God Says: Only My Haters Will Skip This Today | God Message

dear loved one I love how you treat me

with sincerity and care which brings us

closer together I welcome you with open

arms and love how simple your faith is

your interest in small things makes my

heart Happy and please don’t be afraid

to tell me what you need your priers are

always deep and beautiful and your

priorities are always in line with what

I want you don’t want wilth or fame

which is why I tell you not to be afraid

with the power of my word and my

authority you keep raising your voice

for your life your future your health

and your wealth you pray for everyone in

your family from the youngest to the

oldest there is someone you pray for

every family member even the ones who

are mean to you I need you to hear this

and I have to say it now the people who

turned their backs on you will one day

come back to you sorry for how they

treated you they hurt you so please

please never do that to anyone else and

never say bad things about them you

should only say good things and if

people avoid you the best thing you can

do is pray and forgive them they will

understand what they did wrong when my

Holy Spirit talks to them gently they

will soon see the light give you the

spot you deserve and see you as a

blessing no matter what happens don’t

stop praying for a second don’t let

happiness or need get in the way of your

work and don’t let illness disturb your

peace I will not let you carry heavy

loads or fight people who are stronger

than you I will never leave you or

forget about you don’t listen to your

feelings when they get down keep praying

and don’t give up I keep my promises and

I stick to what I say I can promise you

today that all of your prayers will be

answered no problem is too big or too

small for me to handle I will answer and

bless you giving you more strength and

courage I’ll always do my best for you

don’t pick pick up bad habits from other

people and don’t complain if you don’t

get a response right away trust yourself

and pay attention to what’s important

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connected with my voice you’re alive and

have a family around you and even though

problems might come up you already have

the best I’m here for you it might be

time for you to make up your mind give

me your dreams your character your

personality and your good and bad habits

if you really love me take care of your

spirit fill yourself with me and make it

your goal to say only nice and lovely

things now I want to change your heart

your future your family and your money I

have a lot of good things to give you

your prayers are very important and will

definitely make big changes and

miraculous things happen in your life

don’t give up because you’re about to

see for yourself how much I love you

because I’m in charge of everything you

can trust that I will not let you down

when it comes to your life no matter

what other people say or think about you

it won’t change your fate they can’t

hurt you there is no way you can lose I

love you and you will do well I will

heal your body and your family of all

sickness and give you peace and plenty

you are hearing this because now is your


the person who told you that you can’t

change was lying they had Twisted faces

and eyes full of hate and envy people

told you that you would never change

that you would only get worse that you

were doomed to fail and that you didn’t

deserve anything but you were brave

enough to come up to me at first you

thought you weren’t good enough for my

love but now you know that my word my

loyalty and my presence are real

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