God Says: Only My Haters Will Skip | Jesus Affirmations | God Message Today

my beloved child it’s not just words

that make you trust me it’s almost

certainly your will during the day

you’ll come across many things that can

make you anxious including your own

thoughts anxious feelings can sneak into

your day without you noticing if you’re

not careful when this happens you might

not understand why you feel so down all

of a sudden a lot of the time you ignore

these feelings or try to dull them with

things like food drink TV gossip and

more it is so much better to catch those

stressed thoughts before they take over

that’s why I say be careful you can

escape stress by coming to me when it

strike as if you stay alert and watchful

a safe haven or Refugee is a place that

protects or houses people you can use it

to get help feel better or Escape I want

to be your safe place and I will always

be with you still you have to show your

will by asking me for help which makes

me your Refuge and shows that you trust

me blessed is the person who hides with

me my sovereign hand my control over

your life puts you in situations that

make you humble your freedom may feel

limited and you may not be able to make

things better you want to be free and

take back charge of your life it feels

bad to be in this situation but it’s

actually a good one your pain wakes you

up from the sleep of routine and makes

you remember that I am in charge of your

life it also gives you a big choice you

can either get angry at the way I treat

you in your situation or you can get

closer to me whenever you’re in pain you

need me more than ever the more you

choose to get close to me and trust me

the more hope you can find in my love

that never fails you can even learn to

be happy in Hope while you wait in my

presence where happiness is a bound keep

trusting me and I will eventually help

you get better in the mean meantime just

give me all of your worries and know

that I love you and am always watching

over you take it easy in my presence

knowing that nothing can separate you

from my love it’s not even close to

being possible that I might stop loving

you which would be the worst thing that

could happen in your life you don’t have

to do well enough to earn or keep my

love so be happy about that this love is

a pure gift that comes from how

righteous I am it breaks your link to me

your savior for all time you can relax

and enjoy life to the fullest because

the worst thing you can think of is

completely impossible when things are

going well enjoy them to the fullest and

don’t worry about what’s coming next I

will be there for you and strengthen you

with my love when things get hard don’t

worry even though you live in a world

full of trouble I have won over the

world if you put your trust in me my

love will always be with you many of my

kids have been let down in the past

that they have forgotten how to hope

they are afraid of being let down again

they move slowly and stiffly living like

machines some people find Hope in

solving problems getting medical help

the stock market the lottery and other

similar things but I challenge you to

put all of your hope in me your story

has an amazingly happy ending no matter

what’s going on in it right now even if

the road ahead looks dark there is

bright Eternal Light at the end of your

journey on Earth you have this heavenly

hope because of what I did on the cross

and it’s a promise also knowing that the

story you’re living has a happy ending

can make the journey you’re on more

enjoyable my love shines brighter on you

making your day better the more you put

your hope in me remember that I am

always with you and that I am your hope

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