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God is saying to you today o my

cherished child you stay in the midst of

a depraved and perverse generation

people love darkness in place of mild

because their deeds are evil they have

emerged as Gods unto themselves and they

haven’t any part with me

but you won’t no longer be discouraged

or dismayed for you are with me and your

mine I am the light of the world and

because you follow me you minus one in

no way stroll in darkens

as my follower I need you to be a light

within the darkness that surrounds you I

want you to represent me along with your

words of fact however even extra with

your acts of righteousness to each

person I convey into your root those

inside the world will wand you in many

approaches they will talk evil to you

and approximately you if you watch the

whole video without skipping it Lord

bless you abundantly

some will act hatefully in the direction

of you and others will in reality

neglect or keep away from you but I want

you to respond to their Evil Within the

identical manner that I answered to the

ones who have been hateful towards me

you ought to not searching for revenge

or in any way return evil for evil

forgive them pray for themed and bless

them let them see me Anew I am with you

even now

Lord says bless someone’s Day by sharing

this video

in Bible verse Psalm to one always

says the Lord is my light and my

salvation Whom Shall I worry about the

Lord is the stronghold of my lifestyles

of whom shall I be afraid

let us pray Lord please wrap your arms

around the man or woman analyzing this

now let them set your love contact them

with your restoration let peace and

prosperity saturate their home I ask you

to bless them Lord as only you can in

Jesus name I pray dot dot amen

type I love you father

my Durst child of mine I know sometimes

you experience bothered I recognize you

experience vulnerable dot ICU at times

trembling with worry and infusion

approximately your life I recognize that

you offer an experience lonely and


so I need to tell you presently my dear

infant your struggling reaches my ears

and my coronary heart you might imagine

thought he don’t hear your cry but

recognize this not only do well listen

your cry of ache how very cry with you

and our cry reaches my Father in heaven

your ache and suffering by no means

nothing unmarried instant cross and

heard every tear and each second of

worry Pierce is my coronary heart my

coronary heart bleeds from all of the

unhappiness you experience know that

each one your pain I even have taken

upon myself

even earlier than at harm you it became

positioned in my wounded aspect for all

eternity oh you’re struggling disgrace

and worry I took upon me saw that you

could be at peace with my father I have

finished this for all humankind

type amen if you believe and share this

video with nine people who trust God

for this my father Lifted Me Up and

glorified me his son chiefly others this

cause above all is where I came I need

to provide you the only factor that I am

certain will help you wean any and sure

moment my peace

I provide you with my peace with nothing

held back I come up with a peace that

comes simplest from my spirit my spirit

tells you who I am and what I did for

you and all the beauty and Majesty of

God is found within my peace my peace

sets you loose do you no longer fear

my peace heals you be sturdy trust in

thy peace receive my peace it is my love

poured out for you from earlier than

time itself and persevering was

ceaselessly rest love toddler and the

loving fingers of me peace

type to if you agree as God said

my child if you’d love to listen to my

voice and receive my blessings then I

urge you to watch this video till the


God sees your pain and tears he has now

not abandoned you his coronary heart

aches for you he is so near the

Brokenhearted and those who re-expensing

heartbreak if you feel heartbreak

nowadays simply recognize what you are

not on my own

there are several examples of heartbreak

within the Bible and we see how God

ministered tattoos damage hearts and

made their latter Lifestyles so much

more more than their former in Genesis

Hagar Abraham dispatched her and their

son away

and one Samuel Anna the unfulfilled

preference to get pregnant in job job

dropping the whole thing that mattered

the most to him in Ruth Ruth and Naomi

losing their husbands keep searching for

God and your Brokenness he will heal and


type how man if you have faith in God

too many human beings throw themselves

into romance because they’re fearful of

being single after which start making

compromises and dropping their identity

if God is retaining you and married in

this season of your Lifestyles where

there’s actually no person drawing

clothes or a two method have fun

stop trying to pressure your manner out

of it you will constantly be lower back

at rectangular one in case you

continuously attempt to make it happen

in your own electricity God is not

finished with you and your singleness

there is a lot he desires you to have

and obtain before he opens the door of

relationships he now not most effective

ones to heal you and bless you however

he wants to show himself to you and

approaches you in no way concept


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Sweet Child I recognize you do not

understand a lot that is taking place

proper now there are so many things

occurring spherical you that you are

stressed about in this case you find

yourself misplaced

do not be afraid I am here that will

help you everything with full into place

mountains are going to transport junk

comes inside the morning keep praying

keep believing I Am With You Always to

love children do you no longer let the

issues of this International overwhelm

you know that I am constantly with you

guiding you via every task and

preserving you and my loving fingers

trust in me and have faith for I will in

no way lease your facet take comfort

inside the information that I

take comfort inside the information that

I am here and permit pass of your

worries oh may be nicely for Lam with

you constantly

when you’re feeble or inundated recall

I’m your fortitude when daunting trials

rise understand nothing’s beyond my

reach let your faith anchor you through

life’s tempests embrace the path of

Faith even when it’s hazy for its true

faith that Miracles transpire

if you’re convinced enter

listen up many individuals are currently

grappling with feelings of fear and

certainty and self-doubt negative

thoughts have taken residence in their

minds and hearts causing turmoil within

it’s important to remind ourselves that

we haven’t been given a spirit of fear

by God

instead we possess love power and a

sound mind God stands by our side

unwavering in support never abandoning

us remember your purpose remains intact

impervious to any attempts to steal it


though adversities may have been crafted

against you they will not Prevail God

will compensate for the years the

locusts devoured both the swarming and

destroying ones

your journey is far from over and you

are far from finished ever surrender for

the devil’s deceitful words hold no

truth the one who made the promise is

faithful and that faithfulness will

guide you through

to your listener join this prayer with

me and repeat after me dear heavenly

father I bow my head and heart and

prayer nuities I am so grateful that I

am your toddler God you understand how I

experience even before I communicate

however you invite me to cast my cares

upon you you have promised to help me in

my time of need

God I want your assist now days and each

day I am inquiring for your help with my

feelings situations are hurting my

feelings and frightening me and I

comprehend it isn’t always your well for

me to lash out in anger you have

commanded me to be indignant but sin now


God please teach me the way to handle

the problems that I face without anger

please do away with the poor feelings

and fill me with the joy and peace that

come from you

please assist me to forgive and show

self-control as I go away my problems at

your feet I know you’ll fight my battles

as I stand in faith and prayer in Jesus

name amen

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