time has come for you to

take action go forth boldly knowing that I am

by your side now and forever trust in my promises and have

faith in my unwavering commitment to you surrender yourself completely to me

and I will guide you through life’s trials and tribulations know that when you

relinquish control I accept your burdens with open arms for I am ever mindful of

your needs understand that I am the solution to your problems the source of your

peace and the provider of all your needs place your trust in me

wholeheartedly and I will fulfill the desires of your heart rest assured that what you entrust

to me with unwavering faith will come to fruition in due

time I will shower you with my boundless love and impart upon you wisdom beyond

measure you will be blessed with health strength courage and Abundant

Blessings have fath faith my dear for those who believe without seeing are

truly blessed take solace in my presence my

dear disciple I understand the weight that burdens your heart the trials and

tribulations that assail your soul in this moment of vulnerability I

extend to you a sanctuary a refuge from the storms of

life embrace my EMB Grace for within it lies the promise of renewal and

strength release your grip on worry and doubt and allow me to bestow upon you

the healing balm of my love trust in my Divine guidance and I

shall alleviate your burdens granting you peace and serenity know that I am the master

Craftsman shaping your destiny with Loving Hands surrender to my my will and I

shall mold you into a vessel of great purpose and potential let my love be your Guiding

Light Illuminating the path to happiness and fulfillment with each passing moment

feel the weight of your Sorrows lifted replaced by a sense of profound joy and

contentment embrace the transformation that awaits you for in my presence all

things are possible believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you God for those who hold God close to

their hearts express your love with the words I really love you

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dedication in your expression my delight is mirrored and your joy will extinguish

your grief I am your Solace the force that sustains Your Existence and guides you

through each day stay atune to my guidance my

beloved Let My Words penetrate your Soul granting you wisdom and leading you down

the path of righteousness I am the beacon in your Darkness The Guiding Light That ensures

your steady stride therefore my child place your

trust in me for my mighty Hand Works tirelessly on your

behalf I carve paths where none seem to exist unlocking doors and showering you

with Divine favor when you place your faith in me nothing

is beyond your grasp keep your heart open listening

intently for my voice even a whisper will reach my ears

and I shall heed your call you are precious to me and I am

your God call out to me and I will reveal Hidden Truths and unveil Mysteries yet

unknown have have faith that your prayers rooted in belief will be

answered remember I am everpresent shielding you from harm and delivering

you from your adversaries release your burdens unto me

and allow me to cleanse your heart of doubt and fear come my beloved child and

experience the wonders of my divine intervention in your life Surrender Your Heart To Me and I

shall guide you with unparalleled wisdom and Clarity my teachings shall illuminate

your path providing you with the discernment to navigate life’s complexities

effortlessly Embrace this transformation for it shall revolutionize Your

Existence enter into My Embrace dear one and relinquish your burdens unto

me release your anxieties and fears for I am the ultimate provider and

healer I shall shower you and your family with blessings beyond measure

overflowing with abundance and prosperity be Resolute and courageous my

child do not falter in your faith for I Am everpresent by your

side I am your refuge in times of adversity your unwavering source of

strength stren trust in my omnipotence and I shall never forsake you for I am the

omnipotent God steadfast and eternal fear not my devoted disciple for

just as I stood unwaveringly by Moses side before Pharaoh so too shall I stand

with you through every trial and tribulation know that in these moments

of struggle I am intimately close to you guiding your every step and filling your

heart with courage You are not alone in your journey for I walk beside you my

presence ever felt within the depths of your being from this day forth I shall lead

the way as a formidable protector shielding you from harm and ensuring

your triumph over adversity my love for you knows no

bounds my precious one for you are the apple of my eye the very essence of my

being today I bestow upon you the gift of peace and spiritual Liberation

knowing that my goodness and mercy shall accompany you for all

eternity continue to reach out to me in prayer for I am always listening ready

to fulfill the hopes and dreams I have intricately woven into the fabric of your

existence today I unveil the abundance of blessings that await you my beloved

child for you are destined for greatness in my eternal Kingdom you are a cherished creation a

vessel of my boundless love and grace every aspect of existence has been

meticulously crafted to nurture and sustain you rest assured I am committed to

fulfilling your every aspiration ation in granting your every request without

hindrance no obstacle or challenge shall stand in the way of the Abundant

Blessings I have in store for you every action I take is infused with

purpose and intention a testament to my unwavering Devotion to your

well-being prepare yourself for what awaits you is not a stroke of luck but a

manifestation of my profound Found Love and benevolence From This Moment onward

sorrow shall dissipate and pain will be but a distant memory today Heralds a new chapter where

I shall honor every promise made to you your deepest desires shall be

satisfied and prosperity shall flow abundantly into your life I shall Elevate you to a position

of prominence and Triumph positioning you at the Forefront of

success these blessings are Not Mere happen stance they are the fruits of

your unwavering dedication and adherence to my Divine teachings embrace them with gratitude

and humility for they are a testament to your unwavering faith and

loyalty I understand that the journey has been challenging at times there were moments when you may

have strayed from the path I set before you feeling lost and

directionless but just as surely as the sun rises each day the glory that awaits

you will overshadow any past struggles you may have faced your blessings will be plentiful

exceeding your wildest expectations your compassionate Deeds

towards the less fortunate your selfless care for the sick can need

have not gone unnoticed every act of kindness you have

shown has been duly noted and will not go unrewarded you my beloved will emerge

Victorious and achieve your goals despite any obstacles that may stand in

your way your dreams and aspirations will come to fruition for I will be by your

side guiding you every step of the way I will shower you with blessings

abundantly fulfilling my desire for your well-being since the day of your

creation your material wealth will multiply and your years of life will be

extended for every moment you have dedicated to serving others with a pure

heart without expecting anything in return your efforts will be richly

rewarded my beloved disciple people know this I am orchestrating a profound

renewal within your spirit infusing you with courage and

vitality I am reclaiming all that the forces of darkness and The Temptations

of this world have sought to steal from you the Treasures of the spiritual realm

are rightfully yours waiting to be claimed therefore awaken each morning

with a steadfast dedication to to prioritize me in all your

endeavors start your day by aligning your thoughts and actions with my Divine

will with unwavering faith and determination seize the blessings that

unfold before you knowing that they are bestowed upon you as a testament to your

unwavering devotion and love for me Forge ahead my child with confidence

and resilience know that I am by your side guiding and

protecting you every step of the way do not be swayed by doubt or fear

for they are but Illusions designed to hinder your progress those who dare to oppose you

who seek to undermine the Divine favor bestowed upon you shall be swiftly dealt

with their deceitful minations shall be exposed and their efforts to thwart your

Ascent shall be in vain for those who stand against you stand against me and they shall face the

consequences of their Defiance my dear child keep my words and

distance yourself from those who spread malice and deceit they weave webs of slander

seeking to tear down their own kin with venomous tongues and scornful

glances they pray on the innocent trampling The Chosen Few and nurturing

Discord in their wake beware their false facade of righteousness for they are wolves in

sheep’s clothing separate yourself from their corrupt influence for they shall reap

what they sow facing the consequences of their wicked Deeds continue on your path of faith

undeterred for I am with you every step of the way trust in my guidance and follow my

teachings without hesitation seek solace in my written

word for within its Pages lies the wisdom and strength to overcome any

obstacle Embrace these teachings with fervent devotion and they shall Empower

you to achieve greatness Beyond Your Wildest Dreams receive my promise my beloved for

I shall Grant you all your heart desires no obstacle shall hinder my

blessings in your life for my love for you knows no bounds trust in my will to bless and

prosper you abundantly in all things amen listen closely for I hold you in

the palm of my hand bring forth your burdens your

afflictions and lay them at my feet trust in me and I shall resolve all that

troubles you despite the clamor of your adversaries know that you are not

forsaken I Am The Guiding Light That illuminates your path ready to lift you

from Despair and shower you with divine grace and love have faith for even in your weakest

moments I shall be your strength trust in me and I shall help

you overcome every obstacle that stands in your way witness as difficulties melt away

and New Paths unfold before you step by step in times of turmoil I shall be your

Refuge amidst the chaos I shall provide calm and when doubt clouds your mind I

shall be the unwavering certainty that fills your heart press onward my child with the assurance

that my love accompanies you every step of the way I am here to encourage sustain and

guide you toward the destiny that awaits trust in me and I shall never

abandon you know that my love for you is boundless enduring and ever

present I am here to lift you up when you stumble to brighten your path in the

darkest of times and to carry you in my arms when you can go no

further leave the past where it belongs behind you today marks the dawn of a new era a

chance for you to expand your horizons and carve out your destiny Embrace this moment with

unwavering faith and fix your gaze firmly on the future dwelling on past mistakes serves

no purpose it is time to release the burdens of the past and move forward

with forgiveness and Grace do not allow the judgments of

others to Define your worth for I alone know the truth of your being You Are Holy pure and without

blemish in my eyes and nothing can diminish your inherent strength and

resilience let not the narrow-minded opinions of others hinder your progress

instead March boldly forward secure and acknowledge that my love guides and

sustains you through every trial and tribulation each challenge you face is

but a stepping stone on the path to Greatness molding and shaping you into

the extraordinary individual you are destined to become so Stand Tall my child and

embrace the journey ahead with confidence and courage for my dear child know this your

journey is not one of solitude but of Divine Purpose in my hands you find Solace and

strength to conquer the mountains that stand in your way I am your unwavering support guiding

you through the darkest of nights and illuminating your path with my presence fear not the challenges that

lie ahead for I am your shelter in the storm and your beacon of light in the

darkness with every step you take I am there lifting You Higher and propelling

you towards greatness believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you God for those who hold God close to their

hearts express your love with the words I really love you

God and for our Christian Community show your support by generously contributing

super thanks ranging from $ to $ as a sign of your faith and

dedication as you press onward remember this the trials you face are but

stepping stone on the path to your ultimate destination trust in my guidance for I

shall lead you to the promised land where abundance and blessings

await do not waver in the face of adversity for within you lies a strength

that knows no bounds even when the journey seems daunting know that my love and

protection surround you urging you forward and fortifying your spirit

embrace the challenges that come your way for they are but opportunities for

growth and transformation with unwavering faith in my divine plan you shall emerge

Victorious your dreams realized and your spirit uplifted my beloved child keep my words

for they hold the key to unlocking your true potential every obstacle you encounter

is but a stepping stone on the path to Greatness do not cower in fear of

failure for within you lies the strength to overcome any

challenge know that I am by your side guiding you with my boundless wisdom and

unwavering love as you strive towards your dreams

remember that I am your steadfast Ally ready to assist you in achieving The

Impossible do not lose heart when faced with adversity for it is in the darkest

moments that your true character is revealed trust in my divine plan for I

have orchestrated every trial and tribulation to mold you into the person you were meant to

be have faith in the Unseen for I am working behind the scenes to bring about

miracles in your life your prayers have not fallen on deaf ears I am preparing to shower you

with blessings beyond measure when doubt clouds your mind and

uncertainty clouds your path remember that I am always with you guiding you

towards Victory embrace the challenges that lie ahead for they are the catalysts for

your growth and transformation trust in my timing for it

is perfect in every way when I beckon you to move forward do

not hesitate step boldly into the unknown for it is through obedience and

unwavering faith that you will experience the fullness of my blessings and the realization of your

dreams your past is but a distant memory now as I have orchestrated a complete

transformation in your life you stand before me as a new

creation with a future that is secure under my watchful

gaze in my divine presence you are shielded from harm and fear has no place

within you thus I release you once more into the world unburdened and

unafraid declare your unwavering faith in me for today we commune in

conversation it is my fervent desire to alleviate your word worries and lighten

the burdens that weigh upon your weary soul I yearn to witness the profound

transformation that will bring happiness and fulfillment into your

life I am here to answer your call for guidance to nurture your growing faith

and to help you overcome the obstacles that stand in your path trust in my power to turn the

impossible into reality and let go of the past that holds you

back forgive those who have wronged you and harbor no resentment in your

heart your true battle is not against Mortal foes but against the forces of

Darkness that seek to ensnare your soul strengthen yourself in faith seek

refuge in prayer and confront evil with unwavering

resolve strengthen your resolve by aligning with me embrace my power and protection as

your Shield against adversity let my love and forgiveness be

your armor fortifying you for the battles ahead with unwavering Faith confront

your fears headon knowing that I stand beside you ready to defend against all

threats use my teachings as your weapon against those who seek to undermine your

peace and joy persist in prayer regardless of the

circumstances for in me you shall find refuge and Solace know this You Are My Chosen

Champion destined for victory and Abundant Blessings trust in my promises and

confide in me without fear of judgment or condemnation your secrets are safe with

me for I have have sacrificed everything to offer you forgiveness and relief from

your burdens surrender your worries and Fs to me and I shall Grant you peace Beyond

understanding I’ve often imparted words of Solace and encouragement to you

urging you to find peace and confidence amidst life’s trials allowing worries to consume your

thoughts not only affects your own well-being but also casts a shadow over

the happiness of your family know that my intentions are pure

and I Harbor no anger or desire for punishment towards you despite the challenges you may face

I am committed to Turning every adversity into a blessing out of love and concern for your

welfare therefore do not succumb to fear approach me with open heart hearts

and Minds for I long to reveal my plans to you and offer guidance and wisdom to

navigate life’s complexities it is imperative that you

prioritize your spiritual growth and distance yourself from negative influences that seek to undermine your

faith trust in my ability to handle those who oppose you as I hold the power

to touch their hearts and bring about change Focus your energy on forging

ahead dedicating time to my teachings and remaining Vigilant in your actions

and speech rest assured I will bring trustworthy individuals into your life

who will offer support and encouragement entrust your burdens to me

for I possess the power to heal your soul and oversee all that you place in

my care I offer you my unwavering love and promise to be your healer and

sustainer I am always watching over you attending to your needs and providing

comfort in times of distress therefore fear nothing in no

one for my strength empowers you my might fortifies you and my hand Shields

you from harm reflect on your journey thus far and recognize the progress you’ve made

your presence here is a testament to your faith and your desire for a successful joy-filled

life disregard any doubts about your worthiness for you are my beloved child

chosen to inherit all that is pure beautiful good and

kind move forward with confidence knowing that your dreams rooted in truth

and virtue will be realized it’s never too late to pursue

your goals and age is no barrier to success if you feel unprepared do not

fret for I am here to strengthen and equip you for the challenges ahead I call upon those who long to draw

near and serve me with devotion you are destined for greatness

regardless of past mistakes or failures through faith in my death and

Resurrection I offer forgiveness and a fresh start rise up my child and embrace the

new opportunities that await you I shall Elevate you to a position of

leadership within your family a beacon of blessings and

prosperity those who have dared to disrespect you will be silenced while I

publicly affirm your worth and shower you with my boundless love love ignore the detractors who seek to

undermine your value for I your almighty God Stand By Your Side as your savior

and Redeemer I bestow upon you favor and mercy breathing life into your weary

spirit with each passing moment believe in me wholeheartedly and

accept my love without reservation for your Eternal happiness and blessings

hinge upon on this unwavering Faith express your love and trust in me

continually knowing that I am with you always guiding you through both the

trials and triumphs of Life rest assured for I shall Cal your

restless nights plagued by worries and work through the hands of those around you to bring blessings into your

life cling tightly to my words for they are your steadfast Assurance in in the

face of uncertainty I shall pave unexpected paths for you orchestrating miracles and

surprises Beyond Your Wildest imagination fear not for I have cleared

your way and stand ready to support you in your struggles be brave and Resolute for with

my love and strength you possess the fortitude of a warrior raise High the sword of my word

and continue to fight for there is no illness or financial hardship that can

overcome the power of my Divine protection you are imbued with my spirit

anointed for greatness and destined for victory believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you go God for those who hold God close to their hearts express

your love with the words I really love you God and for our Christian Community show

your support by generously contributing super thanks ranging from $ to

$ as a sign of your faith and dedication when you entrust your faith

in me nothing can stand in your way I take immense pleasure in guiding

and supporting you every step of the way through my divine intervention I

provide you with the strength and Solace you need to navigate life’s challenges

and see beyond the surface to the deeper truths rest assured your destiny is

firmly within my grasp and I am committed to leading you towards a future filled with prosperity and

fulfillment in moments of of adversity cling to my promises and fear not for I

Am by your side ready to Shield you from harm surround yourself with positivity

and optimism shunning the company of those who Revel in negativity and

doubt cultivate relationships with individuals who uplift and inspire you

for they will bolster your spirits and fuel your aspirations as you Express gratitude and

remain steadfast in your beliefs you open yourself up to the boundless Miracles and blessings that

await Embrace humility and allow me to shower you with my love and

care with each passing day you will Ascend to new heights achieving Feats

you never deemed possible know that I am always with you

guiding your path and protecting you from all all harm should you encounter adversaries

along the way remember that your faith and my unwavering support will see you

through trust in my divine plan for I am the master architect of your destiny

leading you towards a future filled with abundance and joy take my hand and Trust in my Divine

plans finding solace in the Assurance of my guidance let me suit the turmoil within

your soul for it has no place in the presence of my divine

grace I will carry you through the trials and tribulations shielding you

from Harm’s Way even amidst the tempestuous Seas of

adversity fear not for I Am by your side ensuring that you emerge and

scathed focus not on the daunting challenges ahead but in instead Envision

the Bountiful blessings that await you on the horizon have faith in the love and

protection that surrounds you for it is unwavering and

steadfast though the shadows of Doubt May seek to obscure your path remember

that the forces of creation are at my command I decree a new dawn of

restoration where the threats of the storm have dissipated and the radiance

of Hope illuminates your journey behold the beauty that lies

before you for it is a testament to the Triumph of Faith over

adversity Rejoice for the time has come to embrace joy and reunite with those

you hold dear as the Winds of Change usher in a season of renewal let your heart be

filled with gratitude and your spirit soar with hope those who have strayed from the path

will find Clarity while those who have distanced themselves will be left in

confusion for those who forsake their crooked ways and place me at the Forefront of their hearts I shall Grant

a new lease on life my influence extends far and wide

subtly shaping the world around you though you may not perceive it

others are watching some With Envy others with

admiration something profound is happening within you evident in your

actions and demeanor people will be drawn to you seeking the secret to your apparent

contentment and success and you shall tell them that I

jesus am the source of your strength and salvation the bestower of blessings and

the harbinger of Resurrection close your eyes now bow

your head in reverence and pray receive my blessings into your

heart and Proclaim with unwavering Faith Christ lives rise with confidence for my

forgiveness is real and with a cleansed heart the gates of eternity swing open

before you rejoice for today marks your Supernatural

Victory with with my name on your lips you will conquer Giants and emerge

triumphant in all your endeavors listen closely for the moment

you’ve been longing for is fast approaching your dreams are on the verge

of becoming a reality and your heart May soon overflow with joy and disbelief at

the magnitude of blessings headed your way but heed my words dear soul for your

mindset set must align with the abundance that awaits though you may feel powerless to

change on your own I am here to guide you every step of the way rise up with unwavering faith and

take hold of the tools at your disposal open your Bible daily seek the

company of those who uplift and inspire you and engage in heartfelt

conversations with me your faithful companion cultivate gratitude in your heart

acknowledging the blessings that surround you and meditate on my words to

deepen your understanding of my boundless love and divine plan for you and your loved

ones together let us embark on a journey of spiritual growth and fulfillment as

you embrace the truth of my unwavering love and prepare to receive the blessings that

await the moment of Reckoning has arrived my beloved no longer shall you languish in

sorrow or want your abat shall be filled with abundance and Tranquility a testament to

the Covenant we shall Forge together I implore you to heed my call

each morning as I bestow upon you the words of stability and peace that shall

guide you through turbulent times Embrace a ren red mindset for my

divine presence shall soon Grace your doorstep before the year draws to a

close your life and the lives of your kin shall be imbued with Harmony love

and happiness beyond measure know that my love for you knows

no bounds and it is your faith in me that shall pave the way for miraculous

blessings to unfold take heart for for your deliverance is

nigh your needs shall be met your health restored and those dear to you shall

return to your Embrace be bold for the time of rejoicing is at

hand as the radiance of your joy attracts others to your side let them

bear witness to the Abundant Blessings that I am preparing to bestow upon

you fear not for my promises are true and I shall fulfill them without

fail hold fast to this truth my child and banish all doubt from your

mind I shall bring an end to your suffering and Usher in an era of

happiness and serenity believe in me for I am your God

speaking to you today let this truth resonate in your soul and watch as Miracles unfold before

for your very eyes your supplications do not fall on

deaf ears for I am attuned to the beating of your humble heart as your prayers Echo upon my

Throne the gates of my grace swing wide open pouring forth blessings and favor

upon you know this my presence is ever with those of simple hearts with all who

invoke my name with sincerity and fervor trust in my power and Fidelity

for I shall never abandon nor forsake you in times of trial and tribulation

when enemies assail and troubles abound I am by your side unwavering in my

support and guidance seek me daily keep my words for

I have the power to deliver you from all that afflicts you let Faith be your constant an

companion bringing peace to your nights and enthusiasm to your

mornings my promise to you is unbreakable for I speak no

falsehood know that my love for you is eternal and my blessings are yours for

the taking believe in the truth of my words for I yearn to see the strength and

happiness reflected in your heart have patience with yourself for I

have forgiven your transgressions and stand ready to assist you doubt not your worth for you are

mine cleansed of all errors and standing before me as pure as

snow my Justice shines upon you Illuminating the path to your Eternal

salvation though belief May falter amidst the chaos of your past decisions

know that I understand your struggles I do not come to condemn or

forsake you but rather to offer my unwavering love and

support release yourself from the burden of self-blame for I see the trials you

face and the fear that grips your heart take comfort in the knowledge that

I am ever present watching over you with vigilant care I am your guardian guiding you

through the darkness and ensuring your steps remain steady yet it is imperative that you

find peace within yourself and embrace the power of your faith no matter how

small it may seem do not dwell on past mistakes or

allow them to Define your future you have already grown and

evolved from your experiences and I offer you the greatest gift of all

forgiveness paid for with my own sacrifice you are cleansed and it is time to

release yourself from the shackles of self- condemnation trust in me for I have a

plan far greater than you can imagine embrace my love and Believe In

The Miracles that await you with faith as your guide you will

overcome any obstacle and find true peace and fulfillment in your

life acknowledge my my boundless love and forgiveness and commit to immersing

yourself in my teachings daily your future shall diverge from the

path of your past as I shall Shield you from the recurring anguish that haunts

you it is time for the wounds of your heart to mend leaving behind only the

wisdom gained from your trials never to regress again place your unwavering trust in me

henceforth as I guide you towards a brighter future speak to me openly and confide in

me your deepest thoughts and emotions Lean on Me In moments of

weakness knowing that I am a steadfast Ally but beware of entrusting your

secrets to deceitful individuals who may Fain affection only to betray your

trust instead immerse yourself in my teachings seek solace in my presence and

fulfill the purpose for which you were chosen I shall remain by your side a

source of comfort and guidance a new dawn awaits you free from

the shackles of sorrow and tears any tears shed henceforth shall be

tears of joy as my promises unfold before your very

eyes place your faith in me and find Solace In My Embrace for you are now

ensconced in a sanctuary of protection no harm shall befall you for

I shall thwart any who dare to threaten you remember I have steered you through

the most daunting of trials in the past rescuing you from seemingly

insurmountable challenges in your darkest moments do

not lose faith for I shall never abandon you especially when Victory is within

your grasp my beloved know that my love for you knows no

bounds your adversaries who scheme and plot against you shall meet their own

downfall for I your Vigilant protector watch over you ceaselessly guarding

every facet of your existence my Celestial hosts stand ready

to defend you with fiery swords ensuring your safety and integrity remain

untarnished with my empowerment you shall triumph over all manner of threats

from serpents to scorpions now is the time to seek my

guidance fervently to humble yourself before me in fasting and

prayer I will intercede on your behalf causing those who oppose you to feel the

weight of their actions and turn from their Wicked Ways let them recognize that to defy my

Divine Authority is to court disaster and let them bear witness to the

strength and honor embodied in your unwavering Faith as you Traverse this path may you

turn your gaze heavenward untroubled by the detractors who seek to undermine

you rest assured my steadfast hand and shall guide you ensuring you remain

steadfast in the face of adversity stand firm my child and do not

falter in the face of threats or mockery for those who seek to harm you

shall ultimately be exposed as cowards their malice revealed by the radiance of

my Divine Light stay true to your faith and uphold

the principles of honesty and integrity for your Triumph is

assured find solace in the knowledge that you and your loved ones are protected from harm and ill

intentions live each day with Tranquility unfazed by the schemes of

others cling to my Divine love and darkness will be kept at

Bay Embrace each moment with gratitude and Trust in your concerns to my care

know that my Celestial beings stand ready to guide and protect you and my

affection for you knows no bounds amen God’s message is clear you are

about to go through a big change that will touch every part of your life the words you about to hear have

special power they can make you feel New Again heal you and show you paths you didn’t

know were there if you’re feeling lost or just need some peace this video is for

you listen closely and let yourself feel the presence of something amazing

reaching out to you it’s not every day we get to experience something this

special so embrace it with open arms in the Bible God tells us my dear

child today you’ll truly understand how much I love you you’ll feel my warmth and realize

just how special you are to me remember nothing can harm you when

you have faith in me let go of your worries so you can

welcome the wonderful blessings coming your way these blessings will bring joy and

success wiping away any sadness every two you’ve shed hasn’t

gone unnoticed it’s like earning a precious Crown from Heaven this gift of love is meant to be

shared and will bring happiness to many so always remember you’re deeply

loved and cherished by God and amazing things are ahead for

you believe in yourself you are worthy of all the good

things coming your way it’s time time to follow your inner voice leaving behind any sadness from

the past and stay focused on the wonderful things ahead don’t let memories or anyone hold

you back from your special path trust in God’s plan for

you if you have faith dedicate yourself to it

completely in return you’ll receive amazing gifts unique talents fantastic

IDE ideas and hidden abilities waiting to be uncovered this is all real and you’re

equipped with the wisdom to move forward confidently be persistent and doors will

open for you once open by God they can’t be

shut repeat to yourself my journey is full of promises from

above God doesn’t want you to feel stuck or s bad about unfulfilled

dreams he wants you to succeed yes there will be challenges but

with effort and determination and with angels watching over you you will

overcome them remember you’re never alone in your journey to

success trust in God believe in yourself and keep moving forward with

courage imagine your holding a sharp sword ready for

battle that’s like my word in your life strong and

powerful and just like a shield protects a knight your faith protects

you think of my spirit as a flag you carry proudly showing you belong to

something greater now here’s the exciting part

your zest for life and doing what I ask is like fuel for your

journey repeat after me I’m surrounded by a Heavenly Army as I walk through

life don’t let fear or mistakes slow you down remember my love for you is

[Music] Unstoppable believe in my promises stand

tall and if you’re already standing move forward boldly don’t dwell on the path fast keep

moving ahead I’ll be there at the Finish Line ready to give you my

blessing believe in the good things ahead and they will surely come your

way don’t cling to memories that don’t help you anymore remember the holy spirit is

within you shaping you into something new use this fresh strength to get ready

for the good things coming your way think positively a bright future is on

the horizon just know your time here is short but your Soul’s journey is long

and meaningful I want you to Value each moment believing strongly in

yourself write down your dreams and hopes every morning bring them to me

with hope and energy be ready because I’m opening doors for

you keep moving forward never give up being persistent is

powerful positive changes are happening with your loved ones

already remember you’re never alone and you’re always

loved keep faith and keep going believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type nd if you believe in God’s love type I love

you God for those who hold God close to their hearts express your love with the

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