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God says my child I speak to you today

as a loving parent watching over you

with boundless affection

I see the struggles and triumphs of your

lives and I want you to understand the

profound purpose of living a holy life

in the book of gospel of Matthew I’ve

shared these words with you you are the

light of the world a town built on a

hill cannot be hidden Matthew .


you my dear children are the bearers of

this Divine Light capable of

Illuminating the darkest corners of the

world with your goodness and


type yes God if you believe

living a holy life is not about empty

rituals or rigid rules

it is about embracing love compassion

and integrity as The Guiding principles

of your existence

it is about recognizing that every soul

you encounter is my precious creation

deserving of your kindness and


I pay men to affirm your belief

when you choose to walk in the path of

Holiness you align your life with my

divine plan

it is a path that may be strewn with

challenges but it is also one that leads

to immeasurable joy and fulfillment

it is a path where forgiveness triumphs

over anger where humility triumphs over

Pride and where selflessness triumphs

over selfishness

I urge you to remember these words from

The Book of Proverbs the fear of the

Lord is the beginning of wisdom and

knowledge of the Holy one is


Proverbs verse seek wisdom in your

reverence for me and let your

understanding be shaped by your

knowledge of my holiness

my child living a holy life is not a

burden but a gift an opportunity to

bring Heaven’s Grace to Earth

it is a testament to your love for me

and your fellow beings


let your life be a Living Prayer a

testament to the transformative power of

faith and goodness

type if you believe

in your journey through life know that I

am with you guiding your steps and

filling your hearts with love

trust in my plan for it is a plan rooted

in love and purpose

as you walk the path of Holiness you

will find strength in your faith joy in

your kindness and peace in your hearts

embrace the beauty of living a holy life

and may your existence shine as a Beacon

of Hope and inspiration for all who

cross your path

type amen father if you believe in

Divine miracles

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