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and Those whom he predestined he also

called and Those whom he called he also

Justified and Those whom he justified he

also glorified Romans

we believe because God works in us

through the Holy Spirit dear friend when

I read this verse I understand that we

Believers contribute nothing to our

Salvation it is God who works in us both

to Will and to act God predestined us

and so he also so called us and since he

called us he also Justified us and as he

justified us he also glorified us see

it’s all the work of him it’s all his

grace and mercy we have nothing to boast

about if we believe and Obey it’s a

monistic act not of our own will because

the truth is our nature will never

choose to follow God because we are

driven by our fleshly desires we are

Sinners by nature and sinners hate God

because he is so holy while they remain

selfish and he is infinitely benevolent

their characters their designs their

desires and all their ways are

completely opposed to his and his to

theirs so if we believe Jesus and Obey

it’s because of monistic Acts it is

impossible for a man to believe unless

it is given to them from above by then

our eyes are open to spiritual things

our ears begin to hear spiritual words

and by the pure grace of God we grow

into a reflection of Christ Jesus

himself God is working in us to make us

willing and able to obey him by God’s

grace and power he is changing us how

can a young man keep his way pure by

guarding it according to your word Psalm

dear friend live according to God’s

word young men are prone to fall into

temptation in so many ways this world

seems to have been custom crafted to

take advantage of their weaknesses their

flaws and their immaturities no one has

ever been exempt from Temptation or from

the consequences of yielding to it so

how can a young man keep his way pure

Psalm gives an answer to the

question how can a young man keep his

way pure by guarding it according to

your word this message is for all of us

because all of us are prone to

Temptation so we have to know that God’s

word is the weapon against Temptation

it’s the sword of the spirit God cannot

leave us alone when we Face Temptation

by his grace we will be able to resist

it so he reminds us through his word for

the word of God is living and active

sharper than any double-edged sword it

penetrates even to dividing Soul and

Spirit joints and Marrow it judges the

thoughts and attitudes of the heart

Hebrews and if we don’t know his

word our lives will be a mess all

scripture is given by inspiration of God

and is profitable for Doctrine for

reproof for correction for instruction

in righteousness that the man of God may

be complete thoroughly equipped for

every good work second Timothy


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