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God says today the almighty Lord says my

precious child when something takes

place in someone’s Lifestyles and after

they fear about it you may say to them

you do not should worry approximate

Telly Weber accept is true with God

has a plan for you if God lets in

something to occur to your life than it

is in your excellent but when it comes

on your life will you do without hearing

from others what you had stated to them

for your lifestyles

like whilst something happens in your

life what is going to you do will you

first worry by means of dealing with it

or will you first trust me through

facing it just consider it faith in me

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today God is saying I and my Divine

Essence I am right here with you being

attentive to the earnest phrases of your

coronary heart as they reach me I

experience the burden of your confession

the humility for your voice and the

sincerity of your rationale

you have taken a courageous step

acknowledging any sins or errors that

could have led to your difficulties I am

immensely happy with you for this act of

self-focus and Duty

know that my love for you is unwavering

and unconditional in your moments of

weakness or imperfection I do no longer

judge I embrace you with compassion for

it is through your imperfections that

you grow learn and evolve as a soul

Lord says typewire yes if you want to

follow my will

dear child your confession is like a

recuperation bond to your spirit it

purifies and releases the weight of

guilt that you have carried as a Divine

determined I make bigger my forgiveness

to you

now not due to the fact I condone your

past movements however due to the fact I

see the real regret to your coronary

heart remember that you are not alone

for your journey of redemption

I am here to guide you to offer you with

strength and know-how together we will

navigate the path closer to a brighter

and greater virtuous Destiny here Beyond

May we’re stained but your future is an

Unwritten canvas waiting for the

stunning Strokes of your renewed spirit

rest assured my child that your prayer

has been heard and your heart has been

embraced dot walk forth with the

understanding that I am by using your

facet equipped to assist you in your

course of redemption and boom

right God is alongside me and send it to

your loved once while watching this


in Bible verse Hebrews the – says

keep your lives and fastened from the

affection of cash and be content with

what you have because God has stated

never will I depart you never will I

forsake you

so we are saying with confidence the

Lord is my helper I will no longer be


what can mere mortals do to me type how

men if you believe

affirmed today is my day for a miracle I

will hold looking up and forward I am

blessed and noticeably desired I will

now not allow Bad Mind occupy one ounce

of Miller festivals I unsecure same and

full of pleasure I am moving ahead

I claim this will be an afternoon of


possibilities with a view to our way any

and each impediment that could try to

prevent my reason I am walking in

extreme shoes write if you agree

sweet children ever be aware how

existence’s journey is complete to a

surprising twists and turns sometimes

your cruising and other times it feels

like you’ve got hit a detour but bet

what every direction you tread I’m on

foot with you when the street gets Rocky

lean on I’ve got you

and while you find those moments of pure

pleasure well I’m celebrating right

alongside you

so any place your journey takes you just

recall with you via all of it you’re

within the middle of a typhoon and can’t

see a manner out let guide you and order

your steps with every step that you take

recognize that I am working all matters

together for the good I am with you I

will consolation you I will provide you

with relaxation

Thai pal man if you have faith in God

I Elevate up my eyes to the mountains

wherein does my help come from my

assistance comes from the Lord the maker

of heaven and Earth psalm –

listen carefully if you are faithful and

stewarding what God has entrusted to you

today he will continue to entrust you

with more that’s challenging too bear

fruit when you spend your life scrolling

through others lives competing and

constantly comparing yourself

likewise it’s difficult to be fruitful

if you’re always longing for a different

life or avoiding your responsibilities

complaining cynicism and discontent also

hinder fruitfulness to fulfill God’s

purpose start living your own life today

instead of wishing for another life be

faithful with what’s in your hands now

and God will trust you with what’s in

your heart later trust in his


comment amen if you receive today words

Jesus is telling you right now lovely

child if you select or looking for me

and high quality compat occurs a blazing

fireplace will ignite in the midst of

your coronary heart that culminates the

foolishness of manned and illuminates my


this understanding is a blessed

perspective greater worthwhile than

silver and yielding higher returns than

gold I urges you to are trying to find

and achieve it

don’t fear or you don’t get what you

have got prayed for let me let you know

one aspect simply due to the fact you

observed you need day limit does no

longer imply this is again you win

factor that you need have religion in me

I recognize what you exactly wanted

God says you’re inside the center of a

storm and can’t see a way out let me

manual you and order your steps with

each step which you take recognize that

I am working all matters collectively

for the good I am with you I will

comfort you I will come up with


type yes to claim this blessing

dear child you can be going through

distinctive seasons in your life every

season has exclusive purpose remember

about Abraham Joseph David they all

needed to undergo special seasons of

their life to get the blessing that I

had organized for them

through all those Seasons they in no way

criticized or query me they best trusted

through every circumstance that they

confronted they did no longer look ahead

to the matters to appear and spot as an

alternative they saw the entirety

through their faith and believe

similarly instead of awaiting the

matters to appear to accept is true with

try to see everything through your

religion remember if you have religion

as small as mustard seeds you’ll see

greater matters on your lifestyles

when you first try and see the whole

thing through your faith there will come

certain things to distract you at that

point pray your prayer can change

something remember I am continually with

you dot it is my promise to you

type thank you God if you believe


love listener join this prayer with me

and repeat after me Divine Lord father I

bow my head and heart earlier than you

in prayer I come earlier than you

realizing that you are the Creator and

The Great I Am you are all effective

your word created this Global and

everything in it and I seek you in

prayer due to the fact I consider which

you are a rewarder of those who

diligently searching for you

father you are a holy God and you have

known as me to be holy

please forgive me for any sins that I

even have committed knowingly or

unknowingly wash me clean father due to

the fact I need to stay proper before

you despite rayford’s every now and then

I fall quick

I am asking you to please forgive me and

assist me do better Heavenly Father your

word states that without faith it is

impossible to please you my choice to

stay our existence that pleases you and

I recognize that what I see around me

isn’t wherein you need me to

Consciousness enter now

I want to walk through faith and now not

by way of sight as you command but I

need your assist as you educate metal

consider agree with and obey your words

please assist me pay attention your

words simply and understand them so I

can stand and faith without wavering

thank you for hearing me whenever I pray

pray this prayer inside the call of

Jesus Amen

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